Hot Air Balloon – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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The main wish for most of the people is to ride at least once in their life in a hot air balloon.

It is something that brings calmness at the same time as adrenaline, riding a hot air balloon gives people the chance to rise above everything and see how small their problems actually are.

That is the thing with people, a constant reminder that we are all nothing is needed every day.

So appearance of hot air balloon could mean a lot of things actually, in most cases these dreams are a positive sign but at the same time these dreams are a type of a warning for the dreamer about his or hers bad habits and bad traits that could endanger their future and life.

A hot air balloon in a dream is a symbol of freedom, success and right tracks that lead to that success.

These dreams could also be a sign of selfishness, explosiveness or bad perspective.

Somehow this dream is trying to show you the bigger picture of this life and people.

These dreams are also a sign of unrealistic expectations and fantasies that are blocking people from actually doing something.

Living inside of your head is a main reason for the appearance of a dream like this.

A lot of details can be a part of this dream, colours, sky, shapes, time of the day, even who you are riding with.

They do not represent betrayal, lies or something negative or unfortunate.

In a way these dreams are fun, especially when they are realistic and you have that feeling like you are actually flying but then you wake up in your bed.

These dreams can be connected with dreams of falling but that is not such a strong connection.

So there are a lot of causes for the appearance of this dream, a lot of different factors that can make these causes or maybe your mind is playing with you.

Dreams about hot air balloon are quite rare.


The sad part is that there are no hot air balloons in every area for people to try it, but it is definitely one great experience which makes your life a bit more interesting than before.

Focus on details and type of your dream to find the meaning behind it.

The Most Common Dreams About Hot Air Balloon

Dreaming about a hot air balloon ride in general- If you had this type of a dream where you are riding in a hot air balloon ride then this dream is a sign of the right path to success.

It is a good sign for the dreamer.

It means that you are building your way to the top, slowly and steady just the right way.

You know what you want and you know that you have enough potential to succeed at your own plans.

This is a great way and a great mind-set, most people do not know what to do with themselves for a very long time sometimes even the whole lifetime so it is truly important to make some priorities and it is important to know yourself.

When you are aware of your advantages and disadvantages and you work on it then you have done more than half of the work.

Continue with ambition but be cautious to not transform it into unrealistic expectations that could ruin your chances and waste your time.

Dreaming about you riding in a hot air balloon ride- This is also a good sign for the dreamer.

If you had this type of a dream about riding in a hot air balloon ride then you should know that this dream is an indication on wide perspective.

So this means that you have a great view on life and areas of life like relationships,  religion, family, business, etc.

This is a very important quality a lot of people lack, seeing things from different perspectives is on of the most important things we as humans should consider trying.

Sometimes people get selfish because they only see their side instead of trying to understand other to try and be in their shoes.

And that brings up unnecessary issues that need to be resolved as soon as possible before they turn into something more explosive.

You will save a lot of time when understanding other, of course this doesn’t mean that you have a obligation to understand everyone and that everyone has a good reason.

When it concerns you then analyse everything but do not waste your energy on unnecessary people and topics.

Dreaming about flying hot air balloon ride- If you had a dream like this where you dream about flying and controlling a hot air balloon ride then this dream is an indication that you are facing and resolving your challenges with ease.

Life can be pretty hard and challenging but for you this is not a problem, you know how and when to act, what to do and what to say.

But this is not the only meaning behind a dream like this, second meaning for this dream is a sign that you are rushing in life and that your actions can appear as selfish or reckless.

Sometimes you do not see other people and their feelings about you,  it means that you think that no one really cares for you that much or you are just ignoring it.

So when going somewhere to do something that could truly harm you that doesn’t scare you because you do not care.

And at that time your mother may be worried sick for your own sake and you do not care.

This is a warning for you to start paying attention to others, just because your life is not worthy to you it doesn’t mean that others think that way.

Before you hurt them think about it.

And there is one more meaning for the appearance of this type of a dream and that is the fact that you are likely to fail big time.

It is a representation of life somehow, just like on a rollercoaster your current life stage is bringing you up then down and again up and again down.

You can enjoy being on the top but that doesn’t really last.

You should enjoy the whole ride, embrace it, because it will pass and those moments do matter even if someone tells you otherwise.

Perhaps you are going to make an investment that looks smart at this time but tomorrow you will lose all of that money because it was not a good investment and then you learn from your mistakes pick yourself back up and try it all again.

And you do that until you grab your achievements like it is nothing but the truth is your experience and tears, pain got you where you should be.

Dreaming about hot air balloon crash- This is a dream with a deep meaning for the person who has it.

When having a dream like this where you are in a hot air balloon and suddenly you crash with it is a sign of your fantasies.

Being ambitious is one thing but being unrealistic is completely something else, people mix these two up sometimes and that causes this well crash.

This crash from a dream can directly interpret the exact way in the meaning of this dream.

Crashing or hitting that point where reality brings you back to the real world happens to everyone at some point in their lives.

That is the thing with people, we choose to live in our dreams and fantasies instead of creating the life we wish to live.

It is all about that higher scale to reach that top, but how can you reach that top without being on the bottom.

Habit of fantasizing can look funny or sound funny but it is quite dangerous, you see once you start doing it you do not know when or how to stop it.

You are constantly stuck inside of your head creating fake interesting scenarios which helps us to cope with this lets say boring world.

But the world is boring only if you see it that way, it is quite interesting if you know how to live in it.

Even without your imagination this world is beautiful.

Another sign from this dream is a sign that you are closed-minded person with judgmental character.

You only see things from your point of view and this right here is affecting your relationships, your wellbeing in general.

No one wants to spend time with a person that is always, constantly right no one can be right all the time.

So you need to get rid of this habit of yours because it is beginning to mess around with your life.

You have to start taking responsibility for your own mistakes and actions without looking for some kind of an explanation.

Be true to yourself but be critical also, you have to analyse your flaws in order to improve and be the better version of yourself.