132 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Our planet is constantly moving in accordance with its laws, and nothing happens on it just like that. The Universe very often tries to warn about a situation, warn against something or tell us about something through numbers.

Each sign has its own qualities, which are explained by numerology. Number 132 has positive and negative qualities, carries a magical meaning.

The magic number 132 brings happiness, harmony and joy to life. This successful combination of three and five gives, in aggregate, boundless space to achieve all goals and desires. In numerology, a triplet gives inspiration to a person.

Number 132 – What Does It Mean?

For the first time, numerology as a science declared itself in ancient times. Previously, numbers were not given as much attention as they are now.

They were originally used as counting goods or money. And only later was their influence on the fate of a person noticed. Special attention was paid to identical, repeating numbers. Frequently found combinations of numbers in numerology are called absolutes or ideal.

The magical properties of three triplets If the number 3 means – the spiritual principle, which guarantees the harmony of the soul and body, then three triplets, designate and symbolize the 3 times increased luck, love, pure and sincere.

In some situations, the influence of triplets can negatively affect a person. An example of this can be the predominance of such character traits as: selfishness; irascibility; inadequacy in behavior; distraction of thoughts; impermanence.

Number 132 in numerology corresponds to triple support and talent, inspires good deeds, rewards with excellent intuition. Three triplets are fraught with kindness and optimism, endow people with positive energy.

The lucky ones who often come across the combination of numbers 132 are friendly and know how to joke. They are characterized by wit. A person with knowledge in numerology understands that having met 132 on the path of life, one can be sure of successful achievements.

If we take into account the spiritual aspect of the figure, we can attribute it to the divine, since the Holy Trinity becomes its patron in life.

Numerous observations of numbers have proven that the meaning of the number 132 in numerology can be positive and negative. Positive Impact Positive characteristics of a combination of numbers 132.

People who are faced with three triplets are lucky ones who do not understand this themselves. Even an unfavorable situation is beneficial for them. If there are problems with troubles along the way, they bypass them.

Having an easy character, they forget the bad and believe in the best. A person rarely has a bad mood, he sees no point in getting upset over trifles. Happiness goes along the same road with them.

Negative Impact The number 132 also has negative characteristics. Constant success in life makes people arrogant, selfish, and unable to sympathize with someone else’s grief. Despite their reliability, people with three threes are capable of cheating. Personal well-being and happiness will come first.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Accidental rudeness, indifference, laziness and cruelty can turn away childhood friends. However, the fire that burnt in their heart allows them to quickly find other friends and a loving half.


If you notice that 132 has become too frequent in your life, be sure that you are lucky because you have been chosen and heard by God. From this moment on, happiness and good luck await you, and the Holy Trinity will become a reliable protector.

Higher powers and special patronage will help you quickly achieve your goal, life will take on new meaning. Number 132 will help you to stop being afraid for your future and the future of your children. Rest assured that from this moment you can begin planning a new successful life.

You should be attentive to all the clues of fate, because in numerology, the combination of numbers 132 or 132 can also show a negative side. With a specific request, dreams can get whatever you want. A combination of numbers can make itself felt in the form of time, car numbers, serial numbers, etc.

Think how many times in your life you have come across triplets, and what has changed in it since that moment. This will help to draw the appropriate conclusions and understand what power the numbers carry.

If you look at the meaning of the number 132 from the point of view of mysticism, we can say that in this way angels or deceased souls of loved ones give signals thanks to which failures can be avoided.

Ask yourself questions: how long will the black streak last in life, is it possible to connect life with this person or do a certain business, which means a certain event, and you will soon realize the power of digital meaning.

By taking the situation to heart, you will notice which numbers are favorable and which are unfavorable. One thing is known: numbers like 132 just don’t come across on the way. This is a warning or a sign from the angels that now, at this moment, you need to act quickly.

Without missing a chance, you will quickly achieve your goals, and problems will evaporate on their own. The angelic number, found throughout life, requires you to listen to intuition, which will convey information from the higher powers to the human mind.

The meaning of number 132 is the Holy Trinity, a magical or angelic number that guarantees happiness and good luck in life, the quick achievement of goals.

Since ancient times, the number 132 has its own symbol. It’s a square. This geometric figure shows the harmony of this figure in nature. A square has equal sides and angles – it is absolutely unchanged. Similarly, the number 132 is a symbol of conservatism in numerology. In nature, this figure is very common and has a special meaning.

There are 132 seasons, the same number of cardinal points. These phenomena have not changed since the creation of the planet. See also the meaning and influence of the number 132 in human life and numerology

The meaning of all combinations of the same and mirrored numbers on the clock in Angelic numerology the meaning on the clock of the numbers 12:21 in the numerology of Angels All this makes people whose life number is 132, very conservative.

They cannot accept those who are constantly changing, moving from one decision and lifestyle to another. For them, the main thing is their well-being, which they are ready to create constantly. People who have the number of luck and fate 132 cannot indulge in a carefree pastime.

