Dreams About Toilets – Meaning and Interpretation

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Even if you think that the dream is inconsequential because it reflects too mundane matters or even you think that it is simply a most unpleasant vision, everything happens for something.

Dreaming that a toilet is overflowing is not the best way to spend your night, but it has a message that can encourage you to change your life. And to change it for the better, of course.

Do you want to know how? We tell you the meaning of this dream experience in our dream dictionary.

Dreams about Toilets – Interpretation

Maybe you are also dreaming of some strange or unpleasant smell. But more unpleasant is the sight of that overflowing toilet.

And it may not just be water that flushes down the toilet. What’s going on? Why is the toilet flushing your shit back at you when it’s supposed to make it disappear and carry it too far from your home?

Well, you can imagine: because you can’t take it anymore. Because you also have to do cleaning.

In the meaning of this dream in which the toilet overflows we find very unpleasant sensations that may be alerting you to an anxiety problem.

Like when you can’t take it anymore, like when you have so many problems that you’re saturated, like when you don’t have a single worry in your head.

The dream is reflecting that delicate moment that you are going through. But perhaps you have already realized your emotional state and wonder what the dream reminds you of.

It reminds you so you can pay attention to the details. The toilet is the place where everything you have left goes, so it is almost a place of worship.

The waste from your body goes down the toilet, everything that does not serve you, what bothers you, what smells bad … And now something has failed because all that does not go down the toilet, but is overflowing and come back to stay in your bathroom. Do not let that happen.

Wake up ready to clean everything you don’t need, what bothers you and what is harmful to you. Start with your closest environment if the toilet you dream of is the one in your house and prepare to identify a few toxic people.

Expand the scope of search and cleaning, both inside and outside until you get rid of all the garbage, people, problems, guilt, unfinished business or trauma. And flush the toilet, you’ll see how this time everything goes down the toilet.

As you already know, the toilet is an essential element of our bathrooms. In it we do our needs and they are eliminated just by flushing.

Although we already talked in a previous article about dreaming of bathrooms or toilets, in this article we are going to deepen the dream with a toilet since on many occasions it is the main element of our dreams.


People often have similar dreams such as dreaming of a clogged toilet, dirty toilets, or a toilet that overflows with water. But, what does the subconscious try to suggest to me when giving us this dream?

Analysts agree that dreaming of a toilet or toilet indicates our predisposition to get rid of those aspects that disturb us.

As you already know, we have talked in other articles about how to dream of urinating or dreaming of feces, however in this dream it is emphasized that now you have new opportunities to end and end your worries, perhaps with the help of your friends or with new ones tips.

As you already know dreams are interpreted in a subjective way. The context of the dream and the personal circumstances of the dreamer must be taken into account.

In this way, it does not have the same meaning to dream of a flood due to a clogged toilet (Unexpected turns can cause problems) than to dream of a dirty toilet because lately you have seen the movie Trainspotting and the famous scene of “The worst bathroom in Scotland”.

For this reason I recommend that you continue reading other possible interpretations when dreaming of toilets, toilets or toilets.

Dreaming of a dirty or poopy toilet. You are going through a difficult situation. You cannot find the time or place to communicate your feelings with others. Other analysts suggest that this dream indicates how you see yourself. Perhaps you have certain regrets or a dirty conscience.

Dreaming of a toilet or toilet can indicate that you need to forget certain memories of the past that prevent you from living happily. Perhaps you should also get rid of certain people who are part of your life but who, far from contributing something, only generate headaches.

People who do not know how to express their feelings or who at certain times repress their emotions instead of expressing them are more susceptible to dreaming of clogged toilets. They do not know how to move forward and establish new social or love relationships.

In other contexts they reflect problems in personal development. Perhaps you feel that your relationship with your partner is not moving forward or that you have stagnated in a stage of your life. Are you very childish or immature?

In other contexts, dreaming of a toilet in which crystal clear water overflows (read more when dreaming of water) means that you have freed yourself from your fears, worries, secrets that prevented you from living peacefully. You are externalizing all your emotions and showing more empathy with others.

Dreams about Toilets – Meaning

Dreams where we find toilets indicate the need to pay attention to our feelings and our emotions. Somehow we are making things that should disappear and prevent them from remaining in our life dream where we see a dirty toilet

Using a toilet is a private act, in the same way the message they have depends a lot on our personal state, what the dream makes us feel, and the pain of and the state of the bathroom. So let’s look at some of the interpretations that people ask about most frequently.

Finding a dirty, untidy or abandoned bathroom, or bathroom in poor condition. It is a bad sign, a person or a group of people are doing things in the wrong way, and this will affect you directly.

