Dreams About Trees – Meaning and Interpretation

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Dreams about trees can have different meanings. A tree in a dream, most often symbolically represents your life, and that is, its development and course, connections with family and relatives, but also the environment.

May also represent your body and health condition.

The tree is also a symbol for personal development through life events and experiences. Branches indicate links that are established with the environment, and the roots symbolize the connection with the family.

That is why the tree in the dream usually has a positive meaning.

The dream can also mark some new possibilities, but also physical and intellectual development.

Branches are often a symbol of some of your hidden abilities and desires.

It can also be a sign of your ability to form connections with other people, and if a tree from a dream is branched, it can also point to many opportunities for new acquaintances and friendships.

The dream can also mark the success of a project. Many branches in a tree, can mark a lot of wishes you have.

The roots of the trees have a symbolic connection with the ancestors and the family. It can also mark financial stability and independence, but also the ability to make money and provide existence.

The leaves on the trees are attached to emotions in a dream, and often mean feelings for other people. The intense color of the leaves indicates your increased energy, while pale or dried leaves indicate a lack of energy.

If in a dream foliage falls, the dream indicates some inconveniences and may signal that you need to get yourself together after some life situation.

If you walked through the fallen leaves, a dream may indicate that you need to leave the past behind and continue with your life.

Dreams about the forest, or more trees in one place, can indicate knowledge of your own spirituality and inner happiness.

The appearance of the forest, whether it is thick, green, or rare and dry, describes what the state of your spirit is.

If you were in a dream in the woods at night, a dream is a sign of all the deep emotions and indicates the need to relax and allow yourself to be happy.


The most common dreams about trees

Dreaming of climbing a tree

A dream in which you climbed a tree may indicate that you are making some decisions under the influence of negative energy or aggression.

Maybe a dream signifies your desire for business success or advancement. A dream can also be a sign of your desire to get away from something you should otherwise commit to.

If the tree you climbed was big, a dream could also mean a recent big career rise.

Dream of coming down from a tree

If you came down from a tree in a dream, the dream may mean that you have some secrets, which you need to share with someone close.

Dreaming that you have fallen from a tree

This dream may indicate that you may, unexpectedly, experience some humiliation or loss of honor.

Dreaming of snow-covered trees

This kind of dream is not a good sign and indicates that you may not be able to get rid of the burden of your past, which is why you cannot move on with your life.

A dream is a message to stop feeling sorry for the past and to blame yourself for the wrong decisions you made. Only when you do that can you turn to the future.

Dream of cutting down a tree

A dream in which you cut a tree or pull it out of the ground, and then see the bare roots, may indicate that some of your efforts to do something will be unsuccessful, regardless of the enormous effort you will put in.

A dream can also mean that you will be confused by someone’s actions. It can also mean spending too much energy for the benefit of friends or the environment. If you looked at a felled tree in a dream, the dream may indicate that you will find out some information, which you will not like.

Dreaming of burning trees or burning wood

This kind of dream can mean that you are not feeling well, that you are unhappy and suffering, and that you need to isolate yourself a bit until you recover.

You need to put yourself first in the coming period so that you can recover. No one will blame you for that. People love you and want you to get better.

Dreaming of planting a tree

If you planted a tree in a dream, the dream indicates an improvement in the financial situation or some sudden wealth, possibly through an inheritance or a gift from a rich relative.

You will simply have more luck in the coming period. Use it for doing good.

Dreaming of a blossoming tree

This kind of dream is a good sign that you will be able to achieve what you are planning. A dream is a sign of happiness and contentment.

Stick to the goals that inspired you to create.

Dreaming of a tree with fruit

If you dreamed of a tree full of fruit or you picked fruit from it, the dream is a sign of success, because of which you will be very happy. If you ate fruit picked from a tree in a dream, the dream may indicate that your efforts will soon begin to pay off.

It will pay off for you that you believed in yourself and your ideas.

Dreaming of a dead tree

If in a dream you saw a tree that is drying or is completely dead, the dream announces difficulties, sadness, and unexpected losses.

Dreaming of dry tree

This dream could be an announcement that you will be harassed and humiliated by people you know well.

They will do so because they will fall into a mental crisis on their own.

Dreaming of an old or dying tree

If the tree in the dream looked like it was drying, with bare branches, the dream could be an announcement of illness, loneliness, and poverty.

Dreaming of standing under a tree

A dream can be a sign of your insecurity and shyness in a relationship with someone who attracts you a lot or you want to be your friend.

You need to gather courage and start communicating with that person as she is also shy. You will not regret it when you see how much fun you have when you are together.

Dreaming of sitting under a tree

This dream announces some sudden but favorable news, which you will soon receive.

It is possible that you will receive some money, some scholarship, or recognition.

Dreaming of a tree in front of you

If you saw a tree in front of you in a dream, the dream may be a sign of success or some benefit.

It is possible that you will have success in relationships with the opposite sex or you will become popular in society.

Dreaming of a big tree with a big canopy

A dream in which you saw a large tree with a lush leafy canopy, signifies the possibility of health problems, or worsening of the health condition, of you or a member of your family.

In the end, everything will be fine, don’t worry too much.

Dreaming of a thin and delicate tree

This dream may mean a person from your life who has a negative impact on your life, and who is draining your energy because you are devoting too much time to it.

When you stop giving it a meaning that does not belong to it, its influence on you will stop.

Dreaming of the leaves rustling under your feet

If you walked on fallen leaves in a dream and listened to it rustle, the dream indicates that you will probably experience some loss soon.

Dreaming of one tree

If you saw only one tree in a dream, the dream may mean your loneliness and isolation, and the difficulty of finding a partner.

Dreaming of walking alone in the forest

If you were walking alone in the woods in your dream, such a dream may mean that you need rest. You may be too tired of all your private and business commitments. This dream is a reminder that you should set aside some time for yourself and rest with friends or a loved one.

Dreaming of a road in the middle of the forest

If you were driving or walking in a dream on a road in the middle of the forest, such a dream may indicate your loneliness and problems in communicating with people.

A dream can also mean a period of confusion and insecurity.

Dreaming of passing through a bare forest

If you were walking through a forest without leaves in a dream, such a dream can be an announcement of some unpleasant situations in which you will soon find yourself. Leafless trees often indicate some problems that are exhausting you. You may soon experience some unpleasant changes and challenges on the way to achieving your goals.

Dreaming of a forest with many trees

If you have been walking through a dense forest in a dream, that dream can mean some conflicts at work or with family members.

Dreaming of going through the forest with your partner

This kind of dream can mean the development of a successful relationship between you.

Dreaming of watching the forest from a distance

If you have seen a forest from a distance, such a dream may indicate some unexpected news. A dream can also mean conflicts and misunderstandings with your family members.

Dreaming of walking in the forest at night

If you have had a dream like this, it can mean some emotional stress that may be caused by some bad news about a member of your family, which can be a cause for great anxiety.

Dreaming of walking in the forest during the day

If you were walking in the woods during the day, such a dream could mean a romantic encounter that might turn into a love affair.