Praying In My Dream – Interpretation and Meaning

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You don’t have to be in a church to dream of praying. Praying is a personal act that you can do in your own home and, as you have already seen, you can also do it in your dreams.

And you don’t need to practice your prayers in real life either, maybe you are not even a believer and, therefore, you are surprised by this dream in which you see yourself praying to a God in whom you may not believe.

Discover in our dream dictionary what it means to dream of praying.

Praying In My Dream – Interpretation

You may not have done it since childhood or it may be part of your daily routines, but dreaming of praying has the same meaning for everyone.

In your dream you may also find yourself in a temple, in your house, in a garden, at night looking at the stars or in your own bed.

And who do you pray to? Because there is always a who. Generally we pray to God, in fact, it is the only means of communication we have with him.

But you can also pray to the moon, the stars, the sky itself or those already deceased relatives who protect you from heaven. And yet, when it comes to finding the meaning of dreaming that you pray, it is not so much who but why.

What are you praying for? Humans as we are, we rarely pray to be grateful for what we have, although some people do. And exercising gratitude, praying or not, is one of the pillars of happiness.

Most of the time we pray to ask. To ask for help, more specifically. And we remember the Gods when we are in trouble, when we have a problem that we do not know how to solve, when we are afraid, when uncertainty invades us, when we do not decide, when we get angry with someone, when we hurt someone or when everything.

But everything is going so badly that we can’t find a way to reverse the situation. Thus, praying in dreams is a way of asking for help. It will not arrive, you can be clear about that.

But it is the way dreams have of telling you that you cannot do it alone, that you will have to seek help, advice or advice and not just God. And it is also the way dreams have of telling you to trust, to have faith, because everything is going to be fine.

Many times dreaming of praying means paying attention to the need that exists in our soul. Most of the time our dreams make us understand what our subconscious is saying. About what we need in our lives, it is the case of dreaming that we are doing a prayer praying to Almighty God, it means great blessings.

Now we know well, maintaining a prayer is seeking communication with God to solve everything that ails us. It is always necessary, to strengthen our soul and our spirit, thus achieving the peace we need.

Perhaps in some cases, God is needing us to approach him. God knocks on our door on many occasions, we do not even open him or give him the opportunity for him to enter our lives. Being God the most important reason, to have a new opportunity or breathe of life.

Due to the desire for life, many times we lose the knowledge about what spiritual wealth means.


The same that we must always strengthen, to be at peace and calm with ourselves. Something as simple as a doubt can affect us emotionally. Not to mention, what can make us want to not have something we want in our lives.

Day-to-day stumbling blocks are not so easy either, and we have to overcome with great strength, various tests that are natural and normal in the lives of human beings on a daily basis.

Our subconscious, even though we are resting, He continues to work.

However, our dreams may vary, we can dream of praying in different cases or in different ways. We are going to analyze what the meaning of our dreams can be.

In the first case we have when we find ourselves asking God for the need of another person. In our life we ​​can be very worried about a friend or loved one, they are going through a difficult time.

Therefore when we dream that we are praying for another person, it is that we really need to do it. Ask God for the help he needs to meet his needs.

However, we cannot leave aside that perhaps it is a feeling that one of your friends or family, is in need of an answer or a heavenly help. Signs another to know, motto through which you are going, we can make a general prayer for all our friends and loved ones.

In another case, we can see ourselves praying on our knees. It is one of the most common situations in dreams, it is when our need is really overcoming the circumstances of our life. That is, it can be a very worrying case, which we believe is impossible and without solution.

Our dream is only reflecting, we see leaving the difficult burdens, in Almighty God, who solves our difficulties and needs. It can be interpreted as if we are losing the faith we need to overcome what we go through.

A pastor prayed for me in my dream it, is an announcement of bad times, disappointments, failures and losses. Dreaming of a priest praying suggests that one’s conduct is not very upright and that will create problems in the immediate future.

