Party – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Parties are a big part of our lives, there are a lot of different types of parties for different kinds of people.

They are made to celebrate something significant or to simply have a good time without stress and problems from your life.

Making a party can be fun but cleaning that comes after is a nightmare.

Having a dream about a party is not that common but it can appear, it has different meanings and it can be a symbol of insecurity.

Dreaming about parties is revealing your deepest wishes and desires to be part of some group of people or that you are wishing to be like someone from that group.

Perhaps you are too shy or you are lacking confidence and that is causing you so much unpleasant situations.

Dreams like this are related with your fears, dreams and they could be a sign for you to go out and make some friends.

Your loneliness is becoming dangerous for your mental health so you will have to change your attitude and overcome your fears in order to stay sane.

Humans need to be around other humans in order to grow, no one can survive all alone.

This could also be a sign that you are occupied with your work so you do not have time to relax, or that you are scared to be alone but also scared to be with people.

Dreams like this could reveal some serious issues with your mental health.

Also this could be a meaningless dream, perhaps your birthday is getting close and you are planning to make a birthday party so you thinking about it constantly is a reason of a party appearing in your dream.

During your dream try to remember what is happening in it, is it a big party or a small gathering, are you there with your friends or on your own, are you organizing a party or someone else, etc.

Everything you see in a dream is important and to find a true meaning behind your dream you should consider all aspects of your life and that dream.

The Most Common Dreams About Parties

Dreaming about hosting a party- This is seen in movies, night without parents and the party is made.


If you have a dream about you hosting a party at your own house where everyone you know and do not know is invited indicates that you are limiting your own potential and skills.

Your only enemy is yourself and this dream is telling you to stop limiting yourself.

Also this is a sign that you are pushing people away without even giving them a chance to get to know you.

If you are hosting a party for stranger it means that you are not giving people a chance, if you are hosting a party for your friends and family this means that you are avoiding them in real life but you need to be more flexible and they are your family you need to start talking with them again.

Dreaming about planning a party- This dream could be reflection of your current situation, perhaps you are planning a party and that appears in your dreams.

But there is also a chance that this dream is a sign that you are trying too hard to go and follow the rules, everything in your life is planned nothing is left to go with the flow.

You cannot design your life as a building and expect that it is going to work out the way you want it to work out.

Everything in life is spontaneous and this dream is a message for you to learn how to accept that you are nothing in the universe and you have no control about your future.

Dreaming about shutting an unwanted party– A person that ends the party is considered a party breaker right?

Sometimes you just have to end something or it will be a disaster.

If you had a dream where you are shutting an unwanted party this indicates your desire to step out of your environment and safe place.

You are tired of being forced to fit in with people that you just do not understand, you have greater desires and bigger goals.

And if you feel like you are ready step out of that crowd and town, go explore new opportunities.

Dreaming about inviting people to a party- If in a dream you are inviting people to come to your party this means that you want to make new friends.

Perhaps you are realising that you do need some company, or you need a friend to be there for you.

Dreaming about suprise parties– These parties are the best ones, imagine the happiness that fills a person when being suprised by his closed ones.

Dreaming about suprise parties indicates that you should be more grateful for people in your life.

You are taking them for granted because you know that they are always going to be there no matter what, sadly this is not true nothing lasts forever so at one point your close ones will either pass away or go somewhere.

No one is going to be there all the time so if you have people that love you even when you are being an idiot then do not let them go that easily.

Show them how much you love them, suprise them.

Dreaming about a big huge party- If you have a dream about a huge party full of people this indicates on happiness.

You feel like you belong there and it means that you are at peace with yourself finally.

But this dream can also indicate on sadness and loneliness, if you are alone at that party it means that you feel alone in your life.

No matter how many people are around you no one feels like a person of trust so you feel that you are all by yourself.

This can be a phase but it can also be a bigger problem perhaps anxiety that needs to be treated.

Dreaming about party food– If you had a dream about food at a certain party meaning is much more deeper than that.

It is a sign that you are too busy with your own life, job, relationships that you separated yourself from your friends.

This is really common when being in a relationship, you kind of forget about your friends sometimes on purpose and sometimes by accident.

Stop doing that and get in touch with your friends.

Dreaming about a beach party– Sea, beach what more does a person need to be happy.

Dreaming about being at a beach party indicates on good experiences and memories made with your friends.

It is a bright dream with a bright meaning, friendship is something beautiful and you should cherish that.

Dreaming about high school or college party– Parties made in high school and college are known by having lots of alcohol, young girls trying to look older, smoking, music…

Dreaming about this kind of a party is related with your memories of this time, they indicate that you are going to go through new challenges and you will feel a lot of pressure while making decisions.

Dreaming about a neighborhood block party- Dream like this where you are at a party with your neighbours indicates a strong feeling and wish to become one of them.

You want to feel normal and you want to fit in not pop out of your surroundings.

The truth is that you cannot fit in if you do not truly belong there, if you are not right there then you are special in your own way and you should learn how to cherish yourself more.

Dreaming about a birthday party- For most of us birthday is the most important and special day of the year and for others it is the stupidest thing in the world.

If you had a dream about a birthday party it is important to remember whose birthday is it.

If this is your party it indicates that you are grateful and positive towards your future, if this is a birthday party of your friend it indicates on some good news from them.

Birthday is also a symbol of a new beginning, so you are starting over at something or you are getting into a new relationship.

Dreaming about graduation party- Having a dream where you are at a graduation party indicates that a next level of your life is about to start.

You have ended current chapter and you are feeling ready for next one, or sometimes you are not ready but you have no choice life is going you have to follow it .

Dreaming about retirement or farewell party- Dreaming about this kind of a party means that you are going away from people you love.

You are missing certain people that were with you along the way and you feel empty inside because you cannot really bring those moments back.

Dreaming about a pool party- a dream like this is a good sign.

It indicates that you are likely to receive some positive news that will make your life better.

Dreaming about New Years party- New year, new start.

If you have a dream about you being present at a New Year party it means that something new and big is about to happen to you, perhaps it is not according to your plan but it will end up being better than you imagined.

Your new challenges are not going to be easy but you will survive.