Dreams About Lice – Meaning and Interpretation

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Every dream is interpretable “, said Sigmund Freud more than a century ago. From that moment until today, much has been said and analyzed about those images that every night take over our unconscious.

Everything that we dream – despite the fact that it often seems not to be directly related to our daily life – is a message from our subconscious.

This was stated by the father of psychoanalysis and this is how those who dedicate themselves to unraveling what dreams want to tell us have understood it.

Dreams about Lice – Biblical Meaning

Dreaming of head lice represents advances in the economy: this if the lice appear on a white shirt that you are wearing, which means that the project that you have been planning for a long time is going to have good results.

Therefore, what it means to dream about lice and nits also has positive connotations in your life, you just have to be more attentive and not be alarmed. It may be indicating success in employment matters. It warns you that success and prosperity are on your side and you should make the most of this situation.

When you take them off one by one: what does it mean to dream about lice? This is another positive sign, it shows you that you have a passive personality, you are a calm person who seeks serenity, consensus and harmony and that you usually fix the problems of the best possible way. You respond to violent situations calmly and with the greatest serenity possible, always looking for the solution to it.

In the Arab world, lice and nits are a symbol of wealth, which means that you will have riches, prosperity and success or that you lead a life in which you feel rich.

Not all dreams have to mean something, as we mentioned before, if you were directly related to that particular something during that week, the safest thing is that at night you dream about it, the idea is to find the most positive way to lead your life And don’t get caught up in gossip, trouble, toxic companies.

Clean your life and your environment of everything that does not give you good vibes, meditate, analyze the problems keeping in mind that everyone has a solution.

People are sociable by nature, and each individual relates to society with more or less fortune, and dreams sometimes provide us with a focus on the negative or positive influence that the social environment has on you.

Dreaming that your house is full of lice or nits: this has to do with the fact that you are afraid that ill-founded gossip and rumors will end the tranquility that you have raised with so much work in your home.

Dreaming of very large lice or nits: what it means to dream of large lice and nits means that our boss or supervisor is not happy with our work and that they find us deficiencies or simply our work does not meet their expectations. It may also be that he doesn’t like your attitude.

In the same way, we can interpret dreaming of large lice and nits that the magnitude of the concern we have at that moment is very great.

Dreaming of killing head lice: it means that you have a problem hovering in your head, that even though it has happened you are still worried or that you have not yet been able to solve even if you have done your best.

You must sit down and reflect thoroughly on this problem, because it may be that you are not taking the right path and that is why you do not get to solve it completely. Reflect, analyze, take some time off and return to the topic.


Dreams about Lice – Interpretation

Mysterious and complex, throughout the history of mankind they have occupied a central place in cultures, contributing their dose of magic to inspire artists, poets and creators.

But they have also been the source of prophecies and premonitions as dark as they are real.

All dreams hide a message, something that alerts us to our worries or problems and, why not, they predict something positive to come. And dreaming about lice is no exception.

“Dreaming about lice is a bad sign for your life,” they say in Dream.com. It is that these parasites settle in our heads and literally suck our blood.

“They are the representation of the lack of care and personal hygiene, which is dreamlike as a neglect of your future and what your present represents. That is, you are forgetting your present time by allowing others to suck your life,” says the site.

Even more pessimistic, other theories hold that dreaming about lice or nits is related to the disease; with the betrayal of friends or close people who seek to harm us out of jealousy or envy; It could also point to problems with family, friends, or in the workplace.

It is also possible to analyze the meaning of dreaming about lice in relation to our personality.

Some explanations affirm that those who dream of lice are people who find it difficult to overcome problems – “they drown in difficult circumstances” -, they live by self-regulation, they seek to give pity, and they never try to solve problems alone, without asking for help.

What does it mean to dream of very large lice? It is related to the role at work. This dream tells us that our boss is not satisfied with the performance we are having, how we are carrying out the tasks and what our attitude is.

What does it mean to dream of very small lice? In this case, the dream warns that we are our worst enemy. We have everything to face obstacles and achieve the success that we long for, but fears and our internal insecurities conspire to prevent us from achieving it.

What does it mean to dream of a head full of lice? This dream is linked to the environment that surrounds us.

Alert! It indicates that there could be many bad and envious people in the inner circle who not only seek to manipulate us but also to harm us. They are usually very toxic and negative people who can practice black magic.

