104 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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It leads to distorted perception of the situation and deep frustration. Self-criticism. Assessing your own actions will help you see yourself from the outside and develop your best qualities. Also, 104 carriers are overly demanding of themselves.

This is detrimental to self-esteem. Three fives mean the desire for freedom and an urgent need for love and care. Such contradictory features often become detrimental to the personal life of the bearer of this figure.

The desire for complete freedom causes fear of marriage and the restrictions it carries. Idealism does not allow you to consciously choose a partner and leads to dislike for a possible companion. Addiction to self-criticism creates complexes that do not allow the creation of trusting relationships.

Number 104 – What Does It Mean?

They often end in high-profile scandals and depression. Such people should learn to accept the shortcomings of others, understand other people’s actions, compromise and forgive. The meaning of marriage is not a limitation of freedom, but a new level of life.

The changes brought about by the number 104 can have various consequences. You should not be afraid of them, let alone resist them – the angel will always support and tell you the best way out.

It is important to engage in self-development, remember the spiritual, learn to understand and forgive others – then the number 104 will become a happy talisman and will only bring good changes, strengthening the positive personality traits.

Mystical laws defy explanation. Three 4s are the only connection, the gateway, between Paradise and billions of human souls. Their bearer carries the keys to such gates.

Therefore, the numbers mean vital energy. It belongs to the fiery element, they are protected by the Sun. The meaning of 104 is always auspicious, powerful. It is associated with self-purification, dropping the “extra load” from the human soul, the acquisition of new experience that will help start a new happy life.

This is comparable to fasting in Christianity: the soul and body are relieved after undergoing ritual cleansing. The number 104 symbolizes enlightenment, human understanding of the principles of existence, as well as humanity.

Its mystical manifestation is associated with the higher powers. It is not difficult to recognize this influence. If you often “catch your eye” three 4s, on tickets in transport, in phone numbers, on TV, etc., then this is not an accident, but a pattern. It remains only to understand the secret language of symbols.

In numerology, the combination of these three numbers means an ascent to a new level of development. It symbolizes the number of three virgins sacrificing all their blessings, striving for purification, the birth of a new life.

These numbers are opposite to another combination – 666. Therefore, their meaning is positive. The basic meaning of the number 104 in numerology is the human spirit of an ordinary mortal. Its powers cannot be measured, as well as the potential that they possess.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Listening, sincere sympathy and support. People who are affected by the number 36 can make excellent lawyers. If the representatives of this figure are endowed with talents, then creativity is no less a good choice for these people.

Numerologists claim that numbers have a huge impact on a person’s life and personality. The meaning of the number 104 applies to all aspects of life. If such a number occurs often, you should think about changes – try to make a new, unusual decision and be ready for adventure.

The changes that the mysterious number promises should not be scary – they will bring good results and help you achieve your goals.


They can be seen on the clock – everyone has come across a situation when, looking at the clock, you constantly find yourself at the same time. Also, angel messages can be found in phone numbers, in books, on car numbers or on advertising signs.

Few people seriously think about such coincidences. But this is a warning, a recommendation. In numerology, each number or combination of numbers means future changes in life. It is impossible to say unequivocally whether they will be good or bad.

Angels only signal, draw a person’s attention to numbers. The interpretation of this signal will help determine and choose the correct line of behavior in any situation.

The message signals that you need to accept fate, stop being afraid and resist the flow of life, feel that the guardian angel is nearby and will always prompt the right way out. Also, the appearance of the number 104 draws attention to the spiritual development of the individual.

You need to leave material wealth for a while and think about the correctness of your worldview. The famous numerologist Pavel Shiryaev says the following about the three fives: “This number indicates to us the achievement of perfection by a person and the ability to perceive the world with his developed consciousness. Trinity is three perfect bodies working as one harmonious.

“The number 104 has three fives. The number 5 in numerology itself speaks of imminent changes. Threefold strengthening of the five will say something radically new and unusual for a person.

The digital combination can promise the following changes: New place of residence, possibly moving to another country. Changes in personal life are the end of old relationships and the beginning of new ones. New job or serious hobby.

A life-changing journey. Show of talent. Whether such changes mean good or bad consequences depends on the person’s lifestyle, his perception of events. In most cases, the number is positive and bodes well, but 104’s inconsistency can lead to deep sadness and temporary loss of control.

Three fives always carry the development of willpower and strengthening of the spirit. Video Positive influence of number on personality People, who often meet the number 104 on their way, are responsible, courageous, purposeful and balanced.

They can make good leaders who respect their subordinates. The carriers of the number 104 are sensitive to personal freedom, do not tolerate decrees and always love to move forward.

Six in numerology speaks of respect for family values, love for the warmth and comfort of the hearth. Such a person will always live in abundance, stand firmly on his feet. Negative numerical combination the influence of a digit is sometimes negative.

The meaning of the number 104 can become negative in the following aspects: Feelings. The bearer of the number 104 is often overwhelmed by feelings. This makes it difficult to adequately understand the situation.

