Gun – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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In the dream, the gun stands for masculinity and often has to do with aggressiveness, assertiveness and claim to power.

According to the dream interpretation, the pistol as a weapon serves the dreaming as a kind of protective shield against too strong external influences.

Whether and how other people could be threatened by it lies in the self-examination of the dreaming. According to Sigmund Freud, the gun in a dream is a sign of sexual tension.

Gun – Dream Meaning

If the dreaming is a woman and shoots with the pistol at someone in the dream, then this woman is very aware of her male and strong character trait. She enjoys being able to live out her dominant streak in a relationship.

However, the dream can also indicate that the dreaming should take back something, because this side could intimidate the partner. The relationship can be affected.

If the dreaming hears the shot of a weapon or pistol, then this is a proverbial warning shot.

Because this dream symbol will reveal a deceitful intrigue to the dreaming, which probably takes place in the circle of acquaintances or friends. By a skillful move, the dreaming will soon unmask the black sheep and know who his real friends are.

In a dream, shoot you with a pistol, then this dream portends self-protection. With this action, you try to keep an opponent or enemy at bay.

However, the dream also wants to show that not all means are right. The use of a weapon in a dream indicates a high potential for aggression.

If the dreaming loads a weapon and then directs this against another person in order to pull the trigger, and this weapon fails, then that is a sign of helplessness.

This dream symbol means that the dreaming feels threatened by something in his life and the control slips away from him.

When we hear the word “weapon”, we immediately associate it with things like violence, death and fear. The term alone represents a potential hazard for us. The term “weapons” is used to combine very different objects into one term.

The common man probably sees images of rifles, pistols or knives on a raised stand in his mind’s eye.

Attacks by rocket launchers, bombers from the air or torpedoes under water. In addition, batons, arrows, a spear, a harpoon, blowguns, brass knuckles, irritant gas, a boomerang, a crossbow, clubs or bombs represent a type of weapon.

Likewise a tank or cannon. Even a spade can become a weapon or a heavy stone.


Animals also have weapons. Just think of the quills of a porcupine or a hedgehog. In mythology, the trident is also seen as a weapon, such as the sea god Neptune.

In Germany, the Weapons Act regulates handling within the framework of German weapons law. Acquisition, storage and possession are clearly defined.

Just like the prohibition of illegal weapons, their possession and placing on the market. At the international level, the German Weapons Act is considered one of the strictest.

Weapons have existed as long as humanity has existed. Stone Age man depended on them to obtain food and to defend themselves against enemies. These were mostly stones or wooden javelins.

However, for the dream interpretation it is also decisive what kind of weapon one has dreamed of.

The dream of a weapon can first feel very threatening to the dreaming, because it also stands in the dream for aggression or disputes. Suppressed desire can also be reflected in this dream symbol.

Therefore, the first thing to do is to be careful when recognizing a weapon. Quarrel or anger in the close environment could come to the dreaming.

If the dream is about a knife, it shows that there is something that burdens the person concerned and from which he would like to get rid of.

Therefore, the knife can symbolically cut out what oppresses him and thus free him from the torment. Those who use an ax as a weapon against people may have problems controlling their innermost destructive feelings and tantrums.

If the dreaming sees an arrow as a weapon or ammunition and feels pierced by this, there are possibly strong injuries in his life that were inflicted on him by the action or the words of another person and which still cause him pain.

Here the dream interpretation advises to distance yourself and to stay more with yourself. Things that happened on the outside can no longer be changed.

The dreaming should take care of himself and try to regain his inner balance. He can achieve this by setting limits and not putting on every shoe that is put in front of him.

If a firearm is aimed at the dreaming in the dream, this should be an occasion for him to think about whether he has stirred up aggression in other people through his occurrence and whether they are hostile to him for this reason.

The threat of a weapon can also be an indication that one likes to put oneself in the role of victim and thus avoids actively tackling situations and summoning up the strength to cope with difficult situations.

A sniper, also known as a “sniper”, who threatens people in the dream world with devious aimed shots, symbolizes negative consequences for the dreamer.

The person concerned is pursuing a goal, the implementation of which will cause problems. Anyone who uses a tripod for shooting, a gun on three legs, leads a stable, happy family life.

If you carry a gun in a holster on your belt in a dream, it can indicate a courageous and brash approach in the waking world. The sight of guns in a barracks can be a warning to caution in awake life.

If a sentinel protects the weapons in the dream, the sleeper in the waking world should make sure that a community is held together.