What does it mean to dream of lice on the body? It has to do with love and a relationship. In this case, we must pay close attention to the bond that we are maintaining since this dream warns us that something negative can happen in this area.

What does it mean to dream that another person has lice? This dream is not directly linked to us but to someone we know.

This person (who can be seen clearly or not) needs our support and advice but, due to his own personality, he does not dare to ask for it. We must be attentive to detect who is waiting for a hand from us.

What does it mean to dream of lice in the house? It is linked to the fear we have of gossip and unfounded gossip about us that can damage our peace of mind. The message is to learn to protect yourself from those negative versions and not to give them more importance than they do.

What does it mean to dream of removing lice? This dream has a positive meaning. It indicates that we are in the process of releasing problems and anguish that we have been carrying for a long time. And that we have the strength and the determination to achieve it.

However, if the head continues to itch once we get up, it means that we are too used to living with difficult situations and do not have the strength to solve them.

Dreams about Lice – Spiritual Meaning

We often have dreams that leave us a little surprised and confused, one of them is dreaming about lice, so if you want to know what it means to dream about lice and nits, do not stop reading this article.

To begin with, keep in mind that if during the day you had any experience with lice or nits, it is almost certain that you are going to dream about them.

Generally dreams are the compilations of things lived or seen during your day, which you project when you fall asleep, repeating them a little distorted while you sleep.

We could also interpret what it means to dream of lice and nits that you are a person who finds it difficult to overcome a problem or one of those who suffocate in them and do not seek to get out of those circumstances but rather feel sorry for themselves and do not seek by their own means overcome them.

What it means to dream of lice and nits also has to do with family problems, friendships or at work that is why it is important to pay attention to these types of dreams. We will tell you more below!

Dreaming of lice on someone else: it can mean that there are many people who want to harm you, manipulate you or even gossip about you. It is usually associated with people who do not want to look good. Negative, toxic, selfish people, even with dark beliefs and practices.

You must be very careful of the people who currently surround you and be very observant, you must take care of yourself and have eyes on your back as they say.

This type of dream tells you that many hypocritical people, with bad feelings, tricks, loaded with negativity and who want to take advantage of you move in your environment. People who want to hurt you.

Dreaming that lice fall off your head: what it means to dream about lice and nits that fall off your head is an alarm; because it may be that you have some hidden disease and you have not yet realized it.

It is important that you go to the doctor for a general check-up and thus rule out any disease that may be developing in an important part of your body.

It is also important to mention that if you currently have an ailment and you have not wanted to give it importance, you should take this dream as an alert and spend some time visiting a doctor, well, it does not hurt to do so.

Dreaming that you have lice on your body: This has to do with the partner, which means dreaming of lice and nits walking on your body has an impact on the sentimental field, relationship with a partner. Pay attention to the relationship you currently have because this dream is giving you an alert.

On the other hand, what it means to dream about lice cannot always be negative, these dreams also have a positive impact regarding their meaning and here we show them as well:

You get the bad out of your life: dreaming of dead lice and nits or that you kill them, is positive since it indicates that the adversities or obstacles that were preventing you from moving forward in life are gone.

It is synonymous with purification in the different areas of your life, whether to eliminate bad habits or a vice that was affecting you, this indicates that you have all the capacity to do so.


If your hair is dirty and you don’t wash it often, you will get lice, and the lice will cause your scalp to itch.

What does it mean to dream about lice? Is it good to dream of having head lice? Dreaming of having head lice has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer.

Lice are irritating and represent a loss in dreams. If you see lice in your dream, you will be in a disadvantageous situation and you should be careful that they fool you. To dream that you have lice on your head indicates that you have recently had bad luck and may have fights with your enemies.

Dreaming of lice in another person indicates that the relationship between friends is deteriorating and that your stubborn personality can have bad consequences, if you want to correct your defects, you will have more friends.

To dream that there are lice everywhere on clothes, indicates that a family patient can cause an accident and a sign of discomfort and restlessness.

Dreaming of someone helping me catch lice on my head indicates that with the advice of family or friends, you will realize the importance of handling things carefully.

If you want to start something new, you should think about your past failures. Just summarizing the beneficial experience and lessons to make things progress more steadily, you need to get a good understanding.