Dreams About Butterflies – Interpretation and Meaning

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Dreaming of butterflies can be considered to be one of the most common and relaxing dream experiences.

These insects have been extremely interesting and attractive to humans for centuries.

In the same way, its connotations are extensive, knowing the reason for these dreams is extremely beneficial.

Since they are presented with a purpose and an intention in each person, here you will find some of their meanings.

The symbols associated with butterflies are mostly of a positive connotation. They are considered insects of good luck and that herald prosperous times in several respects. They can be symbolically associated with joy, peace and love.

Dreams About Butterflies – Interpretation

How is this? It turns out that in ancient times butterflies were synonymous with loss.

For example, if a butterfly was found at the entrance or on some of the doors it had a meaning according to the color: If it was brown, it meant that a loved one was going to visit it. If it was black, it was a warning of the loss of a loved one.

It may interest you: What does it mean to dream of water? However, when butterflies appear in dreams, on a general level there is talk of an evolution, a change and recklessness on the surface.

If it is not a good time: When you have a difficult time, you usually dream of a butterfly that begins to fly. In fact you can experience a feeling of happiness.

When we have a sick relative: Generally dreaming of butterflies in this case represents a metaphor of resurrection, of eternal life.

It means that the person will have a game at the moment when he has paid all the pending moments well.

When you are worried: Dreaming of butterflies here means that it is time to change and make an abrupt change in life.

When butterflies are colored: Represents love and happiness. This dream is not so common, but it usually occurs when you see free butterflies, flying that adduce positive changes, especially in the spiritual plane.

Large butterflies: These types of dreams represent stress and difficulty in life. It is a call that the mind makes to know that you have to take life slowly. It is time to think about more positive moments and recapitulate how life is being carried out.

There are nights when we are surprised by the company of animals in our dreams. Some you will like more than others, but all are important because they all have their symbolism.


Dreaming of large butterflies is a dream of good omen that speaks of transformation and vital evolution, but also of freedom. Discover in our dream dictionary what it means to dream of large butterflies.

Most people consider butterflies a clear example of the miracles of nature. His metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly is one of the most fantastic transformations and we all have it in mind as an example of what one is capable of achieving.

With this you can get an idea of ​​the meaning of your dream with butterflies which, in this case, the bigger the better.

The butterfly has power, the power to become an animal of extraordinary beauty and also the power to go from earth to heaven. You can do it too, that’s what this dream with butterflies comes to tell you that is full of strength and energy. You can also transform yourself and that message reaches your self-esteem. How you use it depends on you.

But there are more aspects to this dream with butterflies. It not only talks about a change of stage, starting a new life, why not?

That you dare to change city, country, work, make a decision regarding your partner, look at your interior and change everything you want to change. And it is that butterflies can also fly and, therefore, they are free.

Although superstition says that if you dream of large butterflies it is because you are going to receive a pleasant visit in the next few days, a more symbolic interpretation of the dream leads us to think that you are at the best time to become the person you want to be, to spread your wings and fly.

Dreams About Butterflies – Meaning

Butterflies are flying insects that have a beauty that attracts a lot of attention. Of course, depending on the type of butterflies, they will have more or less vivid colors on their wings that will make them more striking. Dreaming of butterflies is rarely related to negative things.

On the contrary, it represents things full of very good feelings.

Regarding the metamorphosis they go through, butterflies are insects that represent great changes. It is for this reason that if you dream of them, it is likely that you are about to go through a stage full of positive changes. In addition, they can also represent the passage of time.

In When You Sleep we want to share with you our list of the most common meanings and dreams, everything that each dream experience in your life can represent, and how you can act accordingly. We hope this helps you clear up your doubts and answer all possible questions regarding the fact of dreaming about butterflies. Go ahead!

As we have already mentioned, the butterfly is a symbol of metamorphosis, and that is why the change is closely related to this dream. And it is that butterflies are carriers of happiness, success and a lot of light: aspects that may be present on your path from now on. !! Congratulations!!

It is often believed that dreaming of this type of butterflies is something negative, but in reality dreaming of a black butterfly can be a good omen: that waiting for something you long for is finally going to come.

On the other hand, it can also be an indication that you are valuing things in a much closed way and that you need to add understanding to your thoughts. So we recommend you meditate, analyze your environment and try to make the most rational decisions.

The white color in all animals and insects symbolizes peace and tranquility, so it is very difficult for this color to be linked to something negative. Your mind is giving you the signal to take advantage of each day and see the gifts that life offers you.

Appreciate the positive side of people and do not allow yourself to be contaminated by the difficulties you are going through at this time.

There is an important focus on the meaning of this dream, and it may be indicating that you need to take life more calmly.

As complicated as the situation is, try to maintain the best possible energy, full of peace and harmony. Don’t let yourself be consumed by difficulties!

Dreaming of butterflies flying around you can indicate that your true love is closer than you think. Let things flow through their natural course without trying to force anything and take advantage of every moment as if it were the last … Of course, keep an eye out for the signs.

This dream contrary to the previous one: and it is that it can mean the appearance of a fleeting romance.

However, it will be intense enough and will probably make you change your mind and see things differently.

If you already have a partner and you dream of catching a butterfly, it is likely that an infidelity (even if it is emotional) is near. Do not panic: evaluate all the possible scenario, and try to act in the best way.

This type of dream is a warning: be careful about becoming a materialistic person, because it can lead you to live in a bubble that can soon be exploded by the reality around you.

Another of its meanings may be that you will be full of happiness for a great moment that you go through in your life. Which interpretation that suits you the most will depend on the way you currently feel.

Tell us what colors were the butterflies that appeared in your dreams and what you did with them, in this way we can know your experience. We hope that our list has served you a lot and that your questions already have an adequate answer. We will be waiting for you until the next dream!

Although they are also a sign of renewal, rebirth, a personal or spiritual metamorphosis. This last symbolism is the most valued in relation to this species, its ability to announce changes.

Dreaming of butterflies alludes to upcoming changes or the state of the evolutionary processes that are occurring.

They also represent opening the panorama, addressing a broader perspective in the face of what is to come.

A mindset willing to experience new things and discover new areas to focus on. Although its symbolism is intertwined with the meaning of these dreams, since it is very varied.

Butterflies are a cute insect, pleasant to see and that in most cases does not cause any fear.

So dreaming of butterflies usually has positive and auspicious connotations. They can represent the desire for freedom that one has unconsciously or a very open personality to explore


As you have seen, dreaming of butterflies has very little negative connotation.

However, even if dreams are positive and develop in a beautiful way, there are times when your hours of rest are interrupted and it may be difficult for you to resume your sleep again.

In order for you to avoid that, it will be necessary to free your mind from all thoughts, even if they are positive and good.