Dreams about Going Bald – Meaning and Symbolism

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Baldness is a state when a person loses the hair from their scalp due to various reasons. It is a common occurrence during aging for people to lose their hair; it is an occurrence which is experienced more by men than by women, but women can also experience going bald.

Also, baldness could be caused by some physical condition, a disease or some medical treatments, as a side effect of curing other illnesses.

Baldness is a very unpleasant and difficult to accept condition for most people. We tend to consider our hair as part of our image. Hair is very important for every human being to feel attractive and complete.

Baldness and going bald is a very difficult moment in a person life. When a person realizes that they’re going bald, that is usually a shocking moment. Losing our hair is as losing a part of ourselves, and that is not an easy thing for anyone to accept and be fine with it.

In most cultures throughout the world, a beautiful and nicely groomed hair, a beautiful hairstyle, and hair color, thick, long, and shiny hair, are considered as a sign of the person’s overall health and as something that attributes to the person’s attractiveness.

These are the reasons why people consider the fact that there are losing their hair so tragically.

These dreams are very common. Dreams where we go bald are dreams that almost any person has had at least once in their life.

Dreams about going bald could have different meanings and need to be interpreted according to the current circumstances and the life of every dreamer in particular.

A dream about going bald could be a reflection of something that the person has experienced or seen during the day or recently. It could also reflect their fears of actually or potentially losing their hair or it could indicate the fear and shock caused by the realization that the person is actually losing their hair.

These are all facts that have happened in the life of the dreamer and they usually don’t have a specific symbolic meaning, and only represent the reflection of the events from their reality.

If the person didn’t have any associations with losing their hair and going bald throughout during their wake hours, a dream about losing their hair could have a special significance and carry an important message from their subconscious.

Dreams about going bald are usually related with our sense of confidence and our sense of self-worth. Such dreams also reflect how we feel about our personal attractiveness and the way we believe to be perceived by other people. A dream in which the person is going bald usually is revealing the person’s insecurity and vulnerability regarding some situations in their life.

Often the dream about going bald points out to some areas of the person’s life where the person is feeling insecure or vulnerable.

Dreams of going bald can also indicate the person feeling helpless and out of control in some situations in their lives. These dreams often point out to some circumstances that the person isn’t able to control or change and they appear shocking and unacceptable them, but the only thing the person can do in that situation is to accept it and in some way embrace these circumstances and consider them as part of their lives. The person needs to find a way to feel alright with their current state and current conditions in life.

Baldness and going bald is a state which is more often experienced by men then by women and it has to do with the difference in our biology. The realization of that fact is always a cause for shock and disbelief.


Fortunately, these days men usually deal with this problem by shaving their heads completely and find a way to feel nice and attractive even without their hair. It all comes to the person’s confidence and the person’s faith in their value, which comes from within and not from some outside attributes or any other circumstance.

Dreams about going bald can be a very unpleasant experience. The person who has had such a dream should be open to accept that they have some issue in their lives they need to confront. The issue is usually related to the confidence, their sense of value or self-love and these are all subjects that the person first needs to admit and then start working on building them.

The person needs to realize what is causing such a dream if there are no objective reasons to have such a dream and to be open and honest about these issues so they could be able to deal with them.

In some cases, dreams about going bald are a reflection of the person’s realization that they’re growing old and that time is passing.

The dream could be a way of their subconscious to accept the fact that they are aging and losing their attractiveness or it could be a way of their subconscious to reveal the fear they have of aging and losing their attractiveness.

The reasons for having a dream about going bald can be numerous and they differ from person to person, but they are there are some general interpretations that can be attributed to such a dream. Some of these interpretations could be:

  1. Fear of death

One of the common reasons why people have dreams about going bald is their fear of death. It could sound unbelievable, but because losing hair and going bald is often related to growing old, these dreams can symbolize fear of aging and eventually dying.

