1105 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angel number 1105 is a message of love and harmony, and represents the search for the balance between your thoughts, feelings, physical aspects (health) and spiritual gifts (per spiritual) for the benefit of humanity.

Number 1105 – What Does It Mean?

Angel Number 1105 tells you to be more diligent in maintaining these 5 fundamental aspects of your being – spirit, mind and body, and adds to your triangle the fundamental aspect of emotions and feelings.

Emotions and feelings are often responsible for generating healing (your own and / or the neighbor’s), when they are positive and aligned with the fundamental Spiritual Laws, as well as they can contaminate and make you sick, when they are negative and out of alignment with the principles of love and charity.

See your “I” as a sky, where white clouds envelop you when you feed positive thoughts and feelings, but dark, contaminated clouds are formed and envelop you when you feed negative thoughts and feelings.

Negativity, anger, intolerance, ignorance of the Laws of God (spiritual laws that govern the Earth Project), moral weakness, addictions, judging and condemning the attitudes and choices of others, character flaws, irritation, individualism, vanity, lack of empathy, selfishness, anxiety, exacerbated intellectualism etc. are all factors that contribute to the negativism.

That prevails like storm clouds, forming layers so thick and dark around its magnetic field, that its perception and spiritual sensitivity are nullified, just as an electricity cable is isolated from its external environment by a layer of plastic.

Break these barriers by practicing the love that is reflected in loyalty, honesty, compassion, forgiveness and neighborly attitudes, benevolence, patience in relation to others’ attitudes, gratitude, generosity, calm, tranquility of attitudes and words, in wisdom.

in Mighty moral, spiritual and material Charity and in the search for the understanding of the divine Laws, and watch powerful feelings flow from your being like rays of sun that pass through the thick clouds of the storm that is over. Develop the good within you, and watch the evil fade.

Number 5 relates to your Inner God, to your unique spiritual abilities that you need to develop to achieve your balance and thus really help humanity in this very important moment of transition and spiritual regeneration that we are experiencing.

The gifts of his spirit will manifest the more he is purified, the greater his change in attitudes, the more he sanctifies himself.

The number 1 expresses your power to choose, the will to change internally, progress, the beginning, the decision to start, the will to follow a new path, a new life, to fulfill your higher calling, a new history , the will to love and be loved, to help and be helped, to inspire, to heal, to work actively for a better world for you and for the other, for a humanity more connected with this powerful feeling you have already can experience within you.

Angel Number 1105 proves to you that the angels, the faithful messengers of God, are at your side at this moment awakening that flame of love within your being, inspiring higher teachings, corrections and training, tuning your moral values, your conduct, your character, their attitudes, feelings and thoughts.

Empowering you and aligning your whole Being with the basic foundations of knowledge and practices so that you become an enlightened being and connected with universal love.

The number 5 also represents Christian love, expressed through the teachings and spiritual examples left by Yeshua (Jesus Christ).

Angel number 1105 invites you to know and to deepen in the teachings left by Yeshua Jesus that carry the potential to greatly increase your capacity to love your neighbor.


Seek these teachings, also seek through prayer for communion with these spiritual workers.

Spiritual Mentor) who is ready to distribute and teach these important teachings, and see for yourself that Yeshua Jesus is actively acting in this crucial moment of humanity through legions of invisible workers, already responsible for the salvation, healing and guidance of thousands of souls, revealing to everyone their true spiritual authority. Yeshua is alive in spirit, in love and in charity.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

I dare, Holy, Holy, God Almighty, who was, and is, and will come. Jesus sends his angels illuminated with love and compassion to touch your heart on that special day. God has been following your steps for a long time and it is finally time for Him to reveal Himself to you with power and glory.

The angels know and lived with you intensely the last years of your life, programming in a detailed and unique way this contact that takes place through your soul.

Divine soul that needs to be purified with the love of God that is being poured into the present humanity through the true followers of Jesus Christ.

The time has come for you to also understand and experience the teachings of Christ, his spiritual support given through the angels, and the spiritual enlightenment led by the Holy Spirit.

Spill your life and give yourself to that magnificent call, asking Jesus to come into your life and guide you on the best path to follow. You need to start your process of intimate reform, improving your human, psychological, energetic and spiritual characteristics.

Angel Number 1105 comes as a divine breath revealing to you that it is only through contact with the Holy Spirit that you will finally be able to effect the changes that you have long dreamed of, and finally live the spiritual truths that are still just theory.

Ask, seek, and claim. Do not let this revelation opportunity pass by as if it were something common, because it is not.

Opportunities pass and if we don’t embrace it at the right time, we may never return in the same way, at the perfect and divinely planned moment as it is now.

The time has come to improve, to train, to understand and then to believe, that God is indeed wonderful in everything he does, and that Yeshua Jesus is the spirit that humanized God in all his attitudes, and that continues his purification project for each of those who decide to follow this path, and place themselves under their protection.

Love and Angel Number 1105

Respect God’s time for your spiritual development process, a time that manifests itself in a calm and constant rhythm, with gradual and progressive revelations for those who set out on their way towards the light.

Control any anxiety through the “tools” of breathing, physics, meditation, art, music etc., and develop the quality of patience and faith, to be able to experience this divine rhythm, where everything has a right and perfect moment to happen.

The focus will no longer be on the result like everyone around you, but on the process, on the step-by-step that you must take, in the best and most conscious way, and that will take you little by little to the state of love and presence.

Ask the angels for wisdom to distinguish between the necessary and the superfluous. Be frank and truthful, and take the answers that will be suggested from your inner silence.

Keep only what is good and positive, focusing your energy to manifest them.

The secret is always to remain positive and grateful, as these powerful feelings, in addition to proving your faith in God, allow the whole divine plan to unfold in the most perfect way, and with the minimum effort of all parties involved.

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Interesting Facts about Number 1105

Angel number 1105 asks you to seek integral places for the experience of this line of spiritual congregation, spirits centers of the Christian line (Alan Kardec Line) and / or evangelical churches renewed churches and denominations that will be guided by their intuition.

Try to experience the different teaching lines, knowing that you will feel inside when you find the right place for you.

Look for places that preach inner renewal and the relationship with the “Holy Spirit” as its main foundation, moving away from places that cultivate external rituals, dogmas, materialism and unexplained beliefs.

The New Age arrives bringing rational explanations, feeding the faith with understanding, and dispelling the Blind Faith, which is the belief that does not know how to explain the how and why of things.

Overcome possible blockages and preconceptions and go with an open heart asking the Angels for new experiences that further expand their ability to love and understand themselves, the material world and the spiritual world.

Seeing Angel Number 1105

Identify integral and qualified people to share this knowledge and these possibilities. This is the loving message brought by Angel Number 1105.

Go in peace, knowing that you are on the right path and that you are more loved than you think!