136 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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The angels love numbers too! They often give us messages in the form of numbers, so that we encounter a number more often, such as a car or house number.

My guardian angel, for example, supports me by always finding precise information on my walks in nature, which makes me aware of what is important at this moment.

Number 136 – What Does It Mean?

To put it simply and for a summary overview of this number, we can compare it to the temperament of a child, regardless of the age of the case study.

Of course, all these aspects are present in a latent state and tend to assert themselves even if sometimes, some social or family brakes slow their release.

In most cases, it turns out that the 136 are very sociable and adaptable; they are constantly looking for opportunities to express their voice through fun, games, relationships or communication routes like roads. They wish to live at the present moment what presents itself, with, if possible, sensations at the rendezvous.

The 3, like a child, wants to be a center of attraction, visible, exuberant and when he has no say in the matter, angry. As a “facilitator” of circumstance, he closely monitors his image which makes him pathologically susceptible; we don’t touch its image, let it be said!

It must be said that his weak point lies in his eternal need for recognition for which he would sometimes be mean; it can then become arrogant, pretentious.

For all these reasons, he stands out, does not go unnoticed, which gives him great strength of character in these areas although in other places he may seem “light” and not very responsible for other points of view. He needs to look for depth and a little frame in order to avoid the pitfall of superfluity, of dispersion.

The 136 is a lover of life, nature but also good things with a strong dose of Epicureanism, to moderate therefore. He’s an esthete and an artist, a great creative; it will therefore be comfortable in its activities if the opening was carried out correctly in childhood.

Very comfortable in public relations and / or with children, he can also find a vocation there that suits him.

Otherwise, with a little more reserve, the road trades and shops will be suitable.

On the emotional level, he tastes the joys of the family and will be happy to make his own, stability in this sector being essential for him; be careful however with the need to seduce.

His positivism protects him from many setbacks but beware of uncontrolled spending, the 136 does not know how to manage finances.

On the health side, the 136 as a creator concerns on the one hand the rather exocrine glands, the vesicles, the small pockets or formations in general and as an image vector, the skin and therefore its embarrassments like certain external or internal growths . Psychologically, in pathological cases, hysteria will be there.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

The angel number 136 is the representation of love, emotional ties and all that is beautiful in essence.


Calm and balanced in nature, he thrives in a relaxed universe and cannot stand injustices. Simplicity is what characterizes him best and we find this trait in his romantic as well as professional relationships.

He is looking for happiness and harmony to flourish in his personal and loving life. He will systematically avoid conflicts and disputes with his relatives and those around him in general, even if he is within his rights.

If the vibration of the active number 136 gives it this particularity, it does not correspond to a weak or unwilling person. Indeed, he has the means to tackle large-scale projects and meet challenges, he can even show endurance and consistency.

The native of 136 keeps his commitments and knows how to live up to the responsibilities that he is given.

However, his weakness lies in the fact that he is sometimes easily influenced and has difficulty making decisions for himself.

On the other hand, he has a high adaptability since he has an intelligence that allows him to quickly integrate concepts and ideas.

Sensitive and faithful in friendship, the number 136 is a quality confidant for those close to him. Shy and reserved, he hides these aspects of his personality using humor and can sometimes be sarcastic.

But once the shell is broken, this seemingly cold being becomes a loving, affectionate, romantic person who can act gently.

A true protector both in professional life and at home, he watches over his tribe! On the sentimental side, the number 136 proves to be a faithful and caring partner. He is a tender, very affectionate lover and he proves that he is loved.

On the other hand, he expects in return the same implication coming from the person who shares his life. Be careful all the same with its fusional nature, it could suffocate the other by being too present…

Family side, he overflows with love for the members of his clan! The larger the family, the more palpable the happiness in their home!

On the other hand, if he does not manage to obtain this idyllic scheme, he is very likely to wither and fail to flourish.

The active number 136 sometimes tends to go towards instability and indecision, on the heart side this can lead to emotional blackmail or romantic breakups.

Love and Angel Number 136

Success through personal ideas, character of opinion. Inventive and innovative role. Organizational and management skills, difficulties in undergoing hierarchy.

With this life path, do not expect outside help, the Karma of the individual consists of succeeding alone at the whim of opportunities. Sometimes loneliness or isolation results.

Carefulness, sycophancy, lying, deceit, lack of scruples and honesty. Pedantry, pride, selfishness, authoritarianism.

Reluctance to authority, difficulty in collaborating, feeling of superiority, megalomania. Morbid loneliness, isolation or incommunicability. Stubbornness, refusal of the obvious.

a leader, a chef, a business manager, an intelligent man, a creator, a man or woman full of potential, but sometimes still immature. A young man or woman, full of energy. In negative, a stubborn, angry man, a tyrant, a despot, a cheffaillon.

Probable overload of activity but also source of professional development. New responsibilities, or change in the working environment.

New skills, internship or training very likely. Individual enhancement, we are known for our ideas or our actions.

Renewed corporate capabilities. Spirit of innovation, inspiration, creativity, search for stability, innovations from all points of view.

Overwork, activism, wanting to start everything and finish nothing, being focused on success and not knowing how to stop and take time for yourself.

The feelings are expressed with passion and warmth but more than sustainability and commitment, what you like are the magic moments of the meeting.

Interesting Facts about Number 136

Spontaneous and direct, you seduce bluntly. However, the couple’s adventure can tempt you if you succeed in transforming the conjugal terrain into an Indiana Jones jungle: hectic, renewed, risky, and turbulent. Contempt or disdain for others, feeling of superiority, charisma gives way to authority.

The need for exaggerated and constant excitement can affect couple stability.

Once the spirit of conquest is satisfied, the 136 may want to go back to other questions … which in itself does not favor the crystallization of solid links ready to welcome a nest.

Money will be an additional means of affirming your value, it will be a tool to obtain what you want. But you have no greed. You will not hoard. You rather have a taste for risk and investments. The purse fit perfectly you go.

Dominants in excess: focus only on the motivation to earn money for the challenge it represents, but then completely lack foresight, or even take exaggerated risks and cause possible falls.

The individual begins a new cycle, increasing energy, regeneration period. Small and common minor disorders, but good health in general: amnesia, aphasia, burns, cerebral congestion, teeth, nervous exhaustion, insomnia, meningitis, neuralgia, head accidents, overwork, eye inflammations, blow of anger, adrenaline discharges

Seeing Angel Number 136

The 136 needs simple and authentic relationships with the people who are around him.

Happiness comes to him through the love and support of the people he loves. It is therefore quite natural that he will privilege his family and friendly ties.

Once this balance is found, it can evolve in the professional field.