146 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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In angel numerology, the number 146 corresponds to a martyr who learned both the lesson of responsibility and of the family.

The symbol for this figure is a star pentagon in the center where a person is located. Each vertex of the pentagram corresponds to one of the five elements of astrology – Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Number 146 – What Does It Mean?

Elements of angel number 146 constitute, according to some, the whole world. The person at the center of the pentagram gives the feeling that they feel responsible for all aspects of the world around them.

Another symbol in this figure represents a pregnant woman with a prominent belly. This symbol indicates compassion and love which directly refer to the personality which corresponds to the number 6. From the point of view of numerology, the number 146 indicates a mature person with the responsibility of taking care of his family and his children.

The key word you should remember in this figure is responsibility. Of all the numbers, the number 146 is the most loaded. This is further accentuated by the sixth Tarot card which indicates two lovers.

In the Tarot, the number 146 indicates the difficulty of making important decisions and the fear of having assumed full responsibility for a particular decision.

The second key word to remember is family. Of all the numbers, the number 146 is one that maintains strong ties to his family. In this way, people born under life path 146 want to have many children and for them it is very important to keep the family together for a long time.

From the point of view of love and romance, the representatives of this figure are demanding as a couple because they want the best in their lives but also in the lives of those they love.

For those who want to pursue a relationship with such a person, it is important to realize that harmony is a very important issue for them. After family and children, love and harmony play an important role in the lives of those born under the life path.

The history of numerology and dreaming of the number 146 is surrounded by incalculable stories and legends, in which numbers have been attributed great importance in the interpretation of dreams, in which stability and happiness are found.

There are those who relate this number to good luck and good omens, without a doubt, it is one of the oldest amulets in history, surrounded by a characteristic mysticism.

Dreaming of the number 146 is related to stability and balance in the family and sentimental environment.

There are those who develop it around the financial sector, as it predicts good luck and recent economic and financial stability. We enjoy a good state of health that will last.

The number 146 and its meaning in dreams varies, as it is a number that has 2 opposite poles, on the positive side we have that who dreams of him is a disciplined, practical person who strives to conclude goals, while in the negative They are impulsive people, who tend to become obsessed and sometimes inflexible.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

It is present in the Star of David, the main symbol of Judaism. Also known as Hexagram, it represents the union of the elements: heaven and earth, feminine and masculine.


According to Pythagorean Numerology, the number 146 is a reference of great ideals. It is associated with justice and other virtues of balance.

Its blockade results in authoritarian and critical behavior. Because the creation of the world is completed in 146 days, it represents the totality for Christians.

In addition, in antiquity, it was the number dedicated to Venus, goddess of love. For the Chinese, it is the number that represents heaven and its power. In Western culture, in turn, it symbolizes luck, which stems from the association made with the maximum number of dice used in games.

Despite its meaning, which defines it as a perfection number, the number 146 represents the confrontation of two trios.

By separating the sacred triads (Father, Son and Holy Spirit, for Christians, and Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, for Hindus, for example), the number 146 has a bad potential. Thus, it is considered an antagonistic number.

The combination of three numerals 146 represents the “number of the Beast”, 666. This is a symbol of the illuminati, in whose secret society the beast is their master.

In Revelation, the last book of Holy Scripture, it is referred to as “the number of sin.” For the Maya, six is ​​the number of gods of rain and storm. It is also the number of chance that represents death.

Love and Angel Number 146

The number 146 symbolizes femininity, beauty, love and family. You emanate a beautiful harmony, and an almost aesthetic balance.

You are also a person motivated by a strong sensitivity and ability in human behavior.

With you, people are always looking to give their best, since you understand those who surround you.

The other side of the coin is your many demands. You have some difficulty accepting defects or imperfections because your sense of values ​​is strong and inflexible.

You are also picky about yourself and you feel guilty if you don’t achieve your goals or if you don’t feel up to the situation. You must learn to relax and enjoy the moment more if you want to achieve that perfection that you appreciate so much.

In love, you are looking for an attractive, responsible and balanced couple that has as many values ​​as you.

Therefore, you prefer to be alone than with bad companies, which is a good way to act, but be careful with isolation. Your friends trust you and you should not hesitate to trust them again.

Interesting Facts about Number 146

Angel number 146 is a hard worker, studious and trustworthy. He is rarely a creator, but rather an adapter, an organizer, and a builder who knows how to take advantage of the opportunities that are within his reach.

He does not start a business until he has weighed the pros and cons, studied all the possibilities and carefully prepared a work plan.

Only then does he launch out with boldness and unshakable courage. The Angel number 146 likes money, but above all for its security more than for its pleasures.

Angel number 146 cannot bear injustice and it often places itself at the head of revolts against abuse of power.

The Angel number 146 likes calm, tranquility, discretion. He rarely has a sense of humor. He doesn’t have many friends, but they are loyal to him all their lives, because the 146 is himself loyal, loyal and hates gossip.

He lacks tact but is frank and direct, straight and honest. Sometimes the 146 can go from frankness to rudeness, when pushed to the limit, which is rare.

The 146 is incredibly stubborn; he can move mountains to get what he wants.

The 146 has a great need for work; he is generally conservative and respectful of ancestral traditions.

The Angel number 146 does not easily fall in love. He sees marriage as a business that requires reflection. He is little inclined to affective demonstrations.

The 146 is likely to succeed in maritime trade. 146 knows how to be an exemplary and serious employee who will regularly climb the professional ladder.

On the other hand, as an employer, he is often tyrannical and always finds that his employees do not do enough, he is so eager to do the job.

The 146 supports very badly the errors and the imprudence’s.

Seeing Angel Number 146

The Angel Number 146 has an exceptional ability to concentrate and is very meticulous.

He will therefore allow you to succeed in careers such as: pharmacist, mathematician, engineer, chemist, examining magistrate, lawyer, etc. …