Angel Number 189 – Meaning and Symbolism

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If you have added the figures of your date of birth and the result has been 189, then surely you want to know the interpretation that this digit has according to numerology.

Remember that if you have obtained a 189-digit number you will have to add the digits again until you only have one left. Then you will have to go to this blog to know the interpretation.

Number 189 – What Does It Mean?

The number 189 is associated with self-determination, with strength, with the ability to adapt to even the most difficult conditions.

Those people who were born under the influence of the number are independent by nature, they do not need anyone to take their chestnuts out of the fire and they have a great capacity to make decisions and to lead teams.

One of the characteristics of their personality is that they have communication skills to convince, so they are good salespeople and specialists in the field of marketing. He stands as a leader in meetings, schools, they even have a lot of political ability if they know how to control their impulses.

We have already seen in the previous section that these individuals have a natural gift to direct others, even to manipulate, so you have to be very careful to use this gift to do evil.

They have a great ability to make themselves known in extreme situations and to survive in even the most tedious conditions. They stand out for being very sociable, for knowing how and when it is better to communicate and for controlling which part of their feelings to show and which part to hide.

Another trait of those born with the associated number 189 tells us about independent people who do not need anyone’s resources.

This causes them, at times, to tend to isolation, but they often find a balance between finding a little time for themselves and spending more time with others.

The number one is associated with the star king and, therefore, with the brightest energy in the universe. He speaks of people full of vitality who are capable of seeing any situation with optimism, even the most dire.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Knowing the meaning of numbers is something super important for people. All because, they tend to influence life in a great way.

Therefore, today we will talk about the meaning of one of the numbers that stand out the most; the 189.

Knowing the meaning of the number 189 can serve many people, since basically, it symbolizes fullness and perfection and therefore, very few people have it or handle it.

The number ten has had great relevance since previous times, since the Egyptians used it as the base of the pyramids that they built for their king.

In addition, it was also essential to group whatever they needed to have in “pair” mode. Adding that, they could count it on their fingers.


Also, you should keep in mind that the number 189 is also considered sacred, as that is why it was used to list the commandments.

Also, if we relate it to religion; we can realize that ten is the sum of the four creations of Jesus on earth: water, earth, air and fire (100+ 80 + 9).

Meaning of number 189 in tarot

It basically symbolizes the wheel of fortune. Therefore, it is directly related to everything wonderful in this world. You will be very lucky in your life and in addition to that, you may have great opportunities.

The number 189 seals a destiny of success for you in tarot.

Remember that people who have the number ten in their destiny, will be able to face almost anything that comes their way in life.

All because, they will have the courage to do it. You should also know that the meaning of number 189 has two aspects, the positive and the negative.

On the positive side, the number 189 will give us a wide range of opportunities that can be used to be very successful in life.

In addition, the people who take it to their destination may have a lot of joy in their hearts.

On the negative side, the number 189 represents overconfidence, since people will trust themselves to the maximum of all the good luck that it gives them that they will leave everything half and therefore, they will not make an effort when it comes to reaching a goal.

Love and Angel Number 189

They hardly allow themselves to take advantage of the diversions, but they tend to be generous and warm with the people they love. His weak point is pride. In their feelings they do not know half measures, they are capable of loving and hating unconditionally.

The meaning of the number 189 is basically a pure force, since it has a balance that no other number has and that is why it is perfect.

It has two very remarkable numbers, the number 189 and the number 0.

The number 189represents everything wonderful in life and the number 0 represents nothingness.

Now, despite the fact that the number 189 represents total perfection, a person can have a destiny totally full of adversities that he must face.

But, thanks to what this number represents, the person will know that at the end of the road, they will have a resounding success.

Interesting Facts about Number 189

In general, these people also have creative gifts, so they usually do very well to paint, to compose their own songs, perhaps to write, among other skills.

The intelligence of these people has been found to be above average. They have an incredibly fast mind that can think faster than others when things go wrong.

In love, the number gives herself completely to her partner. You give it your all and expect to receive the same in return. Sometimes jealousy can.

Economically, they usually do well if they work hard and take advantage of their creativity. Luck is not going so well for them, but sooner or later they have a little.

These are the characteristics of people who were born under the influence of the number 189according to numerology.

Seeing Angel Number 189

Wanting to control everything can turn them into manipulators of others, even if they do not have that intention, as well as their desire to help others and to put order in the lives of others leads them to get too involved in other people’s affairs … with bad intention.

They simply feel necessary even if they do not ask for their help, and that is why they go everywhere, houses and lives…