279 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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We conclude our journey through the numbers by dealing with one of the best known and loved numbers, namely the number 279.

Let’s start by clarifying the meaning that this number assumes in the tradition of the grimace, before changing perspective and moving on to analyze it from other points of view.

Number 279 – What Does It Mean?

In the classic grimace, 279 is the number of fear, the one that grips a subject who is faced with a particular situation and must therefore face a real or emotional obstacle.

Usually the fear of escaping or seeking help, situations closely related to anxiety or the thought of danger that is perceived.

Dreaming of a dangerous situation or finding yourself living it are situations that refer to the number 279.

If fear appears in the dream, in particular, it can be useful to go and understand the reason for this presence.

It is in fact possible that a situation may frighten us, slow us down, block us and it is therefore important that the customer takes control of the situation in order to benefit from it and overcome the obstacle that will soon come.

In addition to the most well-known fear, the number 279 is accompanied by a series of other meanings.

We are talking, for example, of actions such as accusing, abusing, climbing, approaching, delivering, squandering, frying, kneeling.

Yes also to things like laurel, height, stalking, drool, tar, collar, rally, brigade, hair, deer, fame, and jockey.

The number 279 can, however, take on other meanings and other shades. In the tarot, for example, his image is linked to that of the devil.

Going into more detail, the card represents a situation of oppression that makes the subject a prisoner and slave of a certain situation, if presented upside down the card instead indicates a weakness that could affect our life and therefore determine a change in trend.

If understood as an angel number, 279 is a number that encourages you to continue in your existential mission.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

The tradition of the grimace associates the number 279 with an undoubtedly particular and unusual element, namely beans.

Let’s better understand what are the characteristics of this number, the reasons for this association and what other possible interpretations according to other points of view can be given to the much talked about number 279, the first of the double-digit numbers.


At the end of this article you will have a complete view of what number 279 is and what are the possibilities and situations in which it is possible to play it.

Beans are generally associated with number 279. It is, as is known to most people, a legume of American origin and matrix, which however soon became important also in Europe and in our much appreciated Mediterranean diet, thanks to the abundant supply guaranteed by the legume of fibers, minerals and vitamins and the numerous variants in which the same is available in nature and beyond.

In light of this, beans represent a food known to everyone, which we are used to knowing, appreciating, and keeping on our tables.

However, the culinary aspect is not the only one to take into consideration when it comes to beans.

In fact, beans were usually and still are associated with money today, and it is no coincidence that they were used as a means of payment and barter by ancient populations.

The presence of beans in dreams can give life to different interpretations, it is therefore necessary to observe every single element of the dream and its details, even the smallest ones.

Love and Angel Number 279

The goal is therefore to pursue my own spiritual goals without any inhibitions, with the certainty of always being able to count on the support of one’s angel.

According to a Kabbalistic vision, the number 279 is the number that indicates a precarious balance from an emotional point of view.

Therefore, existential fragility, insecurity, fear of the future and what will come are factors and elements that determine the spread of this number to the bitter end.

The number is also associated with the desire to recover money through investments, but also plays of any type, order and degree.

Among the things that can be associated with this number we find the earth, drugs, anxiety, the sea, the fairy and all that we have already seen about the interpretation that this number gives the grimace.

At this point, to understand if and when to focus on the number 279 more simply to make sense of its presence in your life, you just have to listen to the feelings that accompany the presence of this number.

Interesting Facts about Number 279

In general, given the similarity of the bean to the fetus, if it is a woman who dreams of a bean it is possible that she wants to have a child or is already hatching a life within herself in a more or less conscious way.

If the dream sees us picking beans, it is instead possible that we are in a moment of economic difficulty and not only and we are therefore looking for some help that comes to us from the outside and can if not save us, at least help manage this. Difficult moment.

According to this point of view, the bean can therefore be compared to a gift, to a gift that comes suddenly from heaven.

Be careful, however, because beans are not the only thing we can compare to number 279 according to the grimace.

It is in fact also linked to actions such as accessing, smoking, enlarging, demolishing, polishing, obstructing, transcribing and to things, people or things such as the ring, the battery, the basin, the cannon, the onion, the conduit, the lid, the flour, daughter, landslide, hare, butcher, scabies.

Seeing Angel Number 279

This number is also important because it actually represents the base used for decimal numbering, which is so widespread and used.

The choice of the number 279 is probably connected to the fact that usually to count the fingers of the hands are used which, not surprisingly, are just ten.

Geometry also strengthens this vision, proof of this is the fact that 279 is represented by the convex decagon which in turn arises from the union of and superimposition of two pentagons.

The number ten is also called the number of heaven, precisely in the light of its being complete and perfect.

The circle is also linked to perfection, perfect, tending towards infinity, defined, capable of defining and raising.