343 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Heavens care about us, no matter if we believe or not. Our material and physical world is intertwined with forces unknown and mysterious. How many times in your life have you faced situations or phenomena that you could not explain by some logical conclusion or scientific evidence?

Surely, all of us can say they had such an experience. It has been happening since ancient times.

Humankind possesses natural curiosity. We always try to dig up answers for things we are unable to explain. When logic and science fail, there are alternatives.

Many people are skeptical about mysterious forces, concepts such as universal energy, the power of religion and faith, the image of God, angels, saints, miracles and any other form of divine power. People who believe in any of these things, no matter if they are followers of a religion or they are interested in spirituality in general, have their faith in common.

However, the belief itself is not what it matters the most.

Celestial beings are pure and good; they exist to help humans. Guardian angels are an example of such form of energy, to say so. You see, they do not actually care whether you believe in their existence or not; they will help you anyway. You may wonder why that is so.

Well, angels are non-physical beings, spirits that do not possess Ego and free will, as people do.

Guardian angels are selfless and innocent.

They are capable only of carrying and sharing goodness that comes from higher powers. If you believe in angels, then you are a lucky one, because they would hear you more easily. Angels watch upon human world and carefully listen to tiny vibrations of our souls and hearts. They know what we need. If you pray to heavens, then your inner vibrations will be louder.

Put that aside, guardian angels care about all human beings.

They support and guide us, but would never directly interfere with our destiny. Since we people are greedy and selfish, we may wonder what kind of help is that? What it matters if some celestial spirits watch upon us?

It does. Listen to your inner voice and you will recognize angelic messages.

Number 343 – What Does It Mean?

Angelic messages are actually not so deeply hidden. Well, angels send us messages in order to notice them, interpret them and make some use of them. Their messages are full of love, kindness, guidance and support, but also serve as signs of warning.

If we misbehave, an angelic message could make us realize that, before we make greater damage, for example.

What kind of messages do they send?


Angels use many channels, but numbers are probably dominant. Numbers can tell us many things, since we have created our own world, which is mostly consisted of numbers!

We count, sum up, divide, multiply, measure and do a series of actions for which numbers are inevitable. By choosing numbers as their medium, angels make sure we will see the message.

Any number you notice reoccurring in your daily life could be an angelic message.

You could easily tell if you see certain number throughout an extended period. You may also dream about that number or think about it.

For example, you could see it on your clock, then on a restaurant bill, on a car registration, a door and so on. Naturally, you wonder: ‘What does this number mean?’.

If you keep seeing number 343, what is the meaning behind the message?

This three-digit number is one of the most interesting angel numbers, because of its specific composition. It is consisted of digits 3 and 4, put in a specific order. This is a number of specific energy. Let us find out the secret meaning and symbolism behind this one.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Number 343 is interesting because of specific order of its constitutive parts, in the first place. In order to understand what that means, we must interpret its parts, numbers 3 and 4 and discover what role their angelic energy has in this particular combination.

These numbers possess kind of opposite energetic vibration, but they are not in a conflict here. Let us explain that.

Number 3 is a symbol of positivity, optimism and inspiration. It boosts our creativity, imagination and enthusiasm.

This number resonates with childish joy and innocent approach to life. This angelic number gives you hope things can always be improved, because nothing is impossible.

Number 3 also stands for freedom, openness to new experiences, courage to face challenges and even risk.

Bad sides of number 3 vibration are recklessness and loss of interest. This number could make you easily bored and unsatisfied. You see, here it is at the beginning and the ending of the number, which could be quite tricky.

Fortunately, 4 is in the middle and it restrains overstimulation of energy number 3 gives you and creates balance.

Number 4 is a symbol of high morals, pragmatism, organization, patience, responsibility and sense of duty. It is the opposite of number 3 energy. It also stands for endurance, perseverance and tradition. Number 4 gives people sense of patriotism and loyalty, both to your own ideals and that of others you respect and admire. Number 4 is also a symbol of devotion, trust and trust-worthiness.

Together, this 343 row makes you an amazing individual.

Sometimes you struggle to find peace within your soul and in such times your guardian angels jump in to help you.

By sending this number, they remind you you can have freedom and commitment at the same time. Learning how to balance all those values is not easy, but it is worth of trying.

Love and Angel Number 343

When it comes to love life, number 343 is challenging. It makes a person restless and impatient, often questioning their decisions, especially when it comes to relationships.

That is the reason why many people with this angel number get married later in life. Their love lives are turbulent, with lot of twists. Both sides could be hurt in the process as well as other people involved.

However, a true love is something that is reachable for these individuals.

They only need a lot of time, searching and exploring, until they find the right person. Once they have met their dream match, they settle down and their more pragmatic and loyal side prevails.

They like to be dominant, but generally, they really care about people around. They are good parents, devoted partners and reliable friends. They are not always easy to deal with, because they are prone to mood swings and making drama over little things, but they are honest and just.

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Numerology Facts About Number 343

Numerology facts about number 343 are fascinating. You see, 7x7x7 equals 343. Number 7 is considered magical and one of the most mysterious one digit numbers.

According to numerologists and spiritualists, this number gives you ability to reach deep into the world of the Unknown, to awake your inner self and get in touch with forces hidden from common people.

In various belief systems around the world, 7 is considered a sacred number.

Seeing Angel Number 343

Seeing number 343 provides great comfort in times of need. Since personality behind number 343 could be either stable or insecure, this number, as angelic messages, comes to remind you work on achieving the balance.

This number possesses great energy, but it must be handled properly.

Use your wisdom to control your restless spirit, use your sense of pragmatism and duty to overcome your tendency to act irresponsible.

Number 343 is a powerful angelic message that comes as both a support and a lesson. Angels want to encourage you nurture and develop all the positive traits you have, at the cost of bad ones.

You should also be aware that people can never be perfect, so do not be afraid to make mistakes on your path of learning. Embrace yourself the way you are.

People with angel number 343 are respected by others and, in their eyes, they look invincible.

That is good, but sometimes it is fine to rely on others. Share your insecurities with people you love, you will see how easier the life could be after you share your burden. This angelic message is, above all, a sign that your guardians in heavens care about you and that you will always have their support.