1043 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angel Number 1043 brings a powerful message that there is no development without compromise, constancy in attitudes and an effective method of development (process).

Number 1043 – What Does It Mean?

Angel Number 1043 appears in your attention to guide you to sources of teaching and spiritual / spiritualist principles that will help to form your new human consciousness. Accept the new in your life.

The number 4 represents the divine and human processes, the time in your favor, the daily attitudes that, however small, carry the power to change your life.

Practice seeing everything you do from the perspective of results that are developed in the long run. Learn to respect and understand (patience) these processes, not letting the virus of immediacy stifle your actions.

Remember that “small daily improvements are better than having no improvement”.

Number 3 represents the development of your Spirit, mind and physical body (instrument) triangle, and the search for the laborious balance of these 3 faces when in the middle of life on earth.

And stop fantasizing about coming back … it’s a thought that will leave you with the Duel stopped while you have it and can lead you to not overcome the break.

Later or even on par, there is usually a process of rationalization in which we will try to explain to ourselves the reason for the rupture.

In the case of being the person who decides to break, it is very likely that this process you have been preparing before communicating it to the couple, and instead the person who receives the news will have to start preparing it from that moment.

But not everything is to understand it, the key to overcoming any break is the expression of the associated emotions. Normally throughout the grieving process we will feel Rage, Fear and Sadness.

The most frequent mistakes when faced with a love breakup occur as a result of reacting to what we feel. It is very common to look guilty because this is “easier” than to accept that the couple has broken, or that they have stopped loving us.

It is a very common process but it is toxic because it prevents us from taking our share of responsibility in what happened and puts us in victims.

So, now that you are looking for information to stop feeling bad, I encourage you to focus on you, in your part of responsibility to be able to do so, to become masters of your emotions.

That said, the best thing you can do is to put yourself into action, that is, take an active attitude and let yourself feel. Try not to do “as if nothing” because by blocking and anesthetizing your emotions you will be worsening your emotional system.

Normally when we avoid feeling emotions it is because in our environment it was not well seen to express them.


As a first step to be able to incorporate permission to feel and express them, we will establish the frame of reference for an adequate and healthy emotional expression.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Angel Number 1043 is a message of support and recognition to you who have been seeking to discover your talents with such determination. Through this message, the angels transmit all their love, calming their hearts.

Search for courses, lectures, spiritual practices, exercises (spiritual, mental and physical) that continue to fuel this development.

Also understand that everything in life respects a growth process, and that the more disciplined, constant in your attitudes and integral in your feelings, the clearer your development will be, as well as the spiritual results / phenomena, abundance of positive feelings and the success in any plan or idea.

Angel number 1043 finally encourages you to continue acting in that direction until you are able to perceive, understand and love the process of awakening your divine consciousness and reconstructing your way of seeing and living / responding to life’s situations. God loves you and accompanies you at every step, always remember that.

Love and Angel Number 1043

It is likely that if you are reading this post it is because you have experienced a couple breakup and that, seeing that you continue to feel bad, you have begun to look for information to know what to do. From here congratulations, because you are on the road to relieve the pain you now feel.

When a relationship ends, whatever the type, it involves a grieving process that will be very different depending on the context of the break…

The stages of Duel due to a breakup of a couple will be common but there will be different elements that will influence the whole process, making it unique.

For example, if it is a breakup of a couple by third parties, if it is I who breaks, or who leaves, the duration of the relationship, how intense I feel the relationship, if we have children in common … These are just a few of the characteristics that will influence the grieving process of each person.

When we feel “as if we continue with the relationship” (although we are no longer together) we are in the stage of denial. Of course, for the process of overcoming the denial stage it will be very different depending on the characteristics of the break … Depending on who has decided to break it will lead to a very different process.

To address the denial, whenever possible, it is better to break contact with your ex-partner, it will be the first step to avoid entering a chronic Duel.

Forget about being friends for at least the next 3 years, because it is very likely that one of the people does not really want to be “just friends.”

It is true that there are cases in which it is impossible to stop seeing an ex-partner, either because they have children in common, property or work in the same place. If this is your case, try to avoid talking about the relationship, the reproaches or anything that is not exclusively the reason for maintaining contact.

The first thing is that you take some time for yourself. Try to elaborate on what the relationship consisted of trying not to get caught in finding guilty because this will not improve your internal feelings.

It can also be positive to change some elements, such as removing photos from the couple or saving especially symbolic objects.

On the one hand due to the fact that they are no longer present and in sight, and on the other because while you are picking up, pulling and checking, an internal process will take place that will help you overcome the denial phase.

Interesting Facts about Number 1043

As a result of history, incalculable legends and mythological fulfillment have been linked to the meaning of the number 1043 with different qualities such as stability and happiness, but there is something that really characterizes this figure, this is the suggestion. Why don’t you keep up to date with the intuition about the work of four today?

It is one of the most ancient amulets of humankind and its fame has spread across all cultures, regardless of the premonitions of each of them. The difficulty of finding a 4-hour tree is quite high, and the 3-day tree is the most common species.

The number 1043 is the most perfect of the numbers being the root of the other numbers and all things. It represents the first mathematical power, and the generating virtue from which all combinations derive. Number four is the emblem of motion and infinity.

The first to give importance to numbers in this respect was Pythagoras. It was from him that the “vibration” was associated with numbers.

For the Pythagoreans the numerical principle was of fundamental importance because according to them, according to them, the totality of the objective world proceeded.

They claimed that everything is arranged according to the law of numbers. For them, the Number was the origin of all things and of the harmony that holds the Universe.

In the Bible the four accompanies names and structures: the first family is made up of Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel. Eden is enclosed by four rivers (Pison, Ghicon, Tigris and Euphrates).

In the Apocalypse the four knights appear associated with the four cardinal points from which the four scourges come.

Seeing Angel Number 1043

Angel number 1043 congratulates you for all your efforts to date, and encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and into new possibilities.

It asks you not to settle for what you have already discovered, but to go in search of new practices and spiritual courses (EAE) that help you to identify and restore what is good in you, as well as understand what is bad for you.

Thus dispel those errors that harm you and prevent you from living your true potential.