King Cobra in Dream – Meaning and Symbolism

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The King Cobra in a dream symbolizes wisdom, intelligence, and mental strength.

Also, it is a symbol of creativity, mindfulness, sexual desires, positive situations, and strong will.

However, it can be a sign of an unfaithful relationship with lots of secrets and mysteries.

If you saw a king cobra in your dream, it is possible that even if you are successful and brilliant, you can’t find a person of trust.

You are probably hurt and you can’t open up to new people, because you don’t trust them.

If you are in a relationship and see the cobra in your dream, it could be that your partner is hiding secrets and is lying to you about something.

It doesn’t have to necessarily be cheating, but u should pay more attention and be careful.

There are different meanings of this dream and can be really positive or really negative. It depends on the thoughts and emotions you had during the dream.

Let’s see what could be the meaning of your dream and why you dreamed of a cobra.

The most common dreams about king cobra

Dreaming of seeing a king cobra

If you only remember seeing the king cobra, but not the whole context of the dream, then it means you saw yourself.

When you can only remember seeing the cobra without any specific features, it represents how you see yourself.

As it is said in the introduction, king cobra is a symbol of a smart, intelligent, and passionate person who is prepared to fight the problems.

You always find a way to turn things to your benefit and you don’t give up. You are passionate about life and you always search for an adventure.

Dreaming of getting attacked by the king cobra


If you were in danger in your dream, and you felt scared, it means that you secretly have low self-esteem and your confidence is low.

You are a shy person who can’t confront others and never speaks your words. You should work on that because it is a problem for you since you have terrifying dreams.

The cobra in this dream is a symbol of your inner insecurities and problems that are too big for you.

Also, a cobra attacking you is a message for you to stop being a people pleaser and stop being afraid to say no. Many people around you will take advantage of you and will try to use you.

Dreaming of getting choked by cobra

If you felt like you were suffocating in your dream because a cobra attacked you, it means that you don’t know how to deal with your problems and everything feels threatening.

You should try to relax and find a way to resolve your problems, otherwise, they will eat you out.

On the other hand, the cobra can be a symbol of someone who is actively trying to ruin you and complicate your life. Be careful and don’t let anyone fraud you.

Dreaming of a cobra eating a prey

If you saw a cobra eating prey in your dream, it could either symbolize you as a cobra or as prey. You need to decide which one you are.

If you are in a troublesome situation and you don’t know how to act, you should know that you must choose to be a cobra if you want to get out of it.

Also, this dream is a symbol of indecisiveness and it suggests that you need to make a big decision but you don’t know what to do.

If you become aware of your qualities, you won’t be prey because you will be strong enough to fight any problem you have.

Dreaming of being chased by a cobra

Running away from problems is probably your second name. Otherwise, why would you run in your dream? Our dreams are mirrors of our subconscious minds and they show the hidden emotions and thoughts.

According to this dream, there is something or someone bigger and stronger than you and you don’t know how to deal with that.

Also, it could be that you will be in an uncomfortable situation where you will have to justify yourself in front of many people, including your boss. Your actions have consequences and maybe something you did will make you a problem soon.

Dreaming of a curled cobra

This is a positive dream because it indicates good mental health and no problems in near future. You are safe and sound and you should be grateful for that.

You will have enough time to dedicate to yourself and your growth.

Dreaming of a dead cobra

This dream carries a negative connotation and is a symbol of rough times. You will have to be strong and patient to overcome the problems that will bother you.

Also, this dream can be a symbol of sickness and illness, so you have to pay attention to your health and take care of yourself.

Seeing a dead cobra can also mean that you have lost faith in yourself and you feel crushed by the world.

Maybe you are lonely and you can’t take the stress without having anyone to talk to. Don’t feel sorry for yourself, rather try to make a change.

Dreaming of getting bite by a cobra

If a cobra bites you in your dream, it means that you will experience a betrayal by someone you trust. There is someone who pretends to be your friend, but once you take your guard off, they will attack you.

Also, it can be that you did something bad to someone and now they want to take revenge. That is something you should have thought about before you took the wrong step.

Dreaming of someone else getting bite by a cobra

If your friend or a family member got bitten by a cobra, it means that something bad will happen to them or they will hear bad news.

You are probably worried about that person and you already know that something is going on. Try to help them out and be there for them if you really care.

But, this dream can also mean that you don’t like that person. It could be that you don’t wish the best for them and you want to see them suffer.

Dreaming of killing a cobra

This is a sign that you should do whatever you want and don’t let others tell you otherwise. You have a plan and it could be that some people are not supporting you because of jealousy. Don’t listen to them and chase your dreams.

Killing a cobra is a symbol of winning and making it to the top, so the message to you is to trust your gut and keep moving forward.

Dreaming of holding a cobra in your hands

This is also a very positive dream because it suggests that you have overcome your problems. You are finally free from the pain and suffering and you can start your life all over again.

Holding a cobra means that you have restrained the bad habits you had and you are not anxious anymore about your future.

Also, it can be that you defeated an enemy or even your demons and you can start living a healthy and normal life.

Dreaming of a cobra in a cage

There must be something making you feel trapped and that is the meaning of this dream.

Someone may be stopping you from shining your light and is trying to make you feel bad about yourself.

A trapped cobra is a bad sign because it symbolizes the end of motivation, passion, happiness. It means that you are killing everything good in yourself because of something or someone. Try to resist the impact and follow your heart and mind.

Dreaming of many cobras

If you saw more than one cobra in your dream, it means that you need to take a break from going out and partying or hanging with too many people. You are socially exhausted and if you feel like staying at home you should do so.

Dreaming of a slithering cobra

This dream is a bad sign and it is telling you that you have an enemy who is trying to cut your wings.

It will be hard for you to resist them and to fight them because they are very manipulative and determined to make you feel bad.