Eating Sweets in Dream – Meaning and Symbolism

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Few joys in life make us feel good, even temporarily, as eating sweets and desserts.

Whether you are more of a chocolate, candy, cake, or ice cream type, you will probably agree that not much can be measured with the ecstatic you feel when eating sweets’.

It is no wonder there is an enormous amount of desert variations, and sometimes it is hard to choose with which to fulfill our sweet desires.

Chocolate is considered an aphrodisiac. It gives people somewhat orgasmic feelings, and for some of them, it can even become addictive.

Sweets are comfort food; people use them to, at least, briefly escape from stress, sadness, and dissatisfaction. Of course, if you overeat, you could face consequences we all know about. A balanced diet is one of the pillars of human health.

However, sweets bring people joy, and not many of us can resist them. It’s no wonder since the main ingredient in them is sugar, which you can easily get addicted to.

Sweets mainly originate in Ancient Indica, and by 47 century BC, they were also incorporated into Persians and Greeks diet. From there, it more or less quickly spread across the globe.

Sweets are today a standard part of our everyday life. Eaten as desserts or given as a present and a sign of love or appreciation, sweets are a common part of our reality. They also often find a way into our dream realms and can hold significant symbolism.

In the majority of dream interpretations, sweets are related to feelings of enjoyment and happiness. They also represent enjoyment, forbidden pleasures of your inner self. Sometimes they reflect a desire for acceptance, mainly by others.

Since sweets are considered comfort food, dreaming about them often reveals confidence, self-esteem, and self-love issues.

It also reflects the need for confirmation of value from other people to feel good about oneself. If you had this type of dream, it’s probably a suggestion to build these traits.

Sweets symbolize joy and happiness, but they can represent things that are not good for us, cause our health to worsen, or addiction.

Although sweets dreams usually have to carry positive symbolism, they could sometimes have lousy meaning.

Depending on the dream’s details, your current inner state, and emotions, you can extract positive or negative messages and suggestions.

The symbolism of eating sweets in a dream

Eating sweet products, chocolate, candy, ice cream, whatever you may like, is usually related to you and happiness and a childish attitude towards life.


If you were just looking at sweets in the dream, they could represent some special treats you desire or something you had enjoyed very much and wish to possess again.

Sweets in dreams can signify the need for forbidden pleasures and desires. It usually represents something we want, but we are aware we must refrain from it.

Things we know aren’t good for us but are very tempting and alluring.

Often this dream reflects a desire for intimate pleasures that you should resist.

Sometimes eating sweets in a dream signifies time wasted on things that aren’t that important.

Often it reveals hidden issues that are being suppressed or hidden from others, sometimes yourself even.

There is also a thing called compensation, filling some inner need with sweets and desserts.

Dreaming about sweets often signifies satisfaction with our life circumstances. Feeling of contentment over the fact that your desires are met, and you are financially secured.

In this sense, dreams about sweets reflect feelings of peace and satisfaction for stability in your everyday life.

Eating sweets in a dream usually indicates that you are a loved and appreciated person. People from your surroundings think highly of you and describe you as a caring and giving person.

But, in some cases, this dream indicates that others see you as a jealous, even possessive person who doesn’t like sharing their blessings with other people. It shows your selfishness.

If that is the case, take this dream as a suggestion to be more generous, giving, and caring. But, be careful; don’t let people take advantage of you.

Meaning and symbolism of sweets related dreams

To successfully decipher and find the true meaning of your sweets related dream, you should take all the details, as well as your feelings and overall sense of the dream, into account.

Those are crucial to determining whether this dream has a predominantly good or bad meaning for you.

Eating sweets

If you dreamt about consuming sweets, this could signify that you are doing something that you are ashamed of. It could be something you know is terrible for you, but you cannot resist.

It’s not uncommon for this dream to uncover potential bad habits or addictions you have lost control over. There is something that you should get rid of.

This dream often signifies an inability to control overeating, drinking, gambling, taking drugs, and other bad habits. If you have any of those issues that no one knows about, and you’re being scared of judgment and anger, this dream is a message. You are seriously jeopardizing your wellbeing, and it is time to take some action.

Someone else eating sweets

Seeing someone else eating sweets in a dream signifies your lousy habit of overcriticizing others and their behavior.

If you notice that some people tend to avoid contact with you, it could be because you are too direct and downright unpleasant in your criticism.

If you are intolerant of other people’s differences, others could perceive you as irritating. Brutal criticism isn’t the best way to share your opinions, and talking about people’s flaws are even worse.

People that tend to be overly critical towards others somehow rarely tolerate being criticized. If you tend to get furious or really hurt when someone talks about your flaws, it’s a clear sign of double standards that you need to get rid of.

