Washing Dishes – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Sometimes dishes in a dream can mean family circumstances. Everything is important here: what exactly did you wash, what the items were made of and how big they were.

There is probably not a single interpretation of such dreams.

Interpretations in which a person washes dirty dishes can speak about the monetary side of the matter (prophesying wealth), but often also about problems and troubles. You can be sure of one thing: washing the dishes improves the situation, corrects something and strives for the best.

But for the spouses, watching you wash the dishes is indicative of some kind of silent, unresolved argument.

And here, when the woman rubs the service on dryness and shine, it means that everything works best the best way … For man and woman transparent glasses – to calm the family hearth.

If the dishes are dreamed of a person who has not yet found a soul mate, then this is a problem that needs to be solved immediately.

It will also be useful to “remove the stone from the soul” – to tell a loved one about your worries, worries and problems.

Washing Dishes – Dream Meaning

Empty plates – you will have to urgently pay the debt, full of something, to receive a large amount of money.

Dirty dishes piled on a mountain in the sink means that you will not be able to find a common language with those who normally understood you perfectly.

Doing the dishes means that you are being fooled with an illusion.

Clean dishes represent order in the house and harmony in family relationships, broken ones are a sign of short-term happiness.

To cook food on the plates, wait for the visit of the guests, wash them, there will be a general cleaning. Salting or pickling in dishes: sadness in joy and nostalgic memories of the past.

Buying dishes in a dream means a change for the better. Using old plates of different sizes, cracked, cracked, with chipped handles is a sign of poverty and vegetation without constant work and bird’s rights.

Giving away dishes is a good way to enhance family wealth, receive as a gift – you will not turn down a request to help your friends.

A dream about household utensils always reminds you that you should pay attention to the state of things in your home and not get carried away by empty ideas.


Sometimes such a dream predicts quarrels in the house.

Clean and orderly dishes on the shelves are a sign that everything is going well with you and you should not try to break the family idyll. Dishes scattered, bent, broken and dirty in a dream portend quarrels and confusion in the house.

New dishes in your house in a dream portend the addition of a family, marriage or new acquisitions.

But if you see that a glass has collapsed, bent or even deteriorated, your hopes of marrying someone will not come true. Sometimes such a dream suggests that you are wasting your time.

In a dream, shiny dishes made of expensive metal or with an expensive coating portend well-being, happiness, new acquisitions, and sometimes even a victory.

To see dishes on store shelves in a dream is a harbinger of a happy family life. Silver plates in a dream signify well-being and family happiness.

Receiving silver plates as a gift in a dream is a sign of gratitude to you from the person you helped in difficult times. Buying silver plates in a dream is a great and happy change in life.

Being present in a dream at a silverware sale (auction) portends troubles that will lead to large material losses and a change in your social status due to the betrayal of trusted people like yourself. See interpretation: porcelain, drinks.

Certainly a good sign – silver and gold saucers. Simple metal pots, bent, washed in someone else’s house – to the problems of the wallet.

In this case, it is not worth risking money, it is better to keep and keep it.

Washing dirty dishes for the dreamer is a kind of sign of problems, a fragile balance in business and in relationships with people.

Washing Dishes – Dream Symbolism

Court houses, a judge, or a lawyer often add excitement to our lives. Suddenly we are confronted with the rule of law – even if we have not blamed ourselves. We see ourselves standing in court in a dream, we are accused and are very shocked about it. You can also see yourself as a juror or judge.

In some dream experiences, related symbols such as a paragraph sign, a bailiff, a black robe or the judge’s gavel appear.

What does the dream symbol “court” mean? What does the dream image want to tell us?

When analyzing your dreams, please always remember to interpret all the other dream images you have seen and experienced: as with a puzzle, you can gradually put together the overall picture from the individual symbols and thus interpret your entire dream.

In the general dream interpretation, the dream symbol “judgment” illustrates that someone should be judged.

It can be both the dreaming himself and another person whom the dreaming would like to see in court. The dream symbol “court” thus shows the rendering of account before oneself or the environment.

The sight of a courthouse in the dream symbolizes to the dreaming that he has to seek his right in the waking world.

If the dreaming is a spectator in a courtroom in the dream, then the general dream interpretation understands this as a reminder to the dreaming. He has a remorse about an earlier matter and now repressed memories are making themselves felt.

If the dreaming himself stands in front of a court in the dream, he will insist on his right in the waking world and also find it.

Receiving a summons to court in the dream means to the dreaming that he will be wrongly pursued in the awake life and someone else wants to push the guilt for an act on him.

If the dreaming has to swear a perjury in court, this symbolizes that one is not yet ready to speak a truth. You should not say anything rash in the waking world and consider carefully which people you reveal yourself to.

If the dreaming himself is the accuser in front of the court in the dream, the dream symbol symbolizes here according to the general dream interpretation losses in business things.

A court hearing in the dream indicates to the dreaming that he should be better yielding in the waking world, because his opponent is too strong at the moment.

The dreaming will be successful at a later point in time.

If the dreaming is condemned in the dream, surprising losses await him in the waking world.

As a witness before a court in the dream symbolizes the dreaming that he has to help another person in an awkward situation.

If the dreaming takes part in a judicial investigation in the dream, he can look forward to wealth and possessions in the waking world according to the general dream interpretation.

If the dreaming sits himself in a dream about another person to judgment, this dream situation shows him that this person has hurt his feelings.

However, he has so far avoided an open conversation. In order to come to rest, however, the dreaming should do this soon and clarify the matter.

For a female dreaming a court hearing is a symbol for an admirer whose abilities she had previously underestimated.

You should pay more attention to this in the future. The pure sight of a courtroom in a dream represents misfortune and suffering.

Leaving a courtroom in the dream symbolizes to the dreaming that he can count on a satisfactory decision for him in a matter which has already brought him many annoyances.

In addition, the dream symbol can point out that the dreaming is not tolerant enough, but should also take responsibility for his behavior.

In rare cases the court can also express a desire for revenge of the dreaming in the dream.

A summons to court in the dream can warn the dreaming according to the psychological dream interpretation of the needs of his environment, against which he should defend himself early.

If the dreaming stands before a court in the dream or is accused, he becomes aware of his fear of losing friends in the waking world through this dream situation.

A judgment in front of a court in the dream symbolizes in the psychological dream interpretation that the dreaming is something on the soul. He has not yet processed this dark point.

The dream symbol “court” is interpreted in the spiritual dream interpretation as an indication of the readiness for problem solution by the dreaming.


Eating in a dream of ordinary dishes portends disagreements in the family, wooden – you will have to switch to the economic mode and become a vegetarian, silver – improve your material conditions, of a service – you are in danger of deception.

Glassware portends happiness in the house, porcelain, the loss of a friend, metal, good relations with the authorities, enameling, you will find success in an almost desperate business.