Scissor – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Scissors in a dream can have different meanings, they can appear as nightmares so the person who dreams these kinds of dreams is disturbed and sometimes scared.

There are a lot of ways for scissors to appear in a dream, they can look like they are covered in blood or even as surgical scissors.

You can dream about actions like throwing away scissors or desperately trying to find them to fulfil your task.

There are reasons for the appearance of these dreams like start of the healing after a certain trauma, hard time choosing what is right for you, etc.

Scissors are usually a symbol of letting things go like cutting them off .

They can be a sign of making some decisions in a rush and making great mistakes while doing it.

Scissors can also have a meaning that you are stubborn and that you refuse to listen to others, and in other cases they can be a warning sign that someone is trying to manipulate you or make you their slave in a way.

There are a lot of different types of dreams that contain scissors so be careful while analysing your dream to find meaning behind it.

The Most Common Dreams About Scissors

Dreaming about finding scissors- Well this happens to everyone, not knowing where your scissors are so it is not unusual when this action appears in a dream.

If you had a dream about searching and trying to find some scissors then this type of a dream is an indication that you are in the middle of two things in your life.

So you are trying to go both sides but everyone know that it does not go that way, you have to make a decision which is hard and though but that is the only way in which you will grow.

These two things can be two friends, or perhaps family and a job, maybe school or sport.

Something is dividing you and ruining you so try and prioritise between them.

It is better to choose one thing and do it perfectly than to run around and not do anything the right way because of the rush.

Dreaming about sharpening scissors- If you had a dream like this in which you are sharpening scissors then this dream is telling you that you have a big problem with communicating and expressing your feelings.


Perhaps you are in a relationship and you simply do not know how to communicate with your partner,  you constantly feel stuck or scared and it is harder than usual well if this is the case maybe your partner is not the right for you but this only implies if you have problem with communication only around him.

But if you have that problem with everyone consider going to therapy, this will ruin a lot of relationships and friendships in your life if you do not act on it.

Dreaming about doing haircut with scissors- A new haircut represents a new start, if you had this type of a dream then this is the sign that you are going to go through certain changes.

You will take back the control and you will make some time for yourself after exhausting yourself to the point you can’t function properly.

This is truly a great sign, it means that you finally put yourself and your needs in front of others.

You should even consider taking a break so that you gain back power and energy you need.

Do not give up just consider taking some time to nurture yourself.

Dreaming about someone chasing or attacking you with scissors- If you had a dream like this about someone trying to attack you with scissors indicates on possible manipulation from people from your surroundings.

Maybe they will try to control you into doing what they want you to do with your life, this is mostly connected with college and profession choice.

You should be true to yourself and distance yourself for a bit if the nagging becomes unbearable.

Maybe they do not have bad intentions but that doesn’t mean that someone can dictate your life and the way you should live it.

So the thing you should do is to talk it out with them or just ignore them.

Dreaming about  cutting your finger or hands with scissors- This dream may appear uncomfortable or as a form of a nightmare for the person who is dreaming about it.

So if you have this type of a dream where you are cutting your fingers or hands then you should know that this dream is a sign of fortune.

Your finances are going up in your near future so you can relax and think about possible investments with that money.

It can also be a sign of good luck so try it out with buying a lottery ticket you never know maybe it will serve you right.

Dreaming about killing or stabbing someone with scissors- This is also a very frightening dream for the dreamer, it may look disturbing but if you have this type of a dream about killing or stabbing someone with scissors then this is a sign of letting some people from your life go.

Perhaps you will break up with your loved one because of reasons that made it clear that two of you can’t work together for the long runs.

Or maybe this suggests the end of a certain friendship that played a huge role in your life but now it is time for it to end.

You are accepting changes and the fact that people come and go all the time but there are the ones worth keeping around so if you do have those people keep them and love them.

Dreaming about cutting a stomach with scissors- Another disturbing dream, if you had a dream where you are cutting your stomach with scissors then you should know that this dream is a sign of pushing something too much.

This dream mostly appears with people who are on a certain diet program, this dream is a warning sign that that diet is affecting your health in a bad way and that you should be more careful.

Dreaming about throwing scissors- If you had a dream where you are throwing away scissors then this type of a dream is a sign of  your selfishness.

You are going to end a certain bond without even considering to hear that person out.

You will probably regret this later and you will wish that you stayed and listened to them while they wanted to talk with you.

And there is a message from this dream, never make any decisions while angry or sad always let things cool down in order to make an important decision.

Remember everything you do today affects your tomorrow.

Dreaming about playing rock, paper, scissors- This is one of the most popular games in the world so dreaming about it is not so uncommon.

If you had a dream about playing rock, paper, scissors then be prepared for upcoming tasks and events.

You will go through some challenges that will require your full focus and hard work, so if you are not feeling up for it take a short break to collect your thoughts and to rest in order to be ready for whatever is on your way.

Dreaming about scissors, blood or bloody scissors- This dream means that you are going through grieving process after a certain breakup or death of someone you loved.

This is a sign that you are not alright and that you need some support by your side in order to not completely break down.

It is going to be hard but you will survive it, everything passes in a second so do not think about some stupid things and focus on getting better.

Healing is a hard process but when it ends it is the most beautiful thing and feeling in the world.

Dreaming about surgical scissors- If you had a dream where you see surgical scissors then this type of a dream is a sign of new unknown path ahead of you full of mysteries.

You are feeling everything and it is time to find a way to release all of those emotions and to start being more stable.

You will learn a lot about yourself during this path and that will help you evolve and grow the right way.