Dreams About Turtles – Interpretation and Meaning

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Turtles are the cutest reptile you can find in the wild, and they are also the oldest. Turtles are basically dinosaurs that are still alive. How cool is that?

Many of us also had the opportunity to hang around with turtles throughout our childhood through cartoons and movies.

What’s your opinion on turtles? We think they are cute and that they’ve marked a period of our lives. But what’s the more profound take on turtles?

How is it possible that they are alive for such a long time? They are older than crocodiles, and snakes too.

Besides modern culture and turtle characters that you can see in cartoons and movies, turtles have been present in many stories and myths for centuries now. They were often used in literature and portrayed as rational animals.

In some cultures, and religions, these animals are considered as sacred. And what’s most iconic about them is that they have a long life.

There are some records that individuals lived for more than 200 years. Because of that, some cultures think of turtles as animals that symbolize long life.

When it comes to the symbolism behind them, they are often used to symbolize great things and good personality traits. Turtles were always portrayed as wise and highly spiritual. They were also a symbol of longevity and even fertility and motherhood.

But what does a turtle signify in a dream? Do you want to know? Because of the many symbols connected to turtles, it’s not always easy to decode the meaning behind a dream about them. You could think that you are onto something but be completely wrong. There are also some misconceptions about these animals, for example, the fact they are slow.

Many think that it’s not a good sign to dream about turtles because they are slow, and something like that is not a good omen. They indeed are slow, but that doesn’t make them bad.

So, what do turtles symbolize in dreams?

Besides the fact that they can symbolize fertility, longevity, and wisdom, they can also symbolize strength. Turtles are known for their heavy-duty shell that’s keeping them safe. But because of that shell, they can also symbolize isolation and shyness.

Maybe you’ve isolated yourself from other people, and now the universe is trying to send you a message and invite you to open a little. It’s easy for a turtle to go inside its house because it carries its house everywhere it goes. But, it’s also easy to be lonely and reserved.

Let us come back to the fact that turtles are slow. People often use this as a bad example, but it isn’t. They being slow in combination with their wisdom can signify that you are slowly but firmly going in the direction of your goals and ultimately achieving your goals.

Sometimes it’s not about the shortcuts in your life. You don’t have to hurry and remember everything happens in its time.

A turtle is always a good example of patience. So, next time when you see a turtle in your dream, think about it. Are you patient enough, or do you want everything now and as soon as possible?


Patience is a virtue, and if you don’t possess the ability to be patient, maybe it is time to achieve it. Everything is about balance and also perfect timing. And what you need to know is that what you consider perfect timing isn’t the same as the universe considers perfect timing.

It’s not good to be reckless and to make rash decisions. If you are going to learn one thing from turtles, it should be patient. Because if you are patient, the universe will grant you wisdom.

In some cases, a turtle can signify your overprotectiveness and your fear for your safety or the safety of others. Maybe you have the right to be overprotective if your life is at stake, but in many situations, you could loosen up a little.

Do you know how turtles escape to their shell when they are feeling threatened? Well, it can be that you are also feeling threatened by someone, and you have an urge to hide.

How to know what your dream signifies?

Whatever the reason is, you will not find it if the only thing you remember from your dream is that there was a turtle. It’s like searching for something on the internet.

If your search is broad, you will never find what you are looking for there. But once you narrow your search, there is a wide possibility that you will find the exact thing you need to find.

So, if you want to know what your dream means, you need to know the details.

Because turtles are on our planet for ages, there are so many stories and myths about them, and they are known for so many things, you will get lost in all that information. And you will end up with emptiness, just confusion. What’s more critical depending on the situation, they can symbolize totally opposite things.

We will help you, and we will list all the possible dream scenarios that we can think of, and we hope you will recognize your dream or at least something similar. And like that, you will be able to learn what does your nighttime vision means.

Here are the possible dream scenarios that will help you decipher your dream.

You saw one or many turtles in your dream

It’s not often that we begin our list with a positive dream meaning, but now we will do it. If you saw one or a few turtles in your dream, and nothing else was unique in it, it’s a good sign.

A dream like this symbolizes happiness, current or future. You will feel joy in your life, and you will even have some new opportunities presented to you. You may have some monetary gain like a business investment turned good or a gift.