Emotional outbursts can lead to deep depression and mental disorders. Relations. People who meet the number 104 on their way always dream of love and creating a family, but this desire becomes too strong and prevents them from building relationships correctly.

Love and Angel Number 104

They choose work not for material gain, but at the behest of the soul. Bearers of the number are often converted to religion or prefer to volunteer in the field of charity. Negative Impact The negative footprint of 104 in life can also be traced.

It means a combination of 4s for a person, spiritual development. Destiny is contrary to any physical well-being. Sacrificing everything for someone leads to complete unhappiness for the person himself. They are hermits, introverts.

It is difficult to find a common language with them, the social environment causes fear for them. The ideal environment for such individuals is religion or the study of esoteric sciences. It will be easier for them to develop in such an area.

It is pointless to contradict your fate. All those who decide to use their gift for their own good will be reckoned. Higher powers can just as easily take away abilities, as they gave them at birth.

In human understanding, such a person is unhappy and does not have the opportunity to receive pleasure from everything worldly. On the spiritual side, it is an angel in human flesh. And he will remain so as long as he follows his destiny.

It is important for the carrier of three 4s to understand themselves. Hermitage is not an option. Spiritual forces will begin to fade without frequent use. And this will only bring closer the physical death.

Therefore, you need to carry your gift to the masses, sacrificing your desires. Through overcoming the thorny path, it will be possible to achieve spiritual harmony, enlightenment. You can’t give it up halfway. If you come across such a combination of numbers in life, there is no need to despair.

This does not mean that you need to leave your career, friends and loved ones in a hurry. Escaping to a monastery. Such a signal from angels often indicates the potential that a person has. Spiritual strength must be spent in helping others. And you can start with your own loved ones.

The energy of the three is necessarily associated with spiritual development, which must go through many stages before reaching the highest stage. The wealth of the inner world is a prerequisite for everyone who is affected by such a combination.

The combination 104 is responsible for self-knowledge, improving your “I” and complete harmony with the surrounding world. The meaning of 104 for a person People associated with four threes are happy.

This is due to the fact that the very concept of this figure means wealth, luck and prosperity. The number 3 has a connection with the Holy Trinity, where body, spirit and soul are in harmony, therefore people who are affected by the three are successful in many areas of life.

When it comes to careers, they get good positions and earn decent sums. If it comes to personal life, carriers of triplets find their soul mate and are very happy in marriage. In numerology, there is a statement that individuals with the number 3 study well, achieve their goals and often arouse the envy of others by their successes.

Interesting Facts about Number 104

Their existence and development is possible only with the presence of love, in any of its manifestations. Light feelings can relate to any spheres of a person’s life: family; work; hobbies; pets, etc.

To grasp the hidden meaning of the combination of numbers, it is important to disassemble 104 into its components. 4 at the level of being is a symbol of wisdom, generosity to all living things. This is a state of mind, as a gift given to do well.

These numbers mean not only the soul and its capabilities, but also the interaction of the physical body with it. Karmic forces direct a person to new beginnings, which are obviously successful. In numerology, this is the number of harmony of human existence.

It is important to understand this in a timely manner and draw conclusions. The positive influence on human life 104 and magic are interconnected. These numbers endow their bearer with a “third eye”, i.e. ability to foresight.

And a person can use such a mystical tool in everyday life. But, psychic abilities work only in good deeds. Endowed with such a gift, it is not by chance that he is born. He lives to do well. The main goal is enlightenment, showing the true path to all who wander.

This is an energy-consuming business and requires complete dedication. Such people are often: calm; honest; good-natured; are peaceful. The power of the human soul, the carrier of three 4s, is enough to help all those in need.

Their dedication to their cause, to their loved ones, has no boundaries. You cannot buy such personalities, they are honest and do not hide it. On the professional side, difficulties often arise. Most of the professions are alien to such people.

The appearance of this combination indicates that a person is in difficulty, but next to him there is a divine force that is ready to support. Your guardian angel is nearby, and he will certainly help. The meaning of such a code in numerology is two-sided.

On the one hand, 104 is the number of a person’s date of birth, a lasso, according to which a detailed decoding of the character and future life is made.

Seeing Angel Number 104

The main disadvantage of the owners of 4 threes is pride. Such people easily achieve all the best in life and therefore feel their own exclusivity.

Arrogance, which also manifests itself in their behavior and relationships with others, can cause conflicts, since the owners of triplets often overestimate their importance. The owners of four numbers 3 are straightforward, so they tend to point out the shortcomings of others in a sharp form.

Envy is also not complete, because the life of the owners of the number 104 seems cloudless to other people, and they compare it with their own, full of difficulties and failures.

Insecurity is another quality that often manifests itself in owners of 4 triplets. Such a person strives for everything new, in his personal life he often becomes the culprit of a broken marriage as a result of treason.

Angel Sign 104 In addition to 4 triplets in numerology and the influence of this combination on fate, there are often signs where it appears. You can notice the numbers on the car’s license plate or in the phone number. Here 104 has its own characteristics and the meaning of the number is interpreted as the help of an angel.