1142 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angel number 1142 invites you to believe in Divine perfection and the greater plan for your life.

Contain your material and inferior desires, learning to practice patience, gratitude and acceptance with your current situation, whatever it may be, as these are the keys for you to be able to perceive and act in this wonderful plan that involves you, absorbing the important lessons that are camouflaged in difficulties.

Number 1142 – What Does It Mean?

Angel Number 1142 carries a very important message. It asks you to be patient for a little longer, thus allowing important parts of your larger plan to stabilize / materialize.

Keep your cool when new opportunities come your way, rather than jumping on the first one that attracts your interest.

Keep an eye on what you feel, and wait for clear and obvious signs to guide you in the ideal direction, as they will appear.

Don’t be rash when making choices and making decisions regarding the material side of your life, which will have a long-term impact.

Learn to let higher spirituality act in your life, learn to wait in thanks for everything you already have, and so, at the right time, in God’s time, beautiful and unexpected surprises will arise in the most surprising ways.

Angel number 1142 asks you to remember the many good things that have come into your life without you expecting them.

This is how the divinity presents its children, at the right time, at the right time and in a totally different way than one could imagine. The “impossible” in human eyes, is “possible” in His eyes.

When we manage to stay in the high vibrations of thanksgiving, peace and serenity, especially when in the midst of adverse and “unwanted” situations, we prove to the superior spirituality that we trust in the perfection of this plan, at the same time that we apply for a better situation be offered to us soon.

Remember that resignation strengthens the spirit while proving to Higher Spirituality that we trust and surrender to our higher purpose.

Angel number 1142 asks you to learn to align your will to that greater will. Seek silence and connection, so that you will be able to hear your inner voice.

Learn to believe what you feel, and to trust that you are supported at all times, taking advantage of adversity and uncertainty to build your Faith. Now more than ever, angels support you and protect you in your new development paths spiritual.

Learn to silence the negative thoughts that bring confusion, doubt and uncertainty, state out loud what you dream and believe, calm your mind through prayer and practices such as meditation and breathing techniques, thus seeking the most important , which is experiencing what your feelings tell you.

Remember that your feelings always clearly indicate what choices to make. Try to develop the intuition that is the divine tool of sensitivity, always paying attention to these signs that arise from your inner god.


When you see a clear signal about what or how to do something, receive it with joy and thanks, making sure that your angels have worked hard behind the scenes of your life to make that idea a reality.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

If you are intuitively asked to begin or expand a spiritual practice, spiritual development course and / or service to others,

Angel number 1142 indicates that this is a favorable time for that new beginning.

Trust that everything will fall into place in due course and that you will find many opportunities and the necessary assistance along the way.

Remember that it is essential to establish the firm foundations of humility, discipline and detachment so that the desired results can be achieved.

Keep developing, studying and loving, and Have faith / trust that your dedication will attract many rewards.

The number 1142 is a mixture of the energies of the number 2 appearing twice, with the vibrations of the number 4 also appearing twice, expanding its two influences.

Love and Angel Number 1142

How to be alone and feel good? Better to be alone than in bad company says the saying…. The reality is completely the other way around, many times we prefer to be badly accompanied than to be alone. What happens to this being alone?

Sometimes it is a real circumstance, sometimes it is an inner sensation. There are people who are afraid of being alone, at home, for example.

Others may be afraid of being alone as a couple, they are afraid of aging alone without someone by their side to accompany them along the way.

There are even people who are still alone feel alone. It is one thing to live loneliness when we feel like it, and the other is to meet face to face with loneliness and not be able to sustain it. How then can we accept loneliness and get along with it?

You have to differentiate between physical and emotional loneliness, both can be uncomfortable but they are different.

Physical loneliness, most of the time we run away, we don’t want to be alone, we occupy our agenda and our daily activity of many things so as not to have to be without company or not to feel that feeling of loneliness.

Emotional loneliness, can occur while you are in the center of the city surrounded by people, is an inner experience. When we have no choice but to face uncomfortable loneliness, we can question whether it is not wasting time, this of being alone.

What is so uncomfortable about loneliness? This discomfort may be a sign of the fear of encountering ourselves, fear of hearing the inner voice, fear of facing the truth itself.

We prefer to continue sliding down the surface of existence, not to go deep so as not to compromise, lest we could not go back later.

We cannot escape our loneliness, because it goes implicitly with us. Well yes, in a way we can, and in fact we do it when we spend our time, we play TV to feel accompanied or listen to music to feel that we are not alone.

The noise, the interaction, the many images disperse us and avoid us thinking about what can really make us suffer.

The question would be: What are you avoiding to face? Perhaps it is fear of being alone, fear of facing pain, and fear of facing your reality, which is perhaps not how you would like it to be.

If you manage to answer this question you are already taking the first step to begin to tolerate loneliness.

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Interesting Facts about Number 1142

Number 2 refers to duality and the search for balance and relationships, vision and intuition, adaptability, patience, diplomacy and cooperation, consideration, sociability and support, sensitivity and altruism.

Keep it in your heart, so that the winds of doubt, fear, apparent impotence and criticism from others do not take it away from you. Trust your intuition and you will know which paths to take, and what actions to take.

Walk this new path with courage and dedication, and remember that walking our higher path always brings us back the feeling of satisfaction and completeness.

Otherwise, it may be time to readjust your direction.

Angel number 1142 brings the message to consider all of your current options and then to ponder what is really important to you at this point in your life, and what is no longer essential and that may need to be changed.

Asks you not to waste your precious time and effort on activities and people who do not support you or bring you something positive in return.

Choose to enjoy your precious time with activities and people that suit your “Higher Self”, what you want to become, and that resonate with your soul purpose and life purpose.

Seeing Angel Number 1142

Seeing angel number 1142 is another opportunity to change your life from the bottom up.

This spiritual number is bringing a powerful new energy into your world, hat is going to help you find meaning in the small things you do every day.

Sometimes we need to find happiness in the little thigs, in order to be happier in general.

The way we value our life is not by the big things and expensive stuff we own, but by little things and events that happen in our lives and that make us appreciate ourselves more.