And something else that is possible is that you will have some hiccups in your life, but you will easily overcome them and leave the whole situation like a winner.

You saw a turtle that was moving very slowly

Every turtle moves slowly; that’s a fact. But if the turtle that you saw in your dream was moving extremely slowly, and you were watching it, we are sad to inform you that it’s not a good dream.

Usually, something like this is a bad sign. It symbolizes illness and health problems that will occur soon. And that is often caused by your careless and impulsive behavior. A dream like this is a warning sign because if you don’t pause a little or stop with the reckless behavior, you will feel sorry soon. It can reflect on your health, but also your relationship with other people. If you continue to act like this, people will leave you because you are not a good companion.

Another meaning also tells you to slow down a little bit, but instead, in life in general, it’s about your romantic life. For those who found someone new, a dream like this can indicate to slow things down a bit and take it easy.

In your dream, you tried and caught a turtle

It could sound fun to catch a turtle, but it’s not a good sign in a dream. It’s also not a bad sign, rather something in between. It implies that you will succeed in something, an argument, or a conflict.

But your victory won’t last long. Your victory will not terminate the problems you have with the person you were arguing with or even multiple people.

You were dreaming about eating a turtle

Even if it sounds strange, a dream where you are eating a turtle is always a good sign. It signifies that you will live a long and healthy life.

And in some other cases, it is a sign of some kind of pleasure that you will experience shortly.

The turtle was going away from you

Turtles are not fast, but they can still turn and go away. And if you had a feeling in your dream that if the turtle could, it would run away from you, it’s a bad sign.

It is often a sign that a romantic relationship or even friendship will end. It can be that this situation will deeply hurt you and that you will not find justification for it.

Something that ended in life is just the beginning of something that will be even better.

A turtle chased you

A dream like this can be considered science fiction and a little bit funny. But what’s not funny is that a dream like this is never a good sign.

The turtle is a personification of the problems in your life, and the fact that the turtle is chasing you means that you are not dealing with your problems.

Besides that, it can also be that you have some ongoing projects, but you are not working hard enough, because it’s not interesting enough for you.

In your dream, you saw an aggressive turtle

If the turtle that you saw in your dream was aggressive, it could be a sign of an upcoming change in your life.

And the aggression that the turtle expressed is your anger that you feel because of that change. You should pause for a second and think about your life, what you can change, and how you can do it to feel less tension and anger.

In your dream, a turtle had bitten you

If you ever were bitten by a turtle, you know how it hurts. No matter how tiny or how giant it is, it hurts like hell. It is another bad sign, and it’s there to warn you. Someone will betray you.

Someone that you trust and love will betray you. There is a possibility that someone close to you is currently doing something behind your back and plotting against you. Be careful, and think twice to whom you give your trust.

You saw a wounded turtle

A dream like this is not a good sign, and it’s a sign that you will, or that you already are disappointed because of something that will happen or happened in your life.

You saw a turtle that was lying on its back

A dream like this is also not a good sign. A turtle that is lying on its back is vulnerable, and it can be that at this moment, you are also feeling like that.

It can also mean that you cannot do something and that you are struggling with it for quite some time. You are not solely in this world, and it’s normal and recommended to ask for help if you need it.

You saw a giant turtle

If the turtle that you saw was gigantic, you had a good dream that is a good sign. It signifies your ability to be patient and achieve big goals and overcome any obstacles that you face.

You talked to the turtle

When you are having a dialogue with something, or someone in your dream, in most cases, it’s the conversation that’s important.

So, if you remember what the topic of your conversation was, then you can use it as a vital sign from the universe or your subconscious. You need to focus on the conversation that you had and try to apply that to your life.

You saw turtle eggs

Even if it doesn’t have too much sense, a dreamlike this is a sign to relax.

If you have a lot of work to do, you need to delegate a bit of it. Because if you don’t do it, you will quickly burnout.

You killed the turtle in your dream

If you killed the turtle to eat it, that’s a good sign. It’s a sign of wealth and financial gain. If you killed it by accident, it’s not a good sign.

Again, it’s a sign that you need to slow down and be responsible a bit more.