Maybe you are completely unaware of your harmful behavior, but that’s why dreams are here, right? Subconscious always has a message for us.

Eating sweets you prepared

A dream about preparing and eating sweets yourself is a good sign; it indicates your social circle popularity. It’s a sign that people love spending their time in your company, and that is because of your caring personality and giving nature.

If you love someone, you have no problem showing it by nurturing and pampering them. People that you consider family can always rely on you because you are ready to help them in any way you can.

This dream also signifies that you are an excellent house that makes a warm and happy home in which people love to come and visit you. They do it because you are very good at making people feel welcome in your home.

Eating sweets until your sick

If you ever dreamed about overeating sweets and feeling sick because of it, it’s a sign of your cautious nature.

Unline in the dream, you are probably taking good care of yourself and your diet, preventing damage and harmful consequences.

Feeling sick after overeating sweets signifies avoiding getting into unknown situations where you don’t feel comfortable. This dream reflects your caring nature and reveals that you are not prone to taking risks. Safe play is your game.

Therefore, this dream could signify that you should loosen up a little; allow yourself to take some risks. Mistakes are a natural part of life, and they make you learn a lot, sometimes even broaden your horizons.

Sometimes this dream indicates your desire to lead a more adventurous life and collect some great experiences.

Dreaming of eating chocolate

Chocolate in a dream is usually a good sign because it signifies expansion. It indicates a possible promotion at work or expanding your circle of colleagues.

Sometimes it also signifies expanding your creative abilities to your social circle or meeting someone who can significantly help your career. This person’s help could lead you to the job of your dreams.

Eating sweets from a box

‘Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get’. You probably heard of this popular saying coming from a famous movie ‘Forrest Gump.’

This dream holds significant symbolism and is a great sign. It indicates pleasure and happiness, meaningful moments that you are soon going to experience.

In some cases, this dream indicates an invitation to a party from someone you like or an event where you could have a chance to meet important people. They could help you get to the next level and achieve your goals.

Sharing and eating sweets with someone

This is also a good dream to have, especially if you are in a relationship. It signifies moving it to the next level.

Sometimes, it reflects your wish to deepen the bond but is not necessarily a sign that the other person has the same desires.

That is where you come in; depending on the dream’s details and your feelings and overall sense of the dream, it could be a sign of happiness or great disappointments.

Receiving sweets from someone and eating them

This seems like a good scenario, but this dream is actually bad news. It could be a sign of mistreatment by someone in your waking life.

There is possibly someone using you for their benefit, so this dream could be a warning to remove yourself a little.

Sometimes this dream signifies constant progress in your projects or endeavors.

Eating hard sweets

Sweets hard to bite in a dream is a good sign because it indicates overcoming obstacles and getting to the point where you can be relaxed. It is time to enjoy your time with family and friends.

It is precisely what you need to charge your batteries and restore your strength after the hard times you’ve been through.

Eating sour sweets

Take this dream as a warning; you could be getting sick in the upcoming days or experience some disappointment and emotional pain inflicted by someone you care deeply about.

This dream scenario could be a sign of someone disappointing you so much that you won’t be able to recover from it for a while.

Eating good tasting sweets

If you remember the sweets in your dream to be of excellent state, that is a perfect sign. It is most likely an announcement of new love in your life.

Sometimes it’s not about a person that you will meet, but about someone with who you already have chemistry yet, that will unfold in the direction of love.

Giving someone sweets

If you gave sweets to someone in your dream and ate them, this could indicate valuable advice or an idea. This dream signifies that the person accepting them will reap the benefits of your help.

But, if the person in your dream refuses to eat the sweets you gave them, that indicates that your attempts to help them are likely to be futile.


As we have mentioned, the majority of sweets related dreams carry powerful positive symbolism. As they are the symbol of childhood, pleasure, excitement, joy, appreciation, and gratitude, they are a great omen in a dream.

Sometimes, when you need certain realizations, they appear in dreams to warn you to be more careful of your health and also your desires.

You should also think about the following; are you giving enough to the people you love and who love you?

As far as sweets in dreams are concerned, people mostly dream about overeating on them.

That is quite a typical sweets motif in the dream realm, which is not weird. Most of us tend to fall out of balance sometimes and fall under guilty pleasures and desires.

The key is to find the balance. Pay attention to what your body is telling you, and also your soul. What do you crave? Is it love, acceptance, the praise of others?

If that is the case, your sweets dream happened to give you a message. You should work on your self-love, self-acceptance, and self-esteem.

Listen to your heart when it comes to arranging your own life.