1139 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angel number 1139 combines the powerful energies of number 7 and number 1.

Imagine 1139 as your brain seen from above, where the left and right hemispheres are represented by the two numbers 7, and the central stripe that separates the hemispheres is represented by the number 1.

Number 1139 – What Does It Mean?

Imagining the number 1139 in this way brings to mind the image of the real meaning of this very important, powerful and divine number.

1139 as the “mind of God”, representing the individual who has been crucifying his inferior nature and becoming more spiritualized with each learning cycle, “writing” the higher laws in his mind and heart, thinking more and more as a being divine, allowing the expansion of your consciousness.

using the wisdom acquired through many internal and external processes, difficult and happy, to finally become conscious enough to control your way of thinking, feeling, acting, co-creating, vibrating and assist others as a divine being.

The left hemisphere of our brain is recognized for reflecting the masculine side of our being, responsible for the processes of rational, analytical, logical thinking, understanding of the processes and steps, elaboration of plans, analysis of facts, judgment of situations, probability, focus, rigidity, observation skills and communication skills.

When fed with the rational knowledge of divine processes and the spiritual laws that govern our planet like the Law of Love, the Law of Action and Reaction, the law of charity, the law of progress, the law of vibration and attraction.

the Law of permission and submission (everything has a bigger reason to happen, it is not up to us to judge, but to accept and thank, so we can understand), all this together with the knowledge of our own being, of our potentials as divine beings, of the processes and mechanics of our human mind.

Our feelings, the awareness of our goals and responsibilities while born and alive on this planet, the development of reasoned faith based on real experiences and the search for pure truth (without external dogmas and rituals).

We finally align ourselves with this magical and divine number, demonstrating that we started to think and act according to divine principles, aligning ourselves in a harmonious way with the Divine Laws that govern us.

The right hemisphere is responsible for expressing an understanding of divine processes, laws and mechanisms.

Finally thinking and acting as we were designed to do, “shaping” our minds and installing spiritual truths, ceasing most of the illusions and sufferings caused by our own ignorance of the invisible laws that govern us.

The right side of our brain in turn reflects the creative power of our divine spirit, known as our female face, is responsible for intuition, extra-physical perception, interconnection of facts / events / teachings / revelations, imagination (action of imagining), awareness of unlimited possibilities, the invisible becoming visible, manifestation of dreams, stories, flexibility in relation to events and difficulties, ability to improvise and non-judgment.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

This is the process of intimate reform / moral renewal and personal enlightenment, a process that allows your inner god to shine brightly on all your spiritual qualities, bringing that light to you and your family, as well as those who come in contact with you.

See the life of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha), and other important envoys of God who allowed his light to shine and illuminate humanity.


Have the courage to start! Master Number 11 is generally called ‘the Illuminator’, ‘the Messenger’ or ‘the Example’, and it relates to those who are now on Earth to be pioneers of a new human experience, thus allowing the awakening of their divine potentials of the soul and the opportunity to work in the work of transformation of humanity.

Always practicing patience and presence, follow the right time (kairos – God’s time) that will lead you to your spiritual maturity, and gradually become an inspirer of a new reality, with the personal mission of enlightening yourself.

And others, helping to raise the spiritual awareness of the planet at this very important time.

The more purified our feelings, thoughts and physical body, the more clearly our inner god (divine intelligence) can guide us.

Visualize this process as a lamp that is dusty, and that for that reason the rays of light that emerge from inside it cannot pass through the dirt barrier to then fulfill its function of illuminating and providing clarity.

Many individuals on the planet are not yet aware of this “inner lamp” of theirs, nor of the power to transform their lives and their choices.

When this lamp is cleaned and its dust removed, its rays of light are able to shine brightly illuminating all aspects of your life.

Love and Angel Number 1139

When fed with superior truths and energies, he is responsible for receiving the processes of expanding physical and spiritual (extra-physical) perception, the correlations between past, present and future facts, understanding the thousands of connections that make us all one be.

Transmits / captures the waves responsible for the expansion of intuition (our inner guide always guiding us in the most harmonic and profitable path in relation to the experiences and learnings that we need), also responsible for capturing subtle waves, the voice of angels.

While the right hemisphere is responsible for rationally understanding all these processes, laws and mechanisms, the left hemisphere is responsible for capturing and perceiving the subtle energies, and then processing and experiencing them, then feeling what was before in your heart.

Invisible and immaterial, becoming more real and concrete every day. In this context, when you feed on spiritual truths, study them diligently and especially feel them through practice in the opportunities that life offers you, finally you find harmony between its multiple inner faces.

Angel number 1139 is a prize, they will congratulate you for your efforts in the good, confirming that you are on the right path, and that your choices are increasingly aligned with your divine purpose and your soul mission, which consequently they generate a constant state of happiness, positively influencing all who accompany you, bringing great joy also to your guardian angels.

Number 1 brings the quality of new cycles, new beginnings, revelations, dedication, and positive individualism, the beginning of projects that have been much imagined and dreamed of.

Angel Number 1139 tells you that when you understand the importance of your spiritual development.

Interesting Facts about Number 1139

While Master Number 11 represents the ability to capture ideas and dreams, Master Number 22 represents the power to realize them and make them your reality.

Ability that every individual has to a greater or lesser extent, conscious or unconscious, of co-creation and materialization of ideas on the earth plane. “Only those who have the capacity to dream have the capacity to realize”.

The balance of fundamental human aspects (spirit-mind-body) that when combined with divine wisdom, they make the impossible possible in your life.

Remember that “the impossible for men is possible for God”.

The universe responds to the vibration generated by your spiritual awareness and your energy pattern, so the greater your awareness of your spiritual role in this life, allied to your ability to love your neighbor and your works for good, the greater your power of attraction / manifestation of positive realities.

Number 39 tells us about the need for harmony between our fundamental aspects 1139 (spiritual, mental and physical) as well as about the balance between our female and male polarity, between receiving and giving.

Between imagining and realizing, between learning and practicing, keeping silent and speak, think and act, so necessary in the art of living in harmony between people and of manifesting dreams and ideas.

In summary, the number 39 appears to tell you that you have a fundamental role in the process of realizing your dreams, where God will always have the main role, and you must become your conscious assistant.

Seeing Angel Number 1139

Angel Number 1139 appears at that moment to confirm that “your Dream is your Destination”, and tells you about the need for you to understand how this process takes place.

Master Number 1139 also represents the ability to imagine and create mental images fueled by positive emotions, talks about the sensitivity needed to capture divine inspirations.