Lipstick – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreaming about lipstick often symbolizes impulsive decisions and actions that are not logical.

This dream is related to stress because when we are stressed, we do different things that don’t lead us anywhere good.

Sometimes people are too tired and stressed out and they make wrong decisions because their ability to make a decision was impaired by a huge amount of worrying.

Seeing lipstick in your dream may represent suppressed sexual intentions and needs.

A lipstick often appears in our dreams when we are sexually active and is a symbol of attraction and physical need for someone.

Putting lipstick on your lips indicates that there might be someone you want to impress and you do everything just to make them notice you.

If you dreamed about taking your lipstick off, it means that your feelings for someone are shutting down and you want to end a relationship.

There are many different meanings of lipstick in dreams, so let’s see if we can find an explanation of your dream!

The most common dreams about lipstick

Dreaming of putting a lipstick

If you had a dream about putting lipstick on your lips, it means that there is a person whose attention you want to get.

Maybe you feel neglected and you need someone to show interest in you.

Also, it is possible that you are bored currently and you need to do something fun to get the work off your mind.

If you are busy, try to make time for your friends or a partner and spend time with them. That way, your boredom might go away.

Another meaning of this dream is that you are in love with someone who is not interested in you. If so, try to accept the facts and move on.

Dreaming of taking your lipstick off


If you had a dream about taking your lipstick off your lips, it means that you are getting tired of your partner and you need to take some time to think through this situation.

You are not interested in them anymore and you need to find a way to tell them that.

Also, this dream may mean that you have lost interest in something other than a partner. Maybe you have had enough of your job and you need to change it.

Taking lipstick off is a symbol of losing interest, dullness, boredom, and feeling tired of always doing the same things every day. You need a change because it will help you find motivation and happiness.

Dreaming of buying a lipstick

If you had a dream about buying lipstick, it means that you will soon meet someone new. That person will bring motivation and excitement to your life and will make you feel completely different. You are waiting for a special person to be your savior, and it will happen soon.

Buying lipstick is a symbol of excitement and fun and it is a sign that is telling you to prepare yourself for good moments.

Dreaming of finding lipstick

If you found lipstick in your dream it means that you will soon hear great news about some people who are getting married. You will be surprised and excited at the same time.

Dreaming of selling lipsticks

If you had a dream in which you were selling lipstick, it means that someone will trust you a lot. You will gain trust from a person and that person will start being around you a lot.

Someone sees you as a good opportunity to spent time with you and that person will bring you a lot of happiness.

Selling lipstick is a symbol of trust and because you were selling lipstick it means that you are trustworthy.

Dreaming of eating lipstick

If you were eating your lipstick in your dream it means that you have a lot of problems in your life.

This dream indicates that you will have trouble in the future and this is a symbol of potential suffering you might experience.

Eating lipstick has a negative connotation and is related to health. Maybe you will get sick or ill so you should pay attention to your health and take more care of yourself.

You shouldn’t let these problems eat you up and you should fight them. Don’t give up and try to be better with every day that goes by.

Dreaming of receiving lipstick

If you were gifted lipstick in your dream, it means that someone is in love with you. You might not know who that person is, but there is certainly is someone who has a crush on you. That person is probably too scared to approach you so they just observe you from distance.

Receiving lipstick in your dream is a sign that you are a desirable person who is liked by others. You are probably the main topic between people and it shows that you are very interesting.

However, this dream may also mean that some people are talking about you behind your back. They are probably just jealous of you so you shouldn’t pay attention to them.

Dreaming of destroying lipstick

If you ruined your lipstick in your dream it means that you are angry with yourself. Something you did is now haunting you and you want to forget about it. However, it’s hard to forget something wrong you did and you regret doing it.

If you can’t change the past, why would you worry about it? This dream indicates that you are obsessing too much over things that are not worthy. Try to relax and move on.

Dreaming of giving someone your lipstick

If you gave your lipstick to someone it means that you trust them. That person is someone close to you and you feel like you can tell them everything.

Giving lipstick is an act of kindness, but it shows that you trust that person more than they trust you. Maybe you should think about why would you be untrustworthy.

Dreaming of leaving a mark from your lipstick

If you had a dream in which you kissed someone and that kiss left a mark on a person, it means that you are being selfish and arrogant. You want everyone to remember you no matter if it’s good or bad.

This dream indicates that you are an egoist who manipulates people so you can get what you want. That is not good and you should think about your actions.

Leaving a mark with your lipstick can also mean that you are crazy about someone who is not interested in you. That is very stressful to you and you can’t accept the fact that you are not desirable.

Dreaming of a brand new lipstick

If you saw a new lipstick in your dream it means that new adventures are waiting for you around the corner.

Something exciting will happen to you and change your life. You wish you can travel and meet new people and your wish will come true.

Dreaming of writing with lipstick

If you left a note or a message with your lipstick, it means that you are angry with someone and you want to take revenge. Someone hurt you badly and now you want to make them feel the way you felt.

Anger and hatred are poisonous so you might want to take a step back and be aware of what you feel. Your feelings are only hurting you so be aware that your hatred is toxic only for you.

Dreaming of liquid lipstick

If you saw liquid lipstick in your dream it means that you are very sensitive and you take everything people say seriously.

There might be some difficulties in your life that will make you feel devastated and you might feel like there is no way out. There is always a way out, but it doesn’t mean that it’s easy.

The symbol of liquid lipstick in dreams is weakness and vulnerability. Maybe you are in that period of life where everything hurts you and you feel too weak to resist negativity.

However, nothing lasts forever, neither your pain does.

Dreaming of smeared lipstick

This dream symbolizes that you feel like people think of you as a joke and they are not taking you seriously.

Also, this dream may be a sign that you will soon hear rumors about yourself that are false. Don’t let them get you in your head and focus on yourself.