These dreams could indicate confronting the fact that they’re aging which inevitably leads to them dying one day.

  1. Fear and worries off aging

Dreams about going bald often reveal the person’s fear of aging and getting older, and losing their attractiveness as a result.

In some cases, the fear reveals the inability of a person to accept that they are aging.

  1. Loss of power

In some cases, a dream of going bald could reveal the person’s fear of losing power in some situations.

Hair is often symbolically related to power and strength and that is why the dream about losing hair and going bald could indicate the person’s fear of losing their power in some situation.

  1. Experiencing loss

Sometimes, a dream about going bald reveals our fear of experiencing some loss. The person usually fears the loss of something they consider very important and which could be the reason for great sadness.

The details of the dream could review the area of life where the loss could be experienced.

  1. Losing energy

Hair in dreams can also be related to the person’s energy and in many cases a dream about going bald could be indicating that the person is losing their energy for some reason.

The dream could also reveal their fear of losing their energy. Sometimes this dream is a sign of deterioration of the physical condition of the person.

  1. Health issues

Sometimes a dream of going bald could reveal the person’s fear and worries about their health. It is possible that they fear they have some illness or some other health issue.

Oftentimes, this dream could be a warning from the person’s subconscious to do a medical check-up.

  1. Worries about losing here or worried about going bald

Sometimes, dreams about going bald reveal that the person fears that going bald could actually happen to them and in these cases the dream is a reflection of the present fear about their hair.

  1. Losing attractiveness

Often a dream about going bald reveals the person’s worries and fears about becoming less attractive.

People who begin feeling less attractive and desirable often have dreams about going bald and the dream is a reflection of their inner feelings about themselves.

Dreams about Going Bald – Meaning and Symbolism

Dream of going bald – If you dreamed about going bald, this dream scenario often reveals the state of your confidence. It points out to issues with self-esteem and confidence, as well as self-love.

Maybe you began losing confidence and fear you are not attractive enough because you realized you’re getting older and you’re not as attractive as you used to be. That makes you feel bad and often a dream about going bald is drastic symbol to reveal how you feel.

Sometimes a dream of going bald could indicate losing some important opportunities to progress and accomplish your desires and sometimes it could be a sign of losing money and overall decline in social status. A dream of going bald could sometimes be a sign of losing your credibility and respect.

Dream off losing hair and going bald during your dream – Sometimes, we can dream of going bald during the course of the dream. The dream usually starts with you having a normal hair and suddenly noticing that the hair is starting to fall off.

This dream could be a frightening experience as well and is usually related to issues such as aging and realizing that you are getting old.

It is also a dream related to your confidence and the way you accept your looks and your age.

This dream could sometimes indicates the gradual acceptance of the fact that you’re getting old, accepting that fact and been fine with it. If you realize after this dream that you have a problem in accepting the fact of your aging, you should consider this dream as a sign from your conscience telling you that aging is a natural thing you need to accept.

If you don’t have issues with aging or self-confidence related to the way you look, this dream could be a sign of extreme stress and anxiety. You are possibly overwhelmed with some of your life circumstances in your job environment, house environment or some family issues.

This dream could be sign and that you are under a great stress you need to release. If you have too many obligations and things to do, you need to find a way to delegate them to others and find space to relax.

If you are not in a healthy environment, you need to find a way to protect yourself and get rid of the people who are not good for you energetically, or find another way to protect yourself and don’t let them influence you in a way that cause you stress. If you realize that you cannot do that on your own, it is wise for you to seek some professional help.

Dreaming that someone is going bald – If you dreamed that someone who in reality has hair was going bald that dream could indicate that you feel bored by your life and you need more fun and interesting activities to make it more cheerful and interesting.

Dreaming of going bald by pulling your hair out – If you had a weird dream off pulling your hair out and going bald as a result of that, your dream is usually revealing your stress caused by everyday circumstances. You need to find a way to relax and release the accumulated stress.