1148 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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An angel number 1148 does not stand out for its impartiality, it never measures its behavior with that of others.

In today’s text we are going to find out what this angel number represents.

Number 1148 – What Does It Mean?

Angel number 1148 is telling you to start working on yourself and start changing your behavior. How many times has someone promised us that we will change and we trust that person?

Do you manage to change or just modify your behavior for a while and later act as usual? But the most important question is: can people change?

This personality tends to have a high ego, an air of greatness and a continuing need for admiration for those around them. Next we will see if a narcissist can change or not.

But, in those cases where the narcissistic personality disorder already has a certain level of severity, it is appropriate to apply what is known as a psychoanalytic treatment.

In this treatment, the patient learns to interact properly with others so that these interactions are more pleasant and rewarding.

On the other hand, they are taught to understand their emotions and the reasons why they tend to act in the way they usually do, that is, with the need to compete, devalue the rest, use others…

However, it is worth highlighting the difficulty in convincing a narcissist that he has to perform such treatment, since a person with this disorder will not accept that there is something wrong with him and that he must change it.

They are proud of how they are and how they act with the rest of the people.

People with narcissistic personality are considered superior and unique, so they do not understand that the rest of society considers that they have to modify something in them and be different from the way they are.

Therefore, when they are asked the possibility of going to a specialist, they tend to think that the only thing that happens is that the other person is envious of them.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Personality 1148, gives the individual an important degree of sensitivity. They are very impressionable, they get scared of the possibility of an operation or when they receive an injury and the blood scares them to fainting.

They relate very well in society and in dealing with people they tend to be very careful, cordial and friendly.

They are also susceptible to the way they are treated because a word they did not like or an inappropriate tone is enough to harm them.


The 1148 is very prone to lamenting his fate and feels that he is the only and most suffered of the beings on earth.

This may be the cause for which you are unable to set limits and virtually everything is allowed. Of course it will not be easy to know them very deeply, because they are very changing as well as arbitrary and capricious, what yesterday was the light of their eyes, today has ceased to interest them.

As soon as they are good as bad, affectionate as indifferent, magnanimous as selfish. All these changes make us think of the 1148 as hypocritical people and it is a good reason who believes so.

The 1148 is very good speaker, it is shielded in words, which usually handles very well. Everything that is transmitted by speaking fascinates him.

It is the number that feels more attraction for secrets. Their level of ambition makes them brazen and they can behave as rebels if it suits them, or be submissive and manageable if that helps them achieve their purposes.

They do not usually set goals, but when they do they are able to appeal to any gadget in order to achieve what they have proposed. If they hurt their vanity they can be unfair and arrogant, but if that does not happen they usually display an interesting sense of humor, they are sensitive and willing to participate or make group plans.

In general they do not usually have prejudices. They know how to behave and their tastes are refined, so they hate clumsy, gross people and their well-managed irony is enough to put them in their place.

They know how to have fun and entertain friends, even at the expense of third parties. They are usually cheerful, this added to their social attractiveness and eloquence often makes people in love with them.

The positive Sensitivity, emotionality, sympathy, cordiality, sense of humor, irony, social brightness, spontaneity, adaptability, mental agility, intelligence, eloquence, conviction, ambition, good disposition, refinement.

The negative Duality, hypocrisy, tendency to lie, self-pity, hypochondria, lack of initiative, indecision, little scrupulousness, indiscretion, dispersion, infidelity, jealousy, disorder.

Love and Angel Number 1148

The 1148 is wise for his maturity and his ability to discern. His prudence, organization and ability to manage his energy and talents allows him to expand materially and spiritually.

His ambition allows him to reach his material goals, an ambition that makes him persevere while efficiently putting into practice his abilities to impact the world of matter.

The 1148 has the wisdom to deploy their own strategies in their life process, which gives them the power to perform.

People who vibrate with the 1148 are ambitious, bold, methodical, and patient and have courage and gift to send. Their power is material and also metaphysical, which makes them self-confident and quite daring in the execution of their expansion plans.

For the 1148 the social status, the titles and the prestige that he forges with his mundane successes is very important, which gives his life a fame halo. As a number of fortune and power, when it is in disharmony, greed and excessive ambition of power are born.

Thus, when the 1148 vibrates badly, it is the controller, the miser, who neglects his emotional life in order to satisfy his obsessive desire for material wealth.

If the Four can be half square, the 1148 tends to be inflexible in its square view of a spherical world.

Interesting Facts about Number 1148

In mythology the Eight is Kronos, a deity whose history is the story of the power struggle between the gods for the government of the world, which ends with its defeat and confinement in the Tartar, an even more abysmal and sordid place than itself underworld.

As we will see, the attributes of power, material ambition and the gift of command are characteristic of the meaning of the number 8.

It is a vibration represented by the mountain, the place whose entrails hide formidable riches that make it the object of the desire of the ambitious men of the world. And these will use all their courage, energy and power to gain the gold and diamonds hidden inside the mountain.

The Eight is Erabor, the protagonist mountain of the behind of The Hobbit, the home of the dwarf race and a place that houses infinite amounts of gold and precious stones that the ambitious and laborious dwarfs have obtained and accumulated over several generations of tireless work.

The film shows how the mountain becomes, after the dwarves manage to expel the Dragon that had taken over the place, at the center of the struggle for the power of different races of beings that for a moment are confronted in the “battle of the five armies.”

American actress and producer Sandra Bullock, winner of the Academy Award, vibrates with the lucky 8 in double intensity.

If seven is the giving mother, 11 is the provider father. It is the number of fortune, material success and power. General Marcos Pérez Jiménez, who ruled Venezuela between 1952 and 1958, vibrated with the number of power.

For the Chinese, as well as for us, 4 is the number of luck, of good fortune. However, in China this meaning takes on a special nuance.

Seeing Angel Number 1148

Seeing angel number 1148 is going to help you find a goal that you should reach and how you can achieve this in the easiest possible way.