Waterfall – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Have you ever been to a waterfall? If you have, there’s no need to tell you anything more; the words will only taint the perfect image.

But if you haven’t, we urge you to do it as soon as humanly possible, because waterfalls are magical. You will appear miniature in the presence of a waterfall, even if the waterfall is not that big.

The energy that comes from it is more significant than other things you’ve encountered. It’s the masterpiece of Mother Nature, and we have the honor to be in the presence of that masterpiece.

They can bring you peace, but they can also anxious your mind. They can wake you up from a long-slept sleep and shake you up so that you don’t know where you are and from where you came. But they can help you learn where to go next.

If you haven’t seen a waterfall in your life, these lines can seem a little bit exaggerating. But it would be best if you felt that energy by yourself and then judge.

Dreaming about water always has some specific meaning behind it because water by itself is one of four elements of nature and life.

It’s powerful and essential, and so is the meaning behind it. Hence a similar meaning has a waterfall.

And what does it mean to dream about this beautiful natural phenomenon? Is it a good sign or a bad omen? We will soon find out.

First of all, you may not believe it, but not a lot of people dream about waterfalls. In a way, you are unique, and we could say that your dream is a bit of a peculiar thing.

If you’ve visited a waterfall lately, you will consequently dream about it, and that is normal.

But if you haven’t, or you’ve never seen one in your life, then the reason for this vision is something else.

The symbolism behind waterfalls   

The waterfall never stops, and it just keeps going. It’s never the same, even if it feels like it is, and it’s in constant movement.

It symbolizes the act of relinquishing, letting go of things that are not important anymore, and the act of purifying.

Thus, it serves as a reminder of the constant flow of life energy in the Universe.

While in some tales, they can be a symbol of something very mystical, of something that’s hiding something vital. Maybe they are in your visions to help you find a way to learn new knowledge or find out some secrets.


Whether the waterfall is vast, cold, and dangerous, or is it tiny and gentle, it has something important to tell you.

This magnificent natural occurrence is in your dreams to help you. And to thoroughly understand the meaning behind everything, you need to focus on the tiny details from your dream. Not every vision is the same, and not every one of them has the same explanation.

Dreaming about waterfalls 

We’ve mentioned that water and waterfalls have a significant meaning in real life and that symbolism behind them is vital. It symbolizes life and birth, but it is also used to send you messages from the subconscious.

And a dream about a waterfall is also a water dream but in a specific form. When you have a vision about it in your sleep, you have been sent a message that it’s time to allow something to go. You are ready to move on or to start the process of letting go.

We, as humans, are known for holding onto things and feelings. It’s normal, and it happens to all of us. Whether it is about a material thing, like a broken bracelet from your childhood, or journals from your high school, is it an emotion. You could be holding onto something lost and long gone, but you can’t let it go. Holding onto things from the past is never a good thing. It’s not fair to hoard material things to have a pleasant memory

. Because memories are in our hearts and are always going to be there, we don’t need something physical to remind us of them. And when it comes to people and feelings, you need to know what’s worth keeping close to your heart and what’s not.

Some people don’t deserve to be near you, and they don’t deserve your time and patience. It will ease your life if you let go of the past to continue in life and grow. Let the past be in the past.

To be more precise about the meaning behind your dream and your waterfall, we should focus on the details surrounding them. For example, were you physically present in that dream, where were you, did you swim in the water under the waterfall, did you by accident felt into it, or did you go behind it?

Also, it’s essential to know if the waterfall was small, gigantic, calm, or enraged.

We are going to talk about those details in the text that follows.

Dreaming about an enormous waterfall

Every waterfall is beautiful and possesses specific energy within. But there is something special with waterfalls that are big, more significant than you could imagine them to be. When you see them in photos, they look magnificent, but you often end up with no words when you encounter them in person. There are no expressions to describe such a powerful occurrence.

When you find yourself in a dream, looking at an enormous waterfall, there are few possible explanations behind that.

Something so big can represent a challenge, and often that’s what it is. You are about to be presented with a challenge that will possibly change your life. And the result of that challenge depends only on you, on your willpower. There isn’t a predetermined outcome; it’s all on you. Will it be a grand success or a miserable failure? We can’t tell you.

We can advise you to focus on what’s important and remember that sometimes it’s good to take the risk. The most flourishing people in the Universe are those who risk the most. It is vital to be careful when taking a risk and think twice or even more before deciding on doing something. But, it’s crucial to take action in your life and not just be a bystander.

Think about your life for a moment, and try to remember a challenge that could happen to you. Maybe it’s already there, and this dream is just a reminder to take action. Maybe this dream is everything that you’ve needed to move. Even if it now looks like it’s too complicated, remember that it can be for a more significant cause. And if you think like that, nothing is too complicated or impossible in life.

Whatever is presented to you, think twice about it, and remember to take risks. If it’s a good job, then maybe it’s worth moving to Europe. Or if you feel like this is the love of your life, maybe it is worth moving to a different coast for the love of your life.

Therefore, what’s important is to catch opportunities and don’t let them slide through your hands.

Dreaming about a tiny waterfall 

Opposite to an enormous waterfall is a tiny one, the one that you can barely see. But the meaning is similar to the one that we previously explained.

Again, it’s about some challenges you are experiencing or that you are going to experience. But this time, they are not life-changing challenges; they are just slight difficulties you will encounter. And what’s most important is that you will easily overcome them. The important thing is like with the previous one is to take risks, even for the small things in your life.

Also, it could be that you need to let go of something that’s causing you trouble. And the problem is that the thing you need to let go of is so tiny that you can’t even recognize it as a problem.

In most cases, those are some tiny bad habits that are preventing you from fulfilling your full potential. For example, maybe you are wasting a lot of time on social media instead of focusing on your work or mental health.

Scrolling through your feed is fun, and it doesn’t seem like a problem; it’s so tiny that you can’t even notice it. But it’s causing you trouble. Maybe it’s something else. Think about it for a moment, and be honest to yourself. And once you figure it out, be sure to resolve it.

Dreaming about drinking water from the waterfall

If you’ve had a dream like this, you are a fortunate person. This is always a good sign that symbolizes a new beginning, a clean sheet, and a fresh start. You will be allowed to start from the beginning, but it’s not going to be difficult.

Drinking cold and crystal-clear water, you are cleansing yourself from all the past negative energy and preparing yourself for something new.

Dreaming about falling down the waterfall

A dream like this is never pleasant, whether you jumped down the waterfall by yourself or you did it by accident. And the meaning behind it is not that pleasant.

It symbolizes a lot of negative emotions that have been piling inside your heart. The act of jumping or falling by accident is just a reminder from the Universe that you need to let some of that bad energy go. You are aware of it in some cases, and you know you need to do it, while in others, you need a little push from a higher force to do it.

Dreaming about swimming in the waterfall

It’s always good to have a dream like this because it’s a sign that you are unique and not like others. You can perceive things that other people can’t, and you know how to value them and cherish them. If you are enjoying your time in a lake under a waterfall, it can mean that you will have an opportunity that no one other will see as an opportunity, and you will succeed.

If a current is included, you will have a more challenging time or an easier one in performing those ideas and opportunities depending on it.

Dreaming about going behind the waterfall

Only a few can have these dreams. We’ve mentioned that behind waterfalls are mysteries and secrets located, and not every person can access them.

If you’ve been granted to go behind a waterfall and pass through the watery curtain, you should be honored.

You will finally find your true meaning and purpose in your life, and the waterfall will introduce you to some wisdom. It will be your decision on how to handle it. You will become more spiritually aware and aware of the meaning of life.