1040 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angel number 1040 represents the divine processes and mechanisms that will lead you to awaken and develop the spiritual, mental, human and emotional aspects of your being.

Number 1040 – What Does It Mean?

Angel number 1040 represents the part of the spiritual theory that must be studied and combined with the practice of the teachings, making you evolve and expand your perception of the spiritual and material reality.

Angel Number 1040 comes to reveal to you that everything in the higher planes, including its process of awakening and improvement, respects a schedule, an organization and a perfectly determined time and goals.

Chance does not exist, since each detail is perfectly orchestrated in the invisible dimension to manifest itself in the visible.

It also means the divine potential that each new attitude, learning, choice and course will offer you.

It means that each new cycle of learning will offer you new and beautiful experiences, teaching you how to surrender to that divine current that calls you and no longer getting stuck with the forces of fear at the edges of this wonderful river.

Fear is an emotion that can only be overcome through study, knowledge, curiosity, personal experiences that develop spiritual discernment, and through living with powerful friend’s angels.

Remember that high moral values ​​and upright conduct will offer you the shield of protection against inferior forces that insist on wanting to keep you immobilized in their webs of anxiety, weakness and sameness.

You have a light in your spirit that needs to find the window to the outside world.

Find a place to study, practice and work for your spiritual development and spiritual gifts (mediumship), allowing your windows to be opened and all your qualities still in the form of seeds, to generate peace, tranquility, wisdom and a full life in all senses.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 1040 appears to invite you and encourage you to take the first step towards spiritual / mental study and improvement, ensuring that the angels and spiritual mentors will be with you throughout this process.

Know that you came to Earth for this, and that is why you are being “remembered” at this time in your life.

Angel Number 1040 inspires you to remain positive and optimistic, as you now know that angels and benefactors take care of every detail of your current life, towards the development of your spiritual perception and intelligence.

Enter as in a university, knowing that it takes a lot of effort and study to obtain the diploma of the spirit in a state of peace, harmony, serenity, capacity and readiness to help those who life gives you the opportunity.

Go in peace and decide with faith, knowing that every process has the difficulty of the beginning, the effort of the middle and the joy and satisfaction of reaching the end.


Love and Angel Number 1040

Feeling afraid of the changes that imply a breakup of a couple, or the rejection that can be assumed is also normal.

In fact, if you find it difficult to contact that emotion throughout the process, it is probably because you have little permission and are blocking it. It usually feels at the body level.

Like rage, in the case of fear, it can also be experienced in different ways depending on the context of the separation either in cases of breaking up of a couple with children or working in the same place.

Uncertainty about the new situation may lead to a greater sense of fear over the loss of the relationship and everything that surrounds it.

There are different ways of managing fear but from here we encourage you to choose all those that go in the direction of feeling clothed and accompanied by people who love you.

Talk to your immediate environment about the new situation and allow yourself to enter what you fear of change. For this it is very important that, if it occurs, stop any comments that devalue your emotion, even if it is well-intentioned.

Something that is very beneficial for fear management is sports practice, so if you are one of the people who do sports it will be important that you can look for moments to dedicate yourself to it, and if you have not yet discovered any that you like, you We encourage you to look and get in shape while having a good time.

Finally, sadness is the emotion we most often identify with ruptures because it is the emotion of loss. It is usually expressed through crying.

If you have difficulty in contacting with crying, it is often because socially we have been poorly informed of what the normal process of crying is.

When we cry, we usually notice certain sensations before the tears begin to sprout and will gradually increase in intensity until we reach a maximum peak after which the crying ceases.

Problems in managing sadness often come when we block the crying curve before completing it, which prevents us from expressing sadness completely

Look for trustworthy people, who love you and with whom you can cry without being told to stop and without feeling judged. Do not let them tell you not to cry, to change the subject or to reduce your pain for not knowing how to sustain their anguish of seeing you cry.

It is important to know that we will not only feel sadness in the face of a breakup of a couple, nor will we always cry because we are sad. Sometimes anger, fear, joy, love or power are also expressed with tears.

For all the internal process that occurs after the breakup of the relationship, it is important to do it with the accompaniment of people you can trust and support.

It is very common to believe that we will do better alone, but it is not so because our emotional system needs the “other” to heal the wounds of a break.

All of the above allows us to be able to forgive your ex. If you have achieved a good emotional cleansing it will not matter if it has been a breakup of a couple by third parties, for not having children, for distance, for economic problems or for whatever.

If you have doubts and desire to claim the damages suffered throughout the relationship or break up, it is probably because you still have emotions to express. Get with it to move forward with the process.

Yes, the title is fine, in the first person because it is time to make it yours, that you do a review of what YES gave you, of the good times, of the support and love that no doubt had to exist for you to be together . Review and thank you for everything you have lived with that person who is no longer in your life.

After the whole process it will be time to find a partner and be able to start a new relationship without dragging the wounds of the previous one.

Interesting Facts about Number 1040

Forty is an important symbolic number in the Bible. 40 years the journey of the Jews in the desert lasted; as many were the years of David’s reign.

It was also the sign of maturity. From this number the life of Moses was marked, according to Stephen’s speech, in Acts (7, 17-43): at the age of 40 he descends among his slave brothers in Egypt; for 40 years he leads the people across the desert; finally, after another 40 years, he goes up to Nebo to finally see the land promised by God, there – at 120 years – he dies and is buried.

Finally, in the image of the 40 years in the desert, Jesus spends 40 days in fasting, to fight and overcome the Evil One. Lent also draws its meaning from the number “forty”: the 40 days that they walk and prepare for Easter become a personal itinerary and an ecclesial path of a penitential nature.

The 40 years of the people of God teach us to remake history, to resume our journey, imitating the experience of the people of God in the desert. It is a path that leads to a personal rediscovery of faith, of the face of God.

In the desert Israel discovered the God of the covenant, but also the God of demanding freedom, the patient and merciful God, but also the Lord who made them to walk. Especially the close God.

It is also the first announcement that Jesus makes: The kingdom of God is near, convert and believe.

From that moment on, he made a series of gestures that show the Lord’s mercy concrete and close: he touches the sick and lepers, takes them by the hand, looks with affection, calls and let’s himself be touched, caressed and perfumed.

It is the near God who lets himself be approached. The God who is within us, in our heart.

Contact with the Word of the Gospel, proposed with abundance in this time, becomes the first instrument that the Church offers us for a thought faith.

Compared with our experience, able to always rediscover the hidden face of Christ and the Father.

It is important to approach the word of the scriptures and listen, make ourselves available so that the Lord can work within us and change us, so that he can show us his “true” face, not the one created by our fantasies or our temporary fears and sufferings.

Seeing Angel Number 1040

After seeing the angel number 1040, the angels ask you to be aware of the signs, coincidences, synchronicities, messages in dreams, meeting people and repeated orientations (when 1 or more people say the same thing or about the same point, be it a book, a course, a religious denomination to visit), because your path and the right place for you to develop will be revealed to you through signs like these.