1104 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angel number 1104 is an important message regarding the changes that are necessary in your life right now, so that you finally achieve your dreams and / or goals.

Number 1104 – What Does It Mean?

Seek silence and connection with your guardian angel, learn to listen to your intuition so that you can identify whether the necessary changes are internal or external.

Rest assured that they will result in new and auspicious opportunities to improve and enrich your life in every way.

Feel inspired to embrace the new opportunities that appear in your life right now, as they are like a gift from the universe for a long time being guards waiting for the ideal moment.

Make the most of them, as they carry great benefit for you and others.

Angel number 1104 also comes to remind you of the importance of controlling your mind in the process of exchanging with spirituality and building the life you desire.

1104 tells you to keep your mental focus only on what is good and what you really want to experience in your life (results and situations), because when thoughts of any negative origin (fear, uncertainty, anger, non-conformity, doubt, intolerance, impatience , etc.) try to influence us, end up unbalancing our projects.

Always be attentive and vigilant to your thoughts because they carry part of your creative force, blur of negative thoughts that may arise due to the situations and / or attitude of the people around you, always redirecting them in the desired direction.

Practice meditation to assist you in this process and take control of your own mind. Remember that the more time you spend thinking about something negative, the more time you need to focus on something positive for the negative to lose intensity.

In the same way that when we think something positive for a long time, even if something negative arises or is suggested to us by someone, it will not have the necessary strength to overcome the ideal state of positivity, peace and certainty.

Take control of your own life, follow with humility and do things your own way, respect your time, your individuality, your limit and make positive choices and changes that suit what you really want in your life.

Remember that to have different results, different attitudes are necessary. Stay positive and optimistic about these changes and have faith that in time everything will make more sense.

Remember that your thoughts, words and actions influence the results of everything that happens in your life, so maintain a positive attitude and use positive affirmations to ensure that only the best really become part of your reality.

In short, angel number 1104 symbolizes: changes in life, changing negative thinking patterns in positive, self-awareness, belief in your intuitions and spiritual awakening.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Angel Number 1104 encourages you to take the time to meditate, pray and focus on developing your spiritual interests and practices.


Angel Number 1104 comes to whisper to you that when we set aside time for silence and introspection, we are able to hear the voice of our intuition, always revealing ourselves in relation to the next steps to be taken towards fulfilling our life mission and soul.

Know that your life purpose is fully supported by the Universe right now, and Angel number 1104 tells you that you do not have to worry about your current financial resources and / or any material aspects of your life, because by serving your soul mission with dedication you win the unconditional support of the Universe.

Remember that God will always provide, in his time, everything necessary for you to continue walking smoothly.

Calm any unbridled desire and practice gratitude for everything you already have. Increase your state of “presence” in the here and now, resolve internal issues through forgiveness and reform of attitudes, and seek to feel the love of God and the universe in these moments of introspection. The more we retire, the more we feel.

The great secret of the number 1104 is to do the best you can with the conditions you have at that moment of your journey, seeking to see perfection in the adversities and proving your determination in the difficulties, thus becoming worthy of better conditions that will be offered to you soon, so that you can do even better.

Focusing on the spiritual aspect of your commitments is the key to lessening your material concerns. Everything we focus on will inevitably grow, whether positive or negative.

Angel Number 1104 also encourages you to seek stability and balance between your family life and your professional career.

Use your time and energy wisely. Seek opportunities to enjoy the company of friends and loved ones, always involving the important people in your life, staying present (calm mind and focused on the moment, heart at peace), transmitting your love, care and distributing the energy of attention to everyone That you love.

Try to relate to people with spiritual purposes and interests similar to yours, enjoying more authentic and deeper conversations and connections, allowing your conscience to expand and your divine spirit to be nourished through the exchange of positive energies.

The number 1104 is the combination of the energies and attributes of number 1 and number 6 both appearing twice, expanding their influences.

Number 1 refers to sensitivity, kindness, kindness, empathy, skill and stability, relationships and partnerships, attention to details, inner wisdom and intuition, vision, faith and confidence in your divine path, life mission and soul purpose.

The number 4 resonates with the love of home and family, care and domesticity, service to others, disinterest, responsibility, reliability, providing you and others.

Number 4 also relates to your willpower, grace, gratitude, overcoming obstacles, courage, problem solving and the search for solutions.

Love and Angel Number 1104

Trust in this loving and caring “Father” who holds you by the hand with each step of this new journey, but who also disciplines you when necessary.

Also ask yourself what gifts you have to share with the world and how to fulfill this internal call.

Remember that you are never alone and that angels, through numbers, assist and guide you in the development of your spiritual perception, which over time and with practice, will reveal your higher truth to you.

Angels are even more present at this important moment in your life, and they transmit all your love to you!

Remember that to evolve spiritually, it is necessary to leave behind everything that no longer serves us.

Only in this way do we allow new skills and talents to be awakened and developed. Allow your unique inner light to shine brightly and illuminate the lives of many!

Purify yourself! These talents and spiritual abilities, when developed enough to be shared with humanity, will bring you great personal satisfaction and happiness, as well as abundance in all sectors of your life (Divine, family, professional, personal, etc.).

Know that any and all defects can be improved, just your own dedication and will, thus allowing the Angels to pour divine grace on you, which is essential for your true purification, both spiritual and energetic.

Remember that it is important to become worthy of divine mercy, which is measured according to your dedication, humility, self-effort and work for good.

Do not label yourself or identify with the “things” you have or will acquire, or with other people’s positions or statements about you, as they end up defining who you are. You are more important than a label, position or object.

Remember that your mission is to become an enlightened, conscious and loving spiritual being.

Always seek to improve morally, defect to defect, and dedicate yourself to your connection with God and with your divine purpose.

Interesting Facts about Number 1104

Angel Number 1104 encourages you to explore the many aspects of yourself with curiosity instead of judgment, always seeking to become more aware of yourself every day, of your defects and especially of your unique qualities.

“Know yourself”, this is one of the great secrets for you to reach your precious spiritual freedom, allowing yourself with the divine help to loosen the bonds that immobilize you and hold you to the material / material life of your being.

Once you practice and develop the ability to self-analyze, identifying your thoughts, feelings and attitudes, and then comparing them with the law of Love and charity revealed by the master, you begin to become aware of its real qualities, such as also of its weaknesses that need to be improved.

This honest, clear and loving view of yourself is essential if you are to develop new spiritual skills that are still within you, dormant in potential form.

This search will also deepen the connection you have with yourself in all aspects of your being, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, transforming you into a person with a more serene, peaceful and pleasant personality.

Know that the more you experience your divine potential, the more love for you will emerge from within.

Ask yourself what is really necessary and vital for your well-being at this point in your life.

Seeing Angel Number 1104

When you decide to surrender to your higher purpose, each new day will bring you revelations about the steps to be followed, the new paths and the extraordinary possibilities that await you as a spiritual being on a physical journey.