1138 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angel number 1138 carries a message of encouragement, which tells about achievements, success, self-effort, progress and achievement.

It carries the message of staying optimistic and listening to your inner intuition and guidance.

Number 1138 – What Does It Mean?

Angel Number 1138 says that your life purpose is fully supported by the Universe. The Universe is abundant and generous and wants to reward you. Great prosperity is yours, now and in the future.

Remember that prosperity involves an abundance of good feelings, ideas, inspirations, purposes, work, important people, miracles and connection with divinity. When we learn to recognize true spiritual prosperity, then financial will be allowed to assist us in our mission.

Remember that when we focus on the spiritual side of our life, our soul mission, all the material side is guaranteed and offered to us along the way. Look for the daily habit of stopping, breathing, acknowledging and thanking everyone and everything in your life.

Angel number 1138 can also suggest that a phase in your life is about to end and is a signal and / or an early warning to allow you to prepare accordingly.

The number 1138 can also indicate that you are ending an emotional phase, career or relationship.

Never compromise your integrity in an impatient effort to ‘cut the path’. Honor your own truths as well as the time planned by the Universe, and be true to yourself and your own path of life and mission. Be patient and know that if you keep trying, you will be rewarded in the short and long term.

Angel number 1138 reveals and remembers the law of Karma (action and reaction) that everyone on this planet is subject, where if we do the positive we will reap the positive, but if we act negatively, we will reap the negative.

Acknowledge your strengths and strive to improve your weaknesses. Practice with the lessons and situations that life offers you!

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Angel Number 1138 brings the message of your angels so that you strive to keep your thoughts high and positive, and asks you to blur your attention from material issues and concerns.

Whenever thoughts bringing doubts or uncertainties arise, choose to trust that you are being fully supported by friendly angels, and you will see that the negative feeling will give way to inner peace.

Build Faith and confidence that everything will work out despite the current difficulties and limitations.

Along with all the difficulties, there will also be opportunities for spiritual learning. Persevere! Remember that the main focus of the terrestrial walk must always be linked to the maintenance of your emotions and the balance of your spiritual, mental and physical state.

In spite of the many faces that the experience in the physical body offers us, the main focus must become, each day more, the balance and harmony of your SELF.


When in balance we face the learning cycles in a much more productive and calm way. Try to adapt quickly to new realities and keep making progress.

Love and Angel Number 1138

Angel Number 1138 asks you to “make space” in your routine (pray, meditate, exercise, read good books, listen to good music, go close to nature, start courses, create positive and daily rituals) so that new energies can enter your life, thus renewing your enthusiasm and sense of purpose.

The angels are sending you positive energies and rebalanced you right now so that you can stay focused on your spiritual path.

This may have to do with unresolved debts, a purchase or obtaining something of importance that you currently cannot afford.

The angels ask you not to be discouraged, but to maintain a positive state of mind and the Faith that everything will be resolved at the right time, as they are working hard behind the scenes of your life to meet your needs. You are invited to remain receptive to the gifts of the Universe.

There are moments that we want to be alone and we do not find the moment or place. But when we get it, it’s a moment of enjoyment and enjoyment, as if something could calm down inside us.

If we choose to spend a moment of solitude, it is good to learn from it, to live it with all its fullness, if we live it in this way, it allows us to take distance, think, observe and reflect on ourselves and our life.

Who has not sought a quiet place to walk, a deserted beach to reflect on himself and relax? If we can enjoy solitude, then it will be much easier to also enjoy the company.

We can look for moments of the day, intimate, where we can make a parenthesis, moments for ourselves that allow us to realize the life we lead, what we need, what things we want and what things I am avoiding or rejecting without realizing it.

Interesting Facts about Number 1138

In numerology the Master Numbers are presented with double and equal numbers, 11, 22, and 33 and so on up to 99.

For Pythagorean Numerology there are two Master numbers, 11 and 22, for modern numerology they include numbers up to 44.

The explanation of the meaning of each number from 1 to 9 is already present in this blog, now I will begin to publish the meaning of each Maestro number, let’s start with the number 11, present on today’s date that presents a double 11 and in this case it is also defined as a “portal” because the two 11 side by side create a portal visually and ideally.

It is now a common belief, for those interested in numerology, that a “portal” day can be the bearer of transformative cosmic energies, it is certainly not scientifically proven but we now know that thought creates reality, no tangible evidence is needed.

It can be enough being perceptive to understand that there are particular days and practicing a meditation to align with the higher energies can be very useful for one’s evolution in any case. In summary … who wants to believe it, free to do it and equally for those who think it is not so.

But we come to number 38, the archetype of the Genius, made up of two ones, the one is also called monad, a unitary, simple, indivisible entity; in Pythagorean philosophy, it is the first mathematical element of the universe, a term used to indicate unity as the principle of multiplicity.

For the philosopher Leibniz the monad is above all a center of awareness and an absolutely autonomous center, because everything she knows about herself, and about the other monads that make up the universe, does not derive from an influence of external reality on it, but from an inner development of his consciousness.

Each monad is endowed with perceptions, that is, internal representations of what is outside, but not by observing externally but looking within oneself as each is a mirror of the universe.

The esoteric explanation describes the intimate meaning of both the portal and the number 38, the energy of this Master number is in fact to bring to those who have it, a great perceptive sensitivity that leads the person towards a deep awareness of the meaning of his existence and that does not it can refer only to physical actions but also through clear and strong perceptions.

38 is the bearer of great sensitivity that can reach sensitivity and therefore to understand one’s inner phenomena, this is accompanied by an intuitive ability that evolves towards intense creative inspiration.

The genius is also a fairly irritable restless, even if his movements are extremely fast and he cheers up with equal speed.

Mostly those with 11 are kind and very charming people, attentive to the well-being of others and to live in good harmony.

The 11 can be inspired and eclectic artists in any area, especially for art and poetry and this is expanded if there are three or nine in Theo’s.

Associated as an instrument used by doctors, shepherds and also by fighters, the stick enters the table of the number 38.

When you dream of the stick, as for many other objects that appear in the dream world, very often it is associated with the genital organ masculine and given that struggle is also associated with it, it represents the aggressiveness and the physical and inner strength of the dreamer.

So, depending on how this object is used, there are various interpretations.

Normally, however, it indicates the need to discharge the most primordial and impulsive energies of man.

Also very important in reading the cards, the stick does not indicate aggression but the opportunities of the consultant, provided that their image does not appear reversed and, in this case, it is not a good omen.

Stick number is 38 but it can also be 6 and changes according to the type or the way it is used.

For example, a broken stick has the 3 while the act of beating someone or something is identified with 79.

Seeing Angel Number 1138

Angel Number 1138 encourages you to ask your angels for help in repairing or readjusting something that may be making it difficult or bothering you at the moment and consequently causing anxiety.