Usually, dreams where we see ourselves praying or praying symbolize our states of consciousness, we feel guilty for some wrong behaviors from our past, we are just not sure we recognize it before society.

This dream can also mean that we find ourselves in a complex situation in which we do not find any way out, for which it is necessary to reflect and avoid making hasty decisions.

When we dream that we are praying, it is necessary to establish the feelings that arise, in case of being pleasant and calm it indicates that we are going through a propitious period to evolve spiritually, while if they were of anguish or restlessness it means that we need comfort and support in a difficult moment.

Dreams in which we see many people praying are usually an invitation to analyze our convictions very well and avoid fully trusting the people around us, because it is possible that they are taking advantage of our social position, and in difficult moments they give us the back.

When someone else is praying in a dream and we hear that at the end he says the word “amen” we should try to remember very clearly the words said before saying it, because these dreams usually announce events that will take place in the near future.

If we are the ones who in the dream say this word after praying, it is a sign that we have put an end to some love relationship or complicated situation in our life at a family or professional level.

Praying In My Dream – Meaning

Although dreaming of praying and praying is not one of the most frequent dreams in the Dictionary of Dreams, you yourself may be surprised by having a dream of praying to God or Our Lady, even if you are not a devout person.

There are people who claim that dream interpretations are not useful but nevertheless, why have you had a dream about praying at this precise moment and not another? … Your subconscious will have to tell you something, don’t you think?

If you are distressed with various problems of all kinds, conflicts on an emotional level, you can dream of praying as a desire to obtain that tranquility that you long for. You have faith that someone must listen to your needs.

However, you should not take this explanation literally.

Dreams have to be analyzed from a very personal point of view. In this way, dreaming of a priest praying does not have the same meaning as dreaming of saying a prayer to the Virgin Mary (Read more when dreaming of the Virgin).

Read other possible interpretations about dreams with pray and pray.

Dream of praying to God. Dreaming of praying a prayer to God defines two clear contexts in people. The first context indicates serenity and happiness.

On the contrary, the other context usually indicates that you are going through such a difficult time in your life that you want to be heard by God to answer your prayers. Read more about dreaming of God.

Dreaming of praying as answers to your questions. If you are going through a period of insecurities and doubts, you can dream of praying for the need for wise advice in time.

Possibly you are at a crossroads and need to make a momentous decision. Don’t you think that would be a good time for reflection? You can always count on the help of a family member or friend to help you make that decision.

Dreaming of praying for your regrets. If you consider that you cannot tell anyone about those little sins that weigh on your conscience, maybe you can dream of praying as a form of redemption. Your mind suffers and needs to externalize the cause of your distress.

Dream of saying prayers. Desire to achieve your goals and illusions. You consider that you need a force to help you achieve your goals and ambitions.

Dreaming of angels from heaven can suggest a certain security while dreaming of churches and cathedrals as a place of prayer, you want God’s help.

People are more susceptible to dreaming of saying prayers when they have recently lost a close family member. Regardless of whether you are a practitioner or not, what is clear is that you are concerned about life in the afterlife of your family member.

The term prayer can refer to different things and is that we can have a prayer within the syntactic language, someone who says a prayer and prayer within the context that means that there is a person who prays, prays or communicates through this medium with God our lord.

For the meaning of dreams that we want to understand, the term prayer that we are going to use is precisely that of praying as an ecclesiastical prayer. Have you ever stopped to think what it means to dream of a prayer?


Dreaming of prayer usually means good fortune. A person who dreams that he is praying or looking to God to try to communicate with him is referring to the fact that he is a special person, happy and very comfortable with himself and with everything he does in his day to day life.

If we dream that there is a group of people saying a prayer, it means that we are in a very positive moment of our life and that everything is going to go quite well for us, especially if we propose it with enthusiasm.

We are happy people capable of doing everything that is put in front of us. Ultimately, although there are not many meanings of “prayer” everyone wants to point out something good that is going to happen to us and with which we will be very happy for a long time.