Their main goal in life is to achieve success and provide all the necessary for their descendants. To achieve such a goal, representatives of this number are ready to devote their whole lives to work.

For representatives of this issue, work is considered suitable, which implies constancy: for them nothing can be thought of better than monotonous work. They have an extraordinary patience that others do not have.

The following professions are ideal for representatives of the number 132: analyst; banker; statistician; medic. Representatives of this figure have the makings of a leader. They can efficiently organize the work of both their own and others.

The result will be an increase in the productivity of the entire company. People with a Destiny Number 132 – Natural Born Leaders In childhood, such people are distinguished by their love of books.

They prefer quiet and peaceful leisure time rather than noisy children’s companies with catch-up games. In 1325% of cases, a phlegmatic child has a fate number of 132.

Love and Angel Number 132

Each person who has 132 in the sum of birth numbers is patronized by Rah, or Rahu. This is the lunar node, which is located on the north side. It allows people born under its influence to achieve significant success in writing or painting.

Rahu also has an adverse effect. People who were born with a destiny number of 132 have negative karma. For them, their whole life is a choice that they constantly have to make. There are several traits that will help to characterize a woman whose number in numerology is 132.

The fair sex is subject to such a quality as greed. She does not have enough money all the time, she tries to find an increasing number of part-time jobs. If this process goes far, her goal in life becomes the constant search for a source of income.

Most of the representatives of this figure do not spend the money they earn on themselves. They prefer to put aside the accumulated savings in order to spend them later for old age, but, as practice shows, even in adulthood they do not allow spending an extra penny on themselves.

Such a feeling as commercialism prompts women with a destiny number 132 to look for a husband who can bring good money to the family. Sometimes this becomes the main criterion for selecting a partner. The 132 women often fail to prioritize correctly.

For her, there is no such thing as a harmonious relationship. If a woman with a symbol 132 creates a family and has children, she will instill in them her outlook on life from an early age. She will teach them how to save money. This may slightly affect her future relationship with children – it is likely that they will not be filled with warmth and love.

Every situation that occurs on her life path will be subjected to careful analysis. This is a very good quality that is characteristic of the girl with the number 132. She does not panic at the sight of difficulties that stand in her way. Its steel rod does not suffer from the fact that a black streak can come in life.

Interesting Facts about Number 132

A man born under this number has slightly different values than a woman. For him, the main reference point in life is a large and strong family. For this, he can sacrifice everything he has, absolutely not worrying about the consequences.

He can leave a lucrative job or turn down a lucrative offer if it could harm his family. Before creating his own family nest, such a man must choose a girl with a similar position in life. He approaches this business with great responsibility and accuracy.

He understands that his choice will be fateful. For men with fate number 132, the main value is family. During the period of courting a woman, he can show that persistence that is not characteristic of any of the numbers anymore.

If he chose a life partner for himself, he will conquer her. In family life, it can be a little stubborn and somewhat despotic. He is used to the fact that everything always happens according to his plan, so he may not support his wife’s ideas, even if they are really rational. This can create certain difficulties in living together with a 132-man.

The woman who will become his wife may no longer worry about any problems. Her chosen one will never allow his wife to dive into them.

He will always solve everything in the shortest possible time. You can rely on him in any matter that requires a strong-willed decision.

Video People who have a patron number of 132 are not always easy to communicate, but they also have positive qualities that make them valuable partners.

Seeing Angel Number 132

It helps to develop both spiritually and creatively. With the help of the troika, a person can achieve their goals in the chosen profession, as well as show diplomatic qualities, thanks to which it is possible to solve the most difficult and controversial issues.

Thanks to the number 3, a person gains self-confidence and self-confidence. In different situations, he will rely only on himself, listening to reason and intuition. In the Orthodox calendar, 3 denotes the divine holiday – Trinity.

The meaning and influence of the number 132 in human life and numerology The meaning of all combinations of the same and mirrored numbers on the clock in Angelic numerology The number five out of 132 carries freedom of choice, which does not depend on pressure from the outside and the circumstances that have arisen.

Luck, happy accidents, good opportunities, joy – all this is included in the limitless number 5. The magic number five is a sign of human activity, spiritual development, and personal development, improvement of living conditions, as well as resourcefulness and enterprise.

The numerological symbol can be described in a few words: the desire for adventure and travel, opportunities for career and spiritual growth, the desire to improve human qualities. Sum of Digits If you add up the digits in the number 132, the total is eight.

This figure introduces extraordinary fluctuations in the overall combination of numbers. In a person’s life, a common sign indicates that the time has come to put everything in its place and think about what you want from life.

You need to change your views or understand yourself and your feelings. 132 is the Milky Way, which after a while will lead to the most desirable and mysterious. The magical protection of the number will attract only positive changes into your life.

Such changes in life should not be alienated from oneself, they must be accepted.