179 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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It is one of the most difficult incarnations on the planet, in all stages of life. He lives lost in the stratosphere.

It is an ET, exhausted from living in the vibration of the planet. Very perceptive and intuitive, but with many internal fears.

The 179 is skinned by life because it is tremendously sensitive to the energies of its environment. He is a great shaman (the one who jumps). It acts as a bridge between the world of the third dimension and the more subtle worlds.

Number 179 – What Does It Mean?

Elves, dragons, angels, ascended masters, connect a lot with the 179, as well as everything they establish as closeness or union with God.

They have a direct connection with Him. It is a very melancholic number, because it takes a lot for them to live and insert themselves into society, especially when it comes to incarnate in a structured family. He often suffers from bulling in adolescence. Living on the Tightrope Shaman

The number 179 is a great shaman. There is a permanent and intense state of instability and emotional overwhelm in the number 7.

When it is not known, it resorts to various escape valves such as drugs and other escape mechanisms.

You can fall into self-destructive impulses because all you want is to stop feeling pain. The fall of an unbalanced 179 is brutal, as it falls to the depths.

Despite this burden, it is a brilliant number, with great work capacity and highly analytical.

Their rise to success is associated with events in life in which they must assume the place left by another.

The 7th always discovers unfaithful couples since his guardian angel, who works overtime, is going to put everything in front of him so that he soon realizes the facts.

But he is not one of the most faithful, although they never find out.

Two things that the 179 cannot forget: 1) Listen to your intuition, always. 2) Every time he is aggressive or does something that is not right, something happens.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

This happens because the 179 in previous lives was sacrificed for others, so that number has a giant safe conduct, it comes with a third eye that it has to develop, plus a guardian angel that accompanies it all the time.

When the 179 does not listen to his intuition and does not realize the power he has, he gets into trouble and pays cash, now and not in a next incarnation. A 179 steals and in a matter of hours, something is stolen from him.


The 179 badly expected are the big scammers, counterfeiters and scammers, therefore big speculators.

The greatest fortunes have a 179 at least within the patriarchs. Therefore you must be careful when associating with a 179 that all information is not stolen and you are left on the street.

If he stole from you, then the Universe is going to ruin him. Because the 179 cannot afford with all the information that comes to him, if he misuses it, he has to use it well.

The emotional world of a 179 quickly picks up on the other, making him a monstrous predator if poorly expected.

They make the couple believe that it is the other one who is crazy. It can be cruel from the emotional side, within your inferiority complex.

Discovering the shaman A 179 can never go to see a movie with dramas. Just looking for laughter.

The negative is prohibited. The way to transcend the 179 is with laughter, with joy and bonding with positive things.

The 179 have to work and live in nature. If he is locked up for a long time, he becomes anguished, overwhelmed, despairing and upset.

A 179 evolves by relaxing the mind, you should see if you are afraid or upset about something. You must learn to overcome your anxieties. Get away from everything that bores you. Process your negative thoughts.

Let yourself be moved by the experiences that touch you. Learn to notice the source of your impatience. Learn to meditate.

Despite his shamanic gifts, the 179 must put his feet on the ground.

Love and Angel Number 179

A 179 should never forget that he was born to be an actor, an artist. It is capable of transforming everything into art.

It is so subtle that it can transform itself, like a chameleon, into what the other wants when it is in a state of love: if it falls in love with an athlete then it becomes an athlete, if it is from a musician it begins to find out everything related to music that the other likes.

They establish very powerful networks with the other person to be loved. As a couple, you are loyal and super faithful if you are well expected. He is the one that takes care of helping, being with the other, making him feel comfortable and helping him without invading him.

The couple of a 179 must be a very kaleidoscopic person, very varied, entertaining, creative, always motivating, implying that the love of a couple continues. The 179s do not support routine or structure.

The 179 is radical to cut, just as he loved you, he forgot you. Very romantic, warm, if you want to finish, it takes a lot. But if you do so and come back after a while to hang out with that person you are no longer interested, there is no resonance.

Being a couple of a 179 is scary. He tells you: “today I am happy to love you and I am in commitment to you” but it may not last more than three months, because he is very distressed since he has such a creative mental committee, which makes him a very doubtful number. Numbers 179

Interesting Facts about Number 179

He has the skills to make everyone feel unique and unrepeatable, which is why he is well loved.

By healthily engaging with a 9, you become the friend who keeps all your secrets. Build great loyalties. It is a number that carries great weight when you have not achieved your goals.

If he did not achieve important things for him in his life, he will make his children feel like great losers.

It is not a motivating number, nor is it a container. He does not like family dramas. He is the typical absent father who is always working, as there are other things that motivate him.

It costs him a lot to be happy, because he is not aware that happiness should develop through the family.

The 179 needs to transcend death, it needs to feel the Universe, because it is a number in which it is assumed that the maximum evolution was reached.

It should no longer be incarnated in another number. It means that he already lived all the incarnations and now this legacy surpasses him, his life is greater than time and death. His Achilles heel is that by looking back, he could see that his children are a bunch of drones that his absence created and that they are not going to be able to sustain his legacy.

Normally 9s have children 1, 7 and 9, numbers that are not going to help them maintain the empire. When they are seen with money they will spend it quickly. Mother 179 is busy maintaining her own legacies, in a search beyond the concepts of family.

It is cyclical, with ups and downs. The 179 wants all the numbers around it to take care of themselves. If he could, then the rest can too. He will only reach out once he sees that you did everything you could to get ahead and couldn’t.

Seeing Angel Number 179

The 179 is radical to cut, just as he loved you, he forgot you. Important recommendations for the 179: do not immediately get involved with the couple, do not have sex immediately, wait at least six months so that they do not see you as “in liquidation” and If they are going to live together, wait at least two years, because surely the ex will come to make it clear that the 179 is a guest.

They never give you permission to get involved with those people.

Fear of commitment what they want most is to have a family but they are very afraid of commitment.

Because the commitments in the incarnation of 179 are for a lifetime, he is never released from them.