1042 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angel Number 1042 brings a powerful message regarding your spiritual walk and the practice of everything you have been learning along your journey of spiritual and religious awakening.

Number 1042 – What Does It Mean?

Angel number 1042 has to do with the strengthening of its moral values ​​(conduct) and the formation of new habits, practices, customs (divine personality – Higher Self) in favor of a more harmonious life, contributing to humanity with values ​​closer to divine values, the result of daily and constant practice of the principles that govern the laws of love of neighbor, integrity, kindness and charity.

Angel Number 1042 is related to the powerful Archangels, mainly to Archangel Michael, responsible for the Spiritual Orientation of this New Age of wisdom and peace in which, by God’s will, the world is being guided.

The powerful Archangel Michael works intensely in favor of illuminating the divine and human qualities of each individual, drawing your attention and making yourself accessible to you in the most diverse ways and means, awakening and revealing the real purpose for your life and encouraging you to fulfill your task of purifying yourself spiritually.

It manifests itself now in your life knowing that the ideal moment has come, knowing that you are ready for this revelation and for the new teachings that will be transmitted to you through intuition, which will gradually dissipate the forces of spiritual equality.

The light that you emit through your right actions (justice) will be responsible for dispelling the darkness that exists within and around you. Remember that your light was not made to shine alone, but to illuminate as many people as you can.

Archangel Michael, at the service of Christ, leading a multitude of spiritual workers / angels, flood the Earth with his presence in this moment of planetary transition, in order to assist and continue the inner reform of each individual who, like you, has accepted his superior mission.

Their spiritual gifts must become like a source of water, which, when properly connected to the source (God), will be able to distribute living water to all those who are thirsty for love and truth.

You become the instrument, the mediator, the channel, the prophet, the medium of these divine energies, empowered with the skills to capture from the heavens and distribute to the brothers of the world.

This is the New Age, where thousands of individuals are being awakened to dedicate themselves, understand and live these new possibilities and human / spiritual potentials, consequently practicing more and truer love in their daily attitudes. True wisdom lies in practicing!

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Only love has the power to change the world. Only when we act with patience, tolerance, benevolence, sweetness, integrity, honesty, sincerity, compassion, moral charity, respecting the time and space that others need to develop will we gradually build the new land.

Angel Number 1042 also congratulates you for your efforts and transmits the strength and confidence that you will continue to act progressively and constantly towards the divine aspects of your being.

Encouraging you to disconnect from the outside world of distractions and illusions, to focus on discovering your beautiful inner world, so in need have care and attention.

“Blessed” can also be called one who has the courage to travel within himself, overcoming fears and illuminating new possibilities, and finally living intensely this divine adventure of love, rekindles and miracles you were destined for.

Love and Angel Number 1042

Beyond the most basic material needs there are many others that, at one point, can cause discomfort if they are not satisfied.


This emptiness could resemble it with the shape of a deep black hole located in our stomach or chest. We could feel it the same as when we look at a well and see only darkness and we are not able to see the bottom.

It is a vacuum that becomes a very painful sensation and a great feeling of loneliness, and you feel that there is something you need to feel complete, but that you may not know what it is, and that something is a need for love and approval.

On the other hand, one of the most harmful aspects of this situation is the difficulties it generates when identifying the cause of the discomfort. Not knowing where to direct our efforts to make the situation better may turn this experience into something that produces despair and restlessness.

Many people fight this void in different ways thinking that they can be completed.

Some begin to exercise excessively, others increase their alcohol consumption, some people find themselves spending more hours than normal at work; some are crammed with food and others begin to have a lot of sexual relations, in search of finding that person who can fill that emotional emptiness he feels and that another person has left.

This last behavior would mention the popular saying that we all know of “a nail takes out another nail”.

Fill the void I feel. It is true that these resources that one takes help you control that feeling momentarily, as well as anxiety and nervousness, but what is the reality? That emptiness continues to be within us and if we don’t work it in time it can complicate our day to day.

It must be assumed that much of the emotional emptiness comes from poor attention management.

The fact of believing that nothing that is done is significant comes from excessive distancing from life itself, as if what happens to us happens in a documentary.

What I do is anesthetize this feeling when I connect with it. Imagine an inflatable mattress that has been punctured, what we do is fix it with a patch knowing that this quick solution will only last for a while and then, possibly, this patch will take off and finally we will have to buy another new mattress.

That is, I try to put different patches on my black hole to plug it, but the result is that I get back to the starting point.

Psychological problems must be solved from their roots, taking into account those dynamics that produce them.

It is not enough to simply carry out initiatives based on reflection and introspection.

Interesting Facts about Number 1042

Planning, discipline, account keeping, scheduling deadlines, excellent organization power, methodical work and persistence are the basic attributes attributed to the symbolism of number 1042.

In it, we see the constructiveness and desire to organize life so that even the smallest trifles find their deserved place in everyday chaos.

If a double is a number that makes up two and two, then the 1042 can rightly be said to serve to organize them so that they look like the perfect whole.

The 1042 makes all sense (usually the material one), it applies to the pillar of every society because no detail can be missed by its analytical eye.

If that happens, she is ready to roll up her sleeves and investigate herself where something is stuck, so it is irreplaceable in almost every business.

That is why it is good to sort everything alphabetically, put a label as a reminder that something needs to be done within the right time, emphasize to your business environment that everyone in the system must function as a perfect mechanism.

Although this leads many of her associates to madness, the 1042 know that clearly defined and established rules are the best indicator of the success of both the collective and the individual.

Seeing Angel Number 1042

While it may at times seem like an overly rigid, burdensome, and anxious person, the fact is that everything the 1042 do – works precisely for the best intention of helping and to make the world a safer and safer place.

According to the 1042, this is best achieved through responsible behavior, hard work and organization.