If gas is used as a weapon in a dream and you protect yourself from it with a gas mask, you usually long for protection against insults in reality.

If you see yourself with armor and weapons in a dream, you should usually be shown that you want to protect yourself and your insides from others. The carving of runes on a weapon can, as a dream image, point to feelings of anger that were previously hidden.

The dream image “weapon” is in any form the expression of male driving force and Sexuality. A woman who dreams of being shot may feel ambivalent feelings within herself.

On the one hand the fear of male sexual aggression, on the other hand she feels the desire to want to experience exactly this aggression, since it is also part of her own personality. Surrender or refusal, the line can be fluid.

Also for a male dreaming, it is about sexual drives and needs, of which he should become aware. With the dream symbol “weapon”, sexuality can also represent something purely physical, decoupled from any emotion.

If a man aims at another person with a weapon, such as a revolver, he is clearly showing who is the stronger and more powerful.

If weapons appear in the dream in the course of a raid, this can be understood as a warning of a dangerous situation in which one can stumble carelessly.

If you see in a dream soldiers with weapons in a trench, who may even shoot, then you should take more care of your health.

This, of course, begs the question of why he thinks he needs to prove it. A weapon can serve as a means to cover up one’s own insecurities and as a self-protection, not to let anyone look behind the real facade. Unwanted emotional touches can be warded off as they arise.

The weapon clarifies from a spiritual point of view the different levels of spiritual forces and admonishes the dreaming to be aware of them and to deal with them mindfully.

Gun – Dream Symbolism

Each of the dreams that we can have in our reality has different meanings for our life, where the details of each of them can give us to understand a message from our life, in the case of dreaming with a gun, they are dreams that are associated with problems.

With insecurity, negative situations and conflicts in our reality, where paying attention to each one of them allows us to better understand what is wrong in our life and what we must do to change or to avoid conflicts or overcome them.

Dreams with a pistol can have negative interpretations, where the details allow us to understand the meaning of each of them, pistols as firearms indicate problems, misunderstandings, dangerous and conflictive situations in this reality.

They are also associated a lot with bad self-esteem, insecurity and lack of personal confidence, where understanding what our mind wants to tell us is key to being able to act according to various details of our life and being able to improve in these areas.

For this reason, we invite you to continue with us where we will describe in detail the true meaning of dreams with a gun, according to the details and basic contexts of each of them, thus understanding the message of our subconscious and knowing what to do and what to change. In our life.

Each of the dreams with a gun is related to a different area of ​​our life, so we invite you to continue with us where we will describe the details of each dream with a gun and its true dream interpretation, thus understanding the message that our subconscious is sending us. Through each of these dreams.

Water pistols indicate fun, which means that the time has come to have fun, to stop hiding in the shadows of others, you must work on your self-esteem, your happiness and your peace, and it is a dream that indicates that you have to work much more on yourself, on your happiness and on your personal tranquility.

We can have two types of meanings in dreams with a toy gun, one of them is related to the emotional and spiritual cleansing that you need in your life, you must free yourself from negative thoughts and emotions in your life, have positive thoughts in your life, do different things that allow you to feel much more confident about yourself.

While in love dreams with a toy gun mean that you will be bold and that you will tell your feelings to a person you love, without being afraid of anything, and this can be very good, because the relationship can arise between the two, and everything can be perfect in love for you.

Having a dream with a gun and shooting means that you feel confused, you want to talk to someone and clarify all your doubts and internal feelings, because if this is your wish, just look for a person you trust, a friend or a being dear in your life, talk to them and get rid of all that you feel, it will make you feel calmer, and you will be able to get the answer to many questions in your life.

A dream with bullets and a gun can have two different types of meanings, one of them associated with anger and fears, this means that there are fears in your life, which do not allow you to get what you want; you should try to overcome the negative in you.

think about what you want and overcome it, go ahead and try to achieve what you propose, trust yourself, have confidence in yourself and you will see how you can achieve things in the best possible way.

While there are also other dreams with a gun and bullets that indicate that you are a person who is not responsible, and that you always do one thing but leave it halfway, you do not finish doing each action and this turns out to be very bad for you.


You must learn the value of responsibility, working on a situation and ending it in the best possible way, avoid conflicts, and achieve success in your life in the best possible way.

When shooting someone, the blood arises immediately, where in dreams this indicates that you may have problems achieving your goals and life objectives, you will be able to do it, but it will not be easy, because you have to work a little harder to achieve your life goals.

Things will happen to make you learn, everything will be possible, but you have to be consistent with what you want to do.