Sand – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Sand is a soil usually consisting of granules made of crushed rocks and minerals. Sand can be coarse or finely ground, depending on the size of the granules. The rocks present in the area make the foundation of the sand.

Because sand is often used in sand watches to measure the time, it often symbolizes the passing of time or something that is not lasting.

Most people encounter sand on beaches, but sand in different forms is present on lakes and rivers.

When it appears in dreams, it often appears as beach sand, but dreams about sand can have many different variations.

People who love going to the beach and love sand tend to dream about it often, especially people who live in areas where sand is a natural occurrence.

Dreams about sand can have different meanings, and the interpretation of the dream should always be combined with the current circumstances in the person’s life.

Sand in dreams can be a sign of lack of focus, or lack of balance and stability in life. Often these dreams reveal the person’s personal traits and their inability to focus on achieving their goals.

They might change their focus of interest often and are not able to maintain their focus long enough to achieve their desired result.

If that is the case, the person needs to strengthen their ability to focus and don’t allow themselves to give up on a goal before they have put in all the effort into achieving it.

Often sand appears in our dreams during times of difficulties and moments where we don’t feel we have the needed stability and support in our lives.

Maybe some circumstances in your life caused you to experience a great uncertainty and you don’t know where you will end up.

In some cases, dreams about sand could indicate lack of groundedness, and the need for the person to ground themselves, work on their persistence and ambition.

Sometimes the explanation of this dream is simple and it has to do with the upcoming trip the person is planning to take in the upcoming days.

In this case, the expectation and excitement for the trip has transferred into the person’s dreams.

Sand – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming about walking on sand – When you dream of walking on sand, that dream can have both good and bad significance. It could be a sign of experiencing some instability in life and being afraid how things will end up.


In some cases, this dream indicates some projects not progressing the way you want them to and you being unsatisfied with that. Walking on sand in a dream can sometimes be a sign of reuniting with some old friends unexpectedly.

If you were happy and enjoying the walk on the sand, that is an especially good sign, and usually indicates pleasant encounters with friends or people you love.

Dreaming about having difficulties to walk on sand – A dream of having difficulties to walk on some sandy surface, generally that is not considered a good sign.

Sand usually symbolizes lack of stability and the inability to walk properly just adds to the overall bad meaning of the dream.

It could symbolize problems and disagreements with your family members. Having difficulties walking on sand could also be an indication of other issues with family members, such as some of them becoming sick in the upcoming days.

In some cases, a dream of having difficulties to walk on sand could indicate some private issues you have. This dream is often an indication of financial problems that you cannot solve easily.

Dreaming about lying on the sand – If you were lying on the sand on some beach in your dream, or dreamed of lying on the sand in some other dream scenario, that dream usually speaks about your personality.

This dream usually describes you as an easy going and relaxed person, who is very adaptable.  You are most likely a free spirit and you don’t have a problem speaking your mind.

If you were enjoying immensely while lying on the sand, that dream could be a sign that you need rest. This dream could be a subconscious sign that you are overwhelmed with many obligations and you are stressed out.

It could warn you to find the time to rest and relax or you could seriously jeopardize your health.

Dreaming of walking barefoot on sand – If you were walking barefoot on sand in your dream that dream is usually descripting your nature. It is possible that you are prone to be influenced by others and not having the courage to speak your mind. You are most likely settling to do things what other people tell you and you are a follower by nature.

This dream is possibly a sign from your subconscious asking you to start working on your confidence and building your attitude.

Dreaming of seeing sand all around you – If you dreamed of seeing sand all around you, it is a good sign. Abundance of sand in your dream usually symbolizes increase of income and financial gains you could expect in the upcoming days.

In some cases, the dream is a sign of having a lot of opportunities to earn money and increase your income, but not being able to make the most of them.

Dreaming of making sand castles – If you dreamed of playing with sand and making sand castles, that dream should be considered a bit of a warning. Sand is a symbol for something short-lasting or ungrounded. Making sand castles in a dream could be warning you about some projects you are about to start, indicating they are likely to be a failure.

Maybe you should think well about your chances before taking action because it might end up being a waste of your time and money.

This dream is often a sign of disappointments and dissatisfaction because your plans failed for some reason. In some cases, this dream indicates taking a lot of risks and jeopardizing yourself, especially your financial wellbeing with your reckless attitude.

Maybe you will make some thoughtless investments which will turn out to be a bad decision and you will lose money as a result.

Making objects from sand requires a lot of skills. In some cases, a dream of making sand castles could reveal your skills especially when it comes to making money. This dream in some cases indicates your gift to make the right financial decisions and investments that will return huge profit to you.

Often this dream indicates your fearlessness when making financial decisions and actions and being able to succeed the impossible.

Dreaming about walking on hot sand – If you walked on hot sand in a dream, usually that represents a warning sign from your subconscious. It is often an indication of loss or some problems you could soon experience.

The problems are usually related to your finances. Fortunately the difficulties foretold by this dream won’t be long lasting and you will quickly find a way to get out of your financial trouble.

Dreaming of rain falling on sand – If you dreamed of observing rain falling on sand, soaking it and making puddles, that usually isn’t a good dream sign. It might indicate your partner’s unfaithfulness and betrayal.

Sometimes this dream reveals your lack of confidence and self-worth, being insecure and doubting your partner even though nothing is going on behind your back.

Dreaming about wet sand – If you dreamed of seeing or walking on wet sand, that dream is usually a fortunate indication. It often symbolizes some fortunate opportunities to increase your finances. The gains foretold by this dream come from unexpected sources and suddenly.

Often they are being preceded by some fortunate set of circumstances. In many cases, this dream announces progress which awaits you.

Dreaming of abundance of sand – If you dreamed of large quantities of sand, that dream is usually a good sign, indicating your desire to gain wealth as well as the increase in finances, and earning additional income.

Dreaming of living in a building made of sand – If you dreamed of living in a building made of sand that is a good sign, and usually marks the end of a bad period in your life. It is often a sign of fortunate opportunities.

Dreaming of making a pile of sand – If you were making a pile of sand in your dream, that dream is usually a good sign, and it indicates gaining some property in the upcoming days.

Sometimes this dream indicates resolving some past issues.

If you sat on the pile of sand after making it, that increases your chances of gaining financial wealth and often indicates being financially secured in the future. In some cases, this dream could indicate unexpected financial gains.

Dreaming about being buried under sand – If you dreamed of being buried under sand that is a good dream sign, usually related to finances and their increase.

It is a sign of prosperity and profit because of wise financial decisions. This dream is usually a sign of abundance awaiting you soon. Sometimes it could indicate inheriting something.

Dreaming about throwing sand – If you dreamed about throwing sand for some reason, this dream could be an indication of possible issues and problems with close family members or people you are close to. It is usually a sign of pressure you feel because of that.