344 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Do you believe in power of heavens? If you are a religious or spiritual person, sure you are familiar with the idea of celestial, heavenly beings that love and support humankind.

All belief systems around the world have something in common. No matter of the origin or context of these beliefs, they all claim we are not alone in this world. There are mysterious forces of higher realms, forces that help us on our destiny paths.

The ultimate goal of the universe, to say so, is to achieve perfect harmony, which is, according to numerous and various debates, unreachable.

This tendency to achieve balance is something we, humans, have in common with our heavenly guardians. Humankind itself is imperfect. Our lives are imperfect. We make many mistakes, we induce bad things to happen and ascribe that to our destiny.

Surely you have said many times. ‘Well, it must be written in stars, otherwise it would not have happened’.

That is partly correct; our lives are influenced by heavens above, but majority of it lies in our own hands. Besides of failure and wrong directions, humans make wonderful things!

We grow and develop constantly, in that direction or other. There are ‘stand by’ phases and there are downsides, but, generally, we do progress.

We do that by our own resources, but we have a lot of support from above. Spiritualist, astrologers, religious people and others, who have sense about mystical things, believe all of us have their own guardian angels.

These heavenly beings are of pure light and goodness; they are kind and loving spirits who offer us their help in times of need.

Guardian angels care about you, even if you do not pray to them or think about heavens.

They are here, but they do not take human form and walk among people. Guardian angels send us messages, to show us they care and to point us to good direction. They will never directly influence our destiny, but they want to encourage us to do what we are truly capable of.

Number 344 – What Does It Mean?

Guardian angels send us messages that come in many forms. These are usually symbols we are familiar with; symbols we could easily notice.

For example, it could be an object, an image, even phenomenon.

Numbers are one of the most powerful angelic mediums for communication with people. Numbers are something we see and deal with daily, so it is easy to notice if the same number keeps reappearing in various situations.

If you have started seeing certain number all the time, it could be an angelic message.


By sending us these angel numbers, our guardians want to tell us something. Generally, angelic messages in form of numbers are positive. Angels do not judge us, because they do not possess Ego and free will; they only recognize if we need help.

Maybe we are doing something wrong or we feel bad because of situations that are out our control.

Whatever the case may be, angels offer their support. They do not change events or erase evil things. They help us overcome obstacles by ourselves. Angel numbers are powerful messages because they could tell us a lot about our personality.

Knowing yourself better is often the key to progress, develop and advance. Angel numbers reflect both our character and our life circumstances.

What if angels send you certain three-digit number, such as number 344?

Three-digits are amazing, because they have complex meaning, which is a result of combination of their constitutive parts. In this case, we speak about number 3 and 4 and their influence on one another in this particular order and combination.

Let us discover what lies beneath the surface of 344.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Number 344 is an amazing angelic number and it reflects a personality that is lively and optimistic, but very responsible, just and organized.

People with this number are focused, determined, loyal and devoted. They have a little bit of childish carelessness, but it is controlled and sometimes restrained. Finding a proper balance between these aspects is the ultimate goal, which is why angels send you this number, in the first place.

Number 3 is at the beginning and it is not dominant, but it has its influence, which is good.

This number gives people a lot of positive energy, an ability to look at life with joy. It resonates with the energy of freedom, openness, adventurousness and imagination. It gives you the ability to imagine, to dream and create.

Number 3 also represents youthfulness and vitality, which make a person energetic and enthusiastic.

Number 4 is one of the best symbols of responsibility, pragmatism, organization, tradition, conventionalism and honor. It also represents authority, dominance, sense of duty and justice. In this combination, number 4 is seen two times, which makes its influence great.

Number 344, thus, has a bit of creative, intuitive and imaginative character and a lot of strong, confident and determined one. Together, they make an amazing combination.

According to numerologists, this number reflects a personality that is strong, self-confident and determined. They associate this number with great inventors, leaders, even rulers. This number makes you wise and eager to learn new things.

People with this number have a constant need to develop and widen up their horizons, primarily on an intellectual field.

Love and Angel Number 344

Number 344 brings stability in love and yet it still gives a person a need to be free.

They have a strong need to preserve their individuality and freedom in relationships. They are loyal and faithfulness is something they consider vital; any suspicion is out of question. They are likely to find themselves offended if a partner starts asking about their whereabouts. They are extremely sensitive to that.

This number is somewhat a complicated, when it comes to love life.

These intelligent, charismatic and dominant people are not easy to deal with. They are demanding partners and they search for someone who is strong enough to stand all of their demands.

Once they find such a person, they develop a kind of a romantic and competitive relationship, which makes it challenging.

However, such relationships are able to survive all difficulties.

Number 344 is supportive, protective and caring. These people are not as gentle as some others are, so they do not show their affection and love so openly. This is something they should work on and probably one of the reasons why would angels send them number 344 as a guiding message.

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Numerology Facts About Number 344

Number 344 can be associated with art and creation. To be a true artist you cannot only have inspiration and great imagination, but also a lot of patience, responsibility and determination to stick to your ideals and achieve your dreams.

If you sum up digits of this number you get 11, which is the number of muses in Ancient Greek legends.

As you know, muses are those who give inspiration for incredible creations. Number 11 also stands for life purpose, spiritual journey and visionary, concepts that also constitute number 344.

Seeing Angel Number 344

Angels send you number 344 to help you balance your inner energy. If you start lacking your motivation, it must be because your more strict part prevails.

Try to relax and let your more ‘irresponsible’ part guides you. Life is not only rules and obligations, you are free to experiment and explore. Your sense of duty and honor is like a two bladed sword; it keeps you on track and helps you progress, but, at the same time, it could narrow your view.

Do not be afraid to slow down a little bit and simply enjoy life. Look around you and see how many things there are around.

You should also be more kind to people around you.

They know you love them and that you would never abandon or hurt them, but they need you to show them you care. You will not lose your integrity if you show your softer side.

Number 344 comes as an encouragement if you lack your inspiration, which happens when you push yourself too hard. Angels want to help you relax, in order to achieve the balance and harmony.

Inspiration is something you crave for, but you restrain it by your own anxieties. It comes uninvited, so you just need to let go off the pressure you created yourself.