Tongue – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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The tongue is a symbol of speech, words and it is a part of our digestive system. In dreams, it can be related to these actions and is often interpreted with them.

For example, you had a dream of seeing someone’s tongue while they were talking or your tongue hurt while you were eating, etc.

Dreams that include the tongue are often related to our thoughts and actions.

Maybe we sometimes say things we don’t mean, or we just don’t say anything because we are afraid of the consequences.

Dreaming of a chopped tongue can be a symbol of being scared of expressing your thoughts or you may be hiding a secret.

There are many dreams about tongue so let’s see if we can explain the deeper meaning of your dream.

The most common dreams about tongue

Dreaming of your tongue

If you had a dream that is related specifically to your tongue, it means that there is something you want to say but you are not sure how.

If you were thinking about your tongue in your dream, then it means that you are deciding whether to confess something or not.

There is something you need to say but you are apparently worried about what your words might cause.

Your subconscious mind is under pressure and it is telling you by this dream that you should find a way to release the pressure by saying to others what you have to say.

Don’t stop yourself from expressing your thoughts and feelings just because you are afraid of the reactions of others.

Dreaming of your tongue falling out

If your tongue fell out of your mouth in a dream, it means that you regret saying something. You think that you should’ve better stayed silent and now you feel sorry for what you said.

If you think you can fix the problem your words made, then try to fix it. If you don’t, then forget about it.


Seeing your tongue falling out in a dream is a symbol of feeling sorry, regret, and it is your conscience telling you that you were wrong.

Sometimes words hurt much worse than anything else so be careful with what you say to others.

Dreaming of a cut tongue

If you had a dream in which your tongue was cut and you didn’t have the whole tongue in your mouth, it means that you shouldn’t say what you want.

You have something important to say to someone, but this dream is telling you that you will regret it. Or, try to find another way of saying it.

This dream is warning you and telling you that your actions and words might hurt someone. If you care about others then this dream should be enough for you to change your way of telling what you have to tell.

Dreaming of a swollen tongue

This dream has a negative message and it represents an illness. It is possible that soon you might get sick or ill so take care of yourself.

A swollen tongue can also be a symbol of pain you feel and you don’t want to share it with others or you are worried that no one would listen to you.

You have so much to say, but you choose to stay silent because you feel insecure and you are afraid of what others might think of you.

Also, it can be that you don’t have anyone to talk to and you feel lonely.

Dreaming of someones’ tongue

If you had a dream about the tongue of another person, it means that you might hear some gossips about you. Maybe someone is trying to make you look bad in front of everyone and you should be careful with who you share your private things with.

Your colleague or friend may try to embarrass you and spread false stories about you because they are jealous of you.

Also, this dream is a symbol of betrayal and it may suggest that someone will soon turn their back on you or hurt you emotionally.

Some so-called evil tongues might talk about you behind your back but you shouldn’t pay attention to them.

Dreaming of long tongue

This dream is a pure symbol of too much talking. If you talk too much, this dream is a sign for you to keep it a little bit more quietly. If you spread too much information about yourself or someone else, this dream is a warning to you that some persons could take advantage of that.

Also, this dream might mean that someone from your surroundings talks too much about you, but it doesn’t have to be in a negative way. Maybe someone is praising you and telling others how great you are.

Dreaming of the split tongue

If you had a dream of a split tongue it means that someone around you is a hypocrite. They are nice to you when you are alone, but as soon as they disappear from your sight, they start talking bad about you.

Or, it can be that you sometimes lie to other people and you had a dream about the split tongue as a sign for you to stop doing that.

Also, the split tongue might mean that you need to make a decision and you are not sure whether you will choose the right thing.

Dreaming of a tongue with hair

This dream means that you always say what comes to your mind and you don’t know where to draw a line. You are very honest and you don’t care if you offend anyone because that is what you really think.

You don’t pretend to be someone you are not and you can’t stand fake people. You are always saying what you mean and that may be the reason some people don’t like being in your company.

However, you think you are always right and that may be the problem for you in the future. Sometimes you need to stay silent because it is good for you.

A tongue with hair on it is a symbol of sincerity and it is a good dream because it shows that you are not afraid of anyone and you are very confident.

Dreaming of a french kiss

Although this dream probably has many sexual and arousal sensations, it often indicates that your partner might cheat on you or break up with you.

Or, if you are single, this dream can mean that you have a desire for someone and you can’t stop thinking about them. So, this dream is a sign for you to finally decide on whether you will make the first move or not.

Dreaming of a pierced tongue

This dream can represent the problems you might face because of your words.

You probably said something bad to someone and it made them angry. So, expect to be in an awkward situation if that person tries to talk to you.

The pierced tongue is a symbol of consequences you will have to carry because of something you said. It can also mean that you have hurt someone and now there is no way to fix that mistake.

Maybe you will get in a verbal fight with someone and it will end up distancing from them.

Dreaming of licking something

This dream is a symbol of sexual tension between you and someone you know. You want to be with that person, but you are not sure if they share your feelings.

This dream is a sign to you to take your chances.

Dreaming of someone showing tongue

This dream can mean that the person you had a dream about has feelings for you. Interesting, isn’t it?

That person is probably in love with you and is trying to get your attention by doing silly things so you will notice them.