1045 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angel Number 1045 is the angel that descends from heaven bringing you spiritual relief and the reward for your dedication and effort in improving yourself as a human being.

Number 1045 – What Does It Mean?

The number 4 represents the legion of angels who look after your evolutionary process and every spiritual and material detail of your enlightenment journey.

Know that when you dedicate yourself and strive to tame your bad tendencies, despite still often failing, a legion of workers is attracted to you, motivating and witnessing with joy your renewal effort.

Without change there is no new. Let go of what you thought your whole life was and dedicate yourself to the process of awareness of your current state, and your spiritual and human potentials. This is not the time to regret what has been or could have been.

The time has come for change, and your angels manifest themselves in your life, driving away negative spirits that try to prevent you from feeling true happiness, peace and serenity.

These spirits work in a thorough way, developing and awakening limiting feelings such as shame, embarrassment, inferiority complexes, anti-social thoughts and feelings.

Learn to notice this degrading presence, and Pray to God and the angels that they will come to your protection when you are compelled by those forces that make you experience what is bad and negative.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Angel Number 1045 manifests itself by repelling these forces so that you again have moments of peace and mental clarity about your purpose and your obligations.

Use that precious time wisely, apply it to uplifting readings, positive actions, searching for content that adds something positive and prepares you to combat these invisible influences when necessary.

When you are ignorant of the existence and functioning of these forces, the process of influencing your thoughts, feelings and actions (obsession) will be easy.

Take advantage of this time of peace given by God to delve into subjects such as “obsessive processes”, “spiritual attacks”, “physical reactions of spiritual attacks”, “How the lower spirits act in our daily lives”, “spiritual influences”.

Try to understand how these forces act in people’s lives and in their lives, and learn the techniques to defend themselves from these harmful attacks.

We are with you, little by little revealed the paths that will lead you to become a true man and woman of light.

Love and Angel Number 1045

A sentimental breakdown resembles a duel, because it is still a loss, you lose your partner, you lose a way of life and a part of yourself. No one can initiate a grieving process if they do not accept the situation before.

Break the link as soon as possible, only then can you disengage from that relationship. When something ends, it ends and it is no use staying there.


Accept that it is over and do not gloat in suffering. Do not torture yourself thinking about the same thing over and over again, that will not return your past, it will only bind you to it.

How to overcome the sadness of a sentimental breakup from here begins a ferries wheel of emotions, you will go up and down, you will have good days and very bad days.

Do not look for explanations, you are in a ferries wheel and it will take a while to get off. Nothing happens to cry, nothing happens to be sad, it is normal and part of the process. It seems that, today, it is bad sight to cry or have a bad time. Sadness is one more emotion and has the same right to exist as joy.

It is not bad to mourn a loss, it is what it touches. All you cry now is suffering that you will save later. Everything that goes outside doesn’t stay.

Do physical exercise, it is the best natural antidepressant. Eat well, sleep well. Although sometimes it is not so easy, at least try, fix and take care of your personal image. The time has come to pamper yourself. Looking good physically will help you psychologically too.

All these behaviors are only going to give you a second high but then you will be regretting the rest of the week. It is not worth it and it is of no use. As I said before, grief has to cry, there are no shortcuts.

It is one of the most common mistakes, controlling and harassing an ex. He no longer owes you explanations of anything and can go with whoever he wants.

Do not control, you will only get hurt and maybe a complaint. If it’s the other way around and your ex harasses you, don’t hesitate to report it.

It is time to recover those careless friendships and to get closer to the family that supports you. You have to get distracted and not spend too much time alone.

Talk to others with help and do not hesitate to seek professional help. Couple therapy more and more people come to therapy to overcome a break and they all say the same thing: if I get to know it, I come sooner.

Interesting Facts about Number 1045

The four-armed cross that connects the Earth to Heaven is an expression of eternity, the INRI writing is four-lettered

Masonic symbolism is present in all esoteric and religious traditions as the custodian of ancestral universal knowledge handed down from time immemorial…

So it is with a flag, its colors and coat of arms that awaken an identical patriotic feeling, thought and will, on those who are akin to the meaning of that flag.

So it is with the Cross for the Christian, the Team and the Compass for the Mason and the Swastika for the Buddhist, the Thyrsus of the Hermeticists or the PaKua of the Far East.

But the quaternary is connected to the 4 evangelists, in the human body to the 4 limbs , at the 4 seasons, and it is the number of the 4 sacred letters of the name of God YOD HE VAU HE (“I am who I am”), even if there is a fifth letter whose knowledge is reserved for a few.

I also remember the sacred geometry of the square present as we know in the checkered floor. An open cube forms a perfect cross.

Each number 3 is linked to the creative principle of life, to openness to the outside and to every movement of change and evolution.

The three goes beyond the dualism of the number two and the sterility of the UNO, it is therefore a turning point that reconciles opposites, allows overcoming a block, developing a situation and a phase of creativity.

Dreaming about TRE thus alludes to the infinite possibilities of life, it is a promise of novelty and of hopes and qualities that can emerge in the dreamer’s life.

However, virtuosity, talent or abilities are very close to perfection. What are we talking about? We talk about good self-esteem in which you are able to recognize your strengths and bring them to light, to use them and become more powerful with them.

At work and in your personal life the number 10 brings you a little closer to happiness.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of dreaming about the number 10 is that it also reflects new opportunities and new beginnings.

Are you thinking about changing jobs? Are you thinking of leaving everything and starting over? Are you thinking of taking a trip or traveling the world?

All those ideas that seem crazy stop being so crazy to become a real opportunity if they come hand in hand with the number 10.

Seeing Angel Number 1045

After seeing angel number 1045, understanding these processes will make you more aware and prepared to carry out the necessary defenses.

Know that if you have not yet developed control of your emotions, actions and especially thoughts (where everything starts), you will always be a plaything of forces that you still don’t understand.