What this dream means is that due to the malicious acts that are done around us, we will have to respond. This often happens when we allow things to happen that we know are not right, allowing bad things to happen while being able to avoid them also makes us guilty.

To dream that a bathroom is full of excrement, more than a dream seems like a nightmare.

But regardless of this, doing it is a physiological necessity, so when we see this image in the dream world it is because we will find some kind of rejection, jealousy or envy from people who do not really know us.

Ignoring these types of people and not getting into a game of tug of war is the smartest decision. Show with facts that they are wrong about the perception they have about you.

When we see a perfectly clean and neat bathroom or toilet during a dream, we are facing an excellent interpretation, truly good and positive things for our lives are about to happen, or are happening at this moment without our realizing it.

Having dreams with public toilets and it is quite interesting, there are several things that we must take into account to give a correct interpretation, let’s see some of the most common.

If you dream of using a public bathroom, the interpretation tells us we want to leave some feelings and thoughts only for ourselves, expressing everything we think and feel can hurt other people.

If the public toilet in which we enter or the one that we are going to use is dirty, it is due to the proximity of moments of anger and disappointment.

If we feel that someone is observing us when we are inside a public bathroom, it is an indication that there is some kind of envy of a person we trust.

A clogged toilet is basically a literal dream, we will experience some kind of blockage as someone is going to get in the way of our plans, or we will be sabotaging our life ourselves.

This can happen in multiple ways, for example being negative, lazy, or lazy. Letting some type of these behaviors block us is the easiest way to turn our life into a toilet.

The previous interpretation, dreaming of unblocking a bathroom is a good dream. What it means in this case is that we must be more benevolent with ourselves, we are working on the right path, but we must not despair or torture ourselves. Little by little things will start to fall into place, the effort we are making will finally pay off.

Encountering a broken toilet or a destroyed bathroom is a symbol of unforeseen things happening. Life is full of surprises in some cases good and in some cases not so good.

This dream tells us about things that are not very good, about friendships that will be lost, and about gossip that will surround us.

Definitely no one is prepared for surprises or unforeseen events, but trying to maintain a calm attitude will allow us to get out of any situation that arrives without warning faster.

Dreams with old bathrooms represent money and wealth. Depending on the state of the same will also be the amounts. In other words, if we enter a luxurious and clean bathroom it is because we are facing the possibility of the arrival of a good amount of money.

On the contrary, if we are in an Old and dirty bathroom it is because it will not do us well in economic aspects, the recommendation at this time is not to invest the money in things that we do not know, or that are possibly a hoax. Not all that glitters is gold, remember.

The toilets are a vital piece for the natural development of the human being, since they fulfill their physiological needs. Dreaming of a toilet can simply be a reflex action from day to day, as it can also have an implicit message.

Interpreting dreams will always depend on the plot with which it unfolds, the details of it being essential.

If only the toilet is seen in the dream, this refers to the release of negative emotions that generate disturbance.

So it is necessary to reflect and eliminate those feelings that corrode the interior, bringing well-being and peace of mind.

On the contrary, if when entering the bathroom there is no toilet or toilet, it means remorse or guilt.

If you see a photo next to the toilet lever, it is a wake-up call in the sentimental sphere. You should try a little more with interpersonal relationships, either with friends or partner so as not to lose them.

When dreaming of a broken toilet, it means that negative emotions of someone harmful still remain in the family environment.

Visualizing or finding traces of blood in the toilet, indicates the elimination of guilt from our mind. This will bring good times, fortune and luck.

To dream that something comes out of the toilet If what comes out of the toilet are insects, it means that certain inconveniences generated by slander and gossip are still present Likewise, if what comes out of the toilet are rats, this embodies the return of someone who did harm in the past.

This person, today considered an enemy, can return to continue making life difficult, with bad tricks and bad intentions. It is advisable to be more cautious and careful with the people around you.

When the water in the toilet looks green, with algae, it represents false people who are around hurting finances. If there is excrement in the toilet and lower the lever, but it does not go away, it means that there will be good luck financially.

Whereas if the excrement goes down when the lever is lowered, it means the opposite, financially bad streak.

If you feel fear or uneasiness when you see the excrement in the toilet, it means that there is damage to your personality. It could also be interpreted as the manifestation of a bad moment that one is going through.


Difficulties expressing feelings to other people. Regrets or guilt for bad actions performed.

Dreaming of a clean toilet when you are cleaning the toilet, it means that a process of liberation and disinhibition has begun.

If you see soap or foam in the toilet, it can be interpreted as unfinished issues that need to be clarified.