1140 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angel Number 1140 comes to reveal to you that everything in the higher planes, including its process of awakening and improvement, respects a schedule, an organization and a perfectly determined time and goals.

Chance does not exist, since each detail is perfectly orchestrated in the invisible dimension to manifest itself in the visible.

Number 1140 – What Does It Mean?

Angel number 1140 represents the part of the spiritual theory that must be studied and combined with the practice of the teachings, making you evolve and expand your perception of the spiritual and material reality.

It also means the divine potential that each new attitude, learning, choice and course will offer you.

It means that each new cycle of learning will offer you new and beautiful experiences, teaching you how to surrender to that divine current that calls you and no longer getting stuck with the forces of fear at the edges of this wonderful river.

Fear is an emotion that can only be overcome through study, knowledge, curiosity, personal experiences that develop spiritual discernment, and through living with powerful friend’s angels.

Remember that high moral values ​​and upright conduct will offer you the shield of protection against inferior forces that insist on wanting to keep you immobilized in their webs of anxiety, weakness and sameness.

You have a light in your spirit that needs to find the window to the outside world.

Find a place to study, practice and work for your spiritual development and spiritual gifts (mediumship), allowing your windows to be opened and all your qualities still in the form of seeds, to generate peace, tranquility, wisdom and a full life in all senses.

Master Number 1140 symbolizes the principles of awakening your spiritual consciousness, purifying and enlightening your soul, moral reform and personality and sensitivity, emerging spirituality, spiritual education , self-knowledge and intimate reform / moral renewal.

In religious terms it refers to the sanctification process related to the promise of the Holy Spirit.

The number 1140 tells us that awakening the hidden potentials of our soul, known by the terms “Gifts of the Holy Spirit”, “Mediumship Development” or “Higher Self”, is the key for you to live your soul mission and life purpose in for a better world.

The more you purify yourself in the spirit / mind / body aspects, the stronger the intuition will be of what, when and how you should do something.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

It doesn’t matter if you’re in the cashier’s row in the grocery store and the 1140 number still appears on the cash register. You may be driving on a busy street or watching something on TV and they will continue to appear.

Your guardian angels will not stop sending these numbers until they get your attention. Be sure to keep your eyes wide open for these numbers because they have a very special meaning.


Life puts you obstacles from time to time and you need to be prepared for such eventualities. But your guardian angels want to assure you that you can handle them with confidence because you are blessed with gifts and talents.

Now you are encouraged to have more patience. When things are not going as expected, it is normal to be a bit frustrated or impatient.

But trust that everything has its right time. Learn to accept that not everything will be easily achieved and there are some things that will take an even longer time to manifest in your life.

When they don’t happen to you at all, don’t let it be a reason to give up completely. The number 1140 tells you and advises you to turn this setback into something that inspires you and motivates you to work even harder!

Master your trade and be so good in it that people associate your name with it. Never stop learning and improving because this is how you discover new passions and new dreams.

Don’t stop having big dreams and combine that with work and effort. Sooner or later, you will realize that everything you are dreaming about is happening one by one.

It’s time to chase your dreams, but do it with practicality. Great dreams take time to come true and will require your time and energy. It is good to manage your expectations to not end up disappointed or work harder to have a greater chance of reaching them.

Similar to the meaning of the number 1140, the number 1140 also talks about the importance of loyalty, do not forget the people who have been with you in good times and bad times and make sure that you will also be there for them in their moments of need.

Love and Angel Number 1140

Know that you came to Earth for this, and that is why you are being “remembered” at this time in your life.

If your answer is positive in relation to starting your process of improving your spiritual qualities, the angels ask you to be aware of the signs, coincidences, synchronicities, messages in dreams, meeting people and repeated orientations.

When 1 or more people say the same thing or about the same point, be it a book, a course, a religious denomination to visit, because your path and the right place for you to develop will be revealed to you through signs like these.

Angel Number 1140 inspires you to remain positive and optimistic, as you now know that angels and benefactors take care of every detail of your current life, towards the development of your spiritual perception and intelligence.

Enter as in a university, knowing that it takes a lot of effort and study to obtain the diploma of the spirit in a state of peace, harmony, serenity, capacity and readiness to help those who life gives you the opportunity.

Go in peace and decide with faith, knowing that every process has the difficulty of the beginning, the effort of the middle and the joy and satisfaction of reaching the end.

Interesting Facts about Number 1140

The meaning of the number 11 usually has an important meaning for many people and even for some religions.

Generally, when a person thinks of the number 40, he thinks of fulfilling four decades of life, the beginning of a new stage of life that is more mature and more “boring”.

Although in reality that is not entirely true, except in the era in which we live.

Also, the number 40 can have deeper and more important meanings. For example, in the Bible we can see that the flood lasted 40 days; the Hebrews lived in the desert for 40 years and many periods of Jewish kings were measured for periods of 40 years.

Even Jesus went 40 days to the Judean desert. Without a doubt it is a number that we can find a lot in these two religions.

Even in the Muslim religion it is a number that we can see repeatedly, for example, Mahona was 40 years old when he had his revelation, in addition to that he spent 40 days praying in a cave and had 40 followers who helped him transmit his message.

Religions aside, it is also a number that is related to our life and our relationships. It is very likely that on some occasion you have heard someone say that it takes 40 days to meet someone. It is a very common phrase when a couple moves together.

From the point of view of numerology, the meaning of the number 40 is related to the goals that are achieved after good planning.

As well as with decision making and with the ability to create a good plan that will lead us to succeed in our projects.

The meaning of the number 11 in numerology is planning and decision making. These aspects related to any task or aspect of our lives.

It is the number that represents the positive completion of important yearnings and projects that have been developing for a long time.

The meaning of this number predicts a good future, both for the person and for his ideas and plans.

Its root, 4, indicates that we have a lot of discipline and the ability to work very hard, as well as for the organization of work teams.

On the other hand, the 0 provides the stability necessary to make decisions thinking about everyone, so that the achievements are greater.

The negative side of the number 40 is that people who identify with it can end up seeing everything black, which leads them to not meet their goals, which causes them great stress and depression.

Also, they may become very selfish people who are only interested in what is best for them, leaving the needs and interests of other people aside.

Seeing Angel Number 1140

Angel number 1140 appears to invite you and encourage you to take the first step towards spiritual / mental study and improvement, ensuring that the angels and spiritual mentors will be with you throughout this process.