Dreams About Choking – Meaning and Symbolism

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Dream about being choked is actually a common dream. It should never be neglected, due to the message it carries, which refers to the development of a strong emotional drama in the interior of one’s mind.

In addition to many other potential meanings, this dream represents a warning sign for the current disturbing life issues you are experiencing.

These issues expect you to act accordingly and resolve things in the smoothest way.

Often, the problem is discovered only in your dream, as it may be that you are not aware of it at all and your mind is sending you subconscious warnings.

Meaning Of a Dream About Being Choked

Dream about being choked is mostly related to emotions, feelings of inability to make your own decisions, to express yourself, and find a solution for the burning issues in your life.

The dream of choking someone else is related to lack of interest or animosity towards that particular person, or a sign of not understanding the principle of this individual.

From a positive point of view, this dream may be an attempt to reduce negative thoughts that prevent progression you are so much dreaming of. You may be choking someone who is an obstacle on your way to success or you see that person in that light.

Dreams of being choked by food can represent some of the new ideas or life situations that will make you feel better about yourself in the upcoming period. What is more, you will amaze yourself with certain reactions and responses to unpredictable situations.

However, it can tell you to be careful when eating. Being voracious was never good, but it can apply to you excessive need to acquire as much money as you can.

Some of the most common meanings of dreams of being choked tell you that you are suppressing certain emotions or that you can’t accept your life the way it is.

Yet, the message of this dream is to wake you up and make you take a more responsible approach to real-life issues.

In case a person has a dream about being choked, that one has to go one step further and realize their fears and deal with them. It is necessary to find a way to bring out to the surface the most traumatizing memories and find a way to resolve this in their mind.

The dream itself carries a very unpleasant feeling, but the goal of it is to go through a liberation.

Try to remember as many details as possible about the dream about being choked, as the person who appears as a choker in your dream may be an answer to your questions.

The Symbolism of a Dream About Being Choked

Even though the dream of about being choked carries a couple of powerful meanings, it hides certain hidden messages as well. It is very important to understand the symbolism of a dream about being choked the right way.


Dream of being choked symbolizes being confined to current living conditions. Such dream can appear symbolically in your life just at the time of increased burden or limitations in the acquisition of some of your goals, such as becoming a parent, making new friends, preparing for marriage, getting a new job, improving the current financial situation, etc.

You are actually dreaming about being choked due to a subjective feeling of inability to have an impact and change something that doesn’t make you feel good or happy.

You have been very busy and overwhelmed with many obligations in the past period. The dream about being choked also occurs in the case of a prolonged pace of everyday life, which creates an impression of the choking of obligations and duties.

As we explained before, this is also a kind of your response to the subconscious mind in the form of an alarm. You need to rest!

In cases of impossibility to express emotions towards someone or something, you will be dreaming about being choked all the time. Symbol of suppressed emotions is a person who suffocates us in dreams.

You should pay attention to who was the choker from your dream, as this will open up a whole new perspective to you. If you are maybe secretly in love with this person, it may reflect in your dream that your crush is choking you.

Actually, those are your emotions that scream to be heard.

The dream of being choked carries a powerful symbolic meaning, but we interpreted only a piece of it.

You should know each person who dreams about being choked may get different messages from it, as our lives are different in so many ways, so applying to the same thing still gives different results.

Do I Have To Be Worried?

The dream of being choked is often related to the feeling that something is pressing on us, or we do not have the strength to resist the idea that may be not so well for us. In both cases, the feeling this dream leaves is the same.

You have difficulty expressing your thoughts and feelings before other people, which may only seem like a harmless thing. This manifests as a desire, but the impossibility of speaking results in choking or, in other words – suppressing your emotions.

If you keep on doing so, you may be experiencing certain health issues. Suppressing emotions always results in a disease, as those thoughts beg you to let them be free.

Otherwise, they will choke you in real life.

For example, some people start overeating just because they can’t speak their mind or do things they want to do. Being faced with numerous restrictions will almost certainly make one dream about being choked.

This is not the reason to be worried, but you should definitely take a step towards the liberation of your soul and your emotions.

What Should I Do If I Had This Dream?

By relaxing and accepting the present as it is, you will come to the solution of any problem that is bothering you, which will bring you relief.

You have difficulty in making decisions, especially when it comes to telling your thoughts out loud.

The dream about being choked can also affect the pressure to make a life decision that matters to us. If we have difficulty in making a decision, or if we are simply still weighing what the best solution is, we can have a dream about someone choking us.

Just as we said above, you should be honest and open up yourself to the world. Don’t get this advice as something related to relationships only.

Of course, you may have certain feelings for someone and suppress those feelings, which is definitely bad for you, but the feeling of injustice made towards you or someone you love may cause much bigger problems.

It’s difficult to accept some circumstances in your life, but you don’t have to accept things you can change.

You maybe failed with finishing something that you started in the time when you were overwhelmed with many responsibilities and obligations, which made you forget about the thing that was very important to you.

Now you realized what you have done and the dream about being choked is reminding you, even more, to go back and finish what you started.


All of the above is only a part of the meaning and explanation of the dream about being choked. It is necessary to understand the message of the subconscious who is trying to send you an alarm signal by making you dream of such a dreadful situation. Whoever dreams of being choked will wake up with negative energy and the day ahead won’t look like any better.

The importance of the dream about being choked is huge and you should truly pay attention to your mental state as you have been suppressed with so many things lately that you may start feeling bad or depressed.