Dreams About Someone Stealing From You – Meaning and Interpretation

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Stealing is not a good sign in a dream, whether you are stealing or someone is stealing from you.

This dream indicates future problems related to achieving goals, insecurities, and failures.

Statistics say that young people more often dream of stealing, and older people dream of someone stealing from them.

If you dream that someone is stealing from you, you probably feel contempt and anger towards someone. You feel like that person doesn’t appreciate you enough, steals your self-esteem or some life satisfaction.

Also, when you dream that you have been robbed, it generally means that you regret some of your bad decisions or that you have lost some life opportunity.

You may also feel that someone is taking advantage of you in real life, and that selfishness of that person has gone too far.

Read below what it specifically means if you dream that someone is stealing something from you.

Of course, if you have been really robbed recently, you are still under stress, and you are trying to get rid of it in your sleep.

The Most Common Dreams About Someone Stealing From You

Dreaming that everything has been stolen from you

To dream that everything has been stolen from you is, in fact, a good sign.

To dream that burglars have taken everything from your home or apartment is an indication of favorable jobs and profitable projects.

You could get a lot of money or property that you can use later to improve your lifestyle as well as the lives of your loved ones.

Dreaming of someone stealing from you in public

If you dreamed that someone was stealing from you on the street or in the supermarket, it means that you will soon have some major financial losses.

You may have invested badly in the past, and now you will experience bankruptcy or some economic poverty.


Think about whether you have made someone lose money in the near past. If so, give that person back their money, and the financial fiasco may bypass you.

Dreaming of stealing from yourself

If you dreamed of stealing money or valuables from your safe or wallet, this means that your current plans are difficult to implement. You should be more realistic about your finances.

Just when you think everything is going well, things could turn around.

Because you will try to keep everything under control, you will be under a lot of pressure and that will affect your emotions and mental state.

Simply, now is not the right time to realize big plans. Wait for a better moment to avoid financial collapse.

Dreaming of someone stealing your shoes

This unusual dream indicates loss and gains at the same time.

If you dreamed that someone stole your shoes, and you were left only in socks, a very unusual life situation awaits you.

At the same time, you will lose something and, on the other hand, gain something else.

Dreaming that someone is planning to steal from you

If you dream that someone is preparing to steal something important from you, from the bank, safe, or home, you will probably have an illness.

You may be infected with something or get injured.

This will probably happen because you are constantly in a hurry to finish work, and you are not thinking about yourself and your health.

If you get enough rest and listen to the doctor, you will quickly overcome this disease.

Dreaming that someone has stolen your luggage

If you dreamed of someone stealing luggage, it symbolizes facing a situation that involves illegal behavior.

You may not be personally involved in illegal activities, but someone will tell you all the details.

You will not know what to do, whether to report criminals or not. You will be in a big dilemma.

You will be afraid to tell someone else so as not to put yourself in danger.

Dreaming that someone has stolen your bag

If you dreamed that someone stole your bag, it is a reflection of your hopes, dreams, and aspirations that for some reason did not come true, and you are forced to face reality.

This could be an opportunity for you to look back and examine your life from a completely different angle to find the meaning and reason for your existence.

Dreaming that someone has stolen your bag with money

If you dreamed that someone stole your purse with money, you probably owe someone money, but you will not have enough to return it when that person asks for it back.

The dream may be related to a loan or credit that you will not be able to repay to the bank or lender.

On the other hand, it is possible that someone did you a favor that you will not be able to return.

In any case, these difficulties will follow you for a while.

Dreaming that someone is stealing your partner

If you dreamed that someone stole your boyfriend/girlfriend, it means that you are currently very preoccupied with a romantic relationship and your feelings.

You should take more account of your business and family responsibilities.

There may be a deterioration in some family or social relationships.

Don’t exaggerate, you might end up disappointed because no one is perfect, not you, nor anyone.

Dreaming of someone stealing your food

If you dreamed that someone stole your food, it means that there are people near you who envy you.

It is possible that you have been promoted at work because of your abilities, and some person thinks that they should have been promoted as well. It is not clear to her why you are better than her.

Also, maybe someone envies you on a happy love affair or a happy family life.

This dream may mean that you feel that someone is using your generosity, money, or position.

It would be wise to take a good look at the people in your life to see clearly who is on your side and whose love and friendship are real.

Dreaming of someone stealing your gold

Gold is an extremely good sign in a dream, even when you dream that someone has stolen your gold.

If you dream that someone has stolen gold or diamonds from you, this means that you are on the right track in terms of morals and spirituality.

So, you are doing something right, but some people would like to sabotage you.

Don’t give up on your decisions, nor on the noble goals, you have set in the past.

Don’t let someone with petty-bourgeois views of the world preventing you from doing good.

Dreaming of someone stealing books from you

This dream represents your knowledge and desire for knowledge.

It is possible that you are familiar with a job or technology, and someone wants you to share it with him without compensation.

Some person wants to use your knowledge or skills for their goals.

Books are associated with wisdom and knowledge, and if someone steals them from you, it means that they admire your mind and respect your opinion.

This dream also means that you could receive intriguing news about someone you know.

Also, you may consider completing your education or going to college. If that’s the case, go ahead! The only real power is knowledge.

Ignore those around you who are against it.

The identity of the person stealing from you

In addition to the circumstances and details of the robbery in a dream, the identity of the person who is stealing from you is also important.

The identity of the thief certainly has a special meaning in your dream.

If a child has stolen from you, this means that a younger person in your immediate or extended family has some major problems. This young person (your children, nephews) simply does not know how to talk to you about what is bothering her.

It would be nice to address the younger ones in your family in some way and let them know that they can talk to you about everything.

If your parents steal from you, this means that you are neglecting those you love in real life and that this problem could quickly lead to the termination of some important relationship in your life.

If you dreamed that your partner stole something from you, it means that you were disappointed in him/her because of some decision he/she made.

It is best to sit down and talk so that this problem does not create a big gap between the two of you.

Dreaming of chasing a thief or caught him

A dream in which you chase or catch a thief can mean that you will face your enemies.

You will muster the strength to face those who make your life miserable.

In addition, this dream can mean that you will overcome the temptations that life will put in front of you in the future.

Dreaming of someone stealing your watch

A dream in which someone stole your watch, from your hand or your things, may indicate that you are endangered because someone wants to use you or prevent you from succeeding in something.

Be careful who you trust in the coming period. You don’t have to be completely open with everyone.

Dreaming of someone stealing your bicycle

A dream in which someone stole your bicycle may indicate that you will engage in some secret relationship. It will be a love affair with someone who is married already.

Probably that person is already flirting with you and seducing you.

Think twice before you put yourself in an unenviable situation. All secrets are revealed.