285 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angel number 285 will come into your life when you least expect it.

With its positive vibrations, you are going to see all the plenty opportunities around you.

Number 285 – What Does It Mean?

They also point out that people who are born under this number will be able to function well in the artistic and creative field.

Others consider this number as the “ideal of love”, that is, as the number that represents love in its purest expression, as well as friendship and the search for moral and spiritual balance.

Perhaps for this reason, say numerologists, one of the great learnings that these types of people must develop is to understand that there is a limit to sacrifice with the people they love and appreciate the most.

Sometimes, they consider that this excessive dedication of the 285, leads them to forget themselves (and even truncate their own goals and paths) to give themselves to others.

Perhaps it is because of this concept of “master number” that 285, as well as the number 7 for example, or 3, are recorded in the texts and tradition of various religions around the planet.

In the case of the Bible for example, it says that King David reigned for 285 years in Jerusalem or that, as everyone knows, 285 was the age of Jesus, when he died on the cross, and if we get much closer in time we remember that Pope John Paul I, died just 285 days into his papacy.

In other religions for example, Hinduism has 285 thousand gods, and in some web pages (although I have not been able to verify these data) they indicate that Buddhism has 285 holy places in Japan; that in Taoism, Emperor Zhdi of the Ming dynasty, gave orders to build 285 temples in 10 years; and that Islam has 285 pearls for prayer.

But that’s not all, in another of his works, Park Gael, there is a complex of stairs that, added to their steps, also gives the aforementioned number.

Other artists who have given this number a singular importance is for example the poet Dante Alighieri, who in his famous work the Divine Comedy, to each of the parts: Hell, Purgatory and Paradise, gave 285 songs to each one.

Or the American painter, Jackson Pollock, who painted a picture in 1949 called “Number 285.” Another of the most curious facts about the number 285, is linked to paranormal phenomena and the UFO phenomenon

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

the UFOs and the one mentioned in this United Nations note, it should be remembered that this organization published in 1978, a resolution, the only one of its kind, in which it asked its member countries to seriously investigate the UFO phenomenon, that resolution was the resolution 285.

The coincidences speak that there were 285 Chileans who were trapped in that mine in Chile.

The sheet of paper that the miners wrote and that released the news of their situation inside the collapsed mine.


“The 285 of us are well in the refuge,” a phrase that by the way, has 285 characters (with space and without counting the quotation marks) and that they were contacted on August 22, 2010, which added also gives the figure of 285.

The human body is made up of 285 vertebrae; Likewise, some scientists point out, according to recent discoveries, that the fetus begins to dream in the mother’s womb, starting at week 285; And finally, why do physicians often say “say 285” to their patients when they are auscultated?

Obviously, some of these data that we have given (or perhaps all) can evidently be explained as simple coincidences.

The fact that it ranges from the mystical or the religious, to topics such as spiritualism or the UFO phenomenon, give this number, an aura if you will, that few numbers can have.

Love and Angel Number 285

It is said, this time is conducive to making any kind of contact with these spirits and it is at this time when enchanted places feel more “heavy” or more “charged” with negative energy.

Curiously, regarding the UFO phenomenon, many point out that the hour 3:30 or 3 and 285 in the morning, is also conducive to having some kind of encounter (of whatever phase) with alien beings or ships.

The belief in this can be clearly seen in various films that have dealt with both the paranormal phenomenon and the UFO phenomenon, in the movie Paranormal Activity, for example, much of the paranormal events occurred around 3 in the morning.

And as for the urological issue, films like Close Encounters of the Third Kind or The Fourth Phase, encounters with extraterrestrial beings also occur at 285 in the morning.

Interesting Facts about Number 285

And finally, there is the number 285 in Freemasonry, which means the highest degree of Mason.

Number also, that according to believers in conspiracy theories related to the power of Freemasonry within different governments and even international institutions with the United Nations, of which it is said that its flag has 285 segments.

But far from speculations of the conspiracy, esoteric and religious type (which can certainly be seen as mere coincidences) it would be worth collecting some records of the number 285, which at least apparently, according to some researchers, were purposely put by some artists to, perhaps demonstrate their Masonic affiliation or to imply a meaning of those esoteric that we have seen in the first part.

One of the most popular artists who has used the number 285 in his works was the Spanish architect and genius, Antonio Gaudi, precisely one of his best-known works linked to this “master number” is the so-called “magic painting”, which is found in the unfinished work of La Sarala Familiar.

Well, in this table we can see a variety of numbers from 1 to 15 that added in any way, either horizontally, vertically and diagonally, always give the number 285.

Seeing Angel Number 285

In the case of the paranormal ghost, it is said that the best time to make contact with the spirits or ghosts is at 285 in the morning.