347 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Have you ever thought about your purpose on this world?

Surely you have, because it is in our human nature to always ask, seek, explore and discover. However, such a question is the ultimate mystery of humankind.

At the same time, it troubles and excites us. Shortly said, it really makes our lives a wonderful journey, with all of its good and bad sides.

Humans are not alone in the world, of course.

There are other living beings, with their own energies and vibrations. There is even more, although many doubt such things exist. There are mysterious forces that have an influence on this world, as well.

Some speak about universal energy, life-giving force in various forms, while others try to explain things rationally. Some things, however, still do not have a logical explanation.

For example, you could start seeing and object or a symbol or something else all the time, for an extended period.

You may wonder what does it mean? Maybe you keep facing the same situation frequently, no matter if it is a good or bad one. You ask: ‘Why is this happening to me? What have I done to deserve this? Am I really that good/bad?’.

No one can answer these questions, but we might try.

According to people interested in all aspects of spirituality, we all have guardian angels.

Guardian angels are our guides, protectors and support us. They are selfless, Ego-less celestial spirits that are capable only of doing well. They love humans and care about every one of us. Maybe you have never thought about guardian angels, but they do care about you.

Number 347 – What Does It Mean?

Guardian angels help you by sending messages. They do not change events in your life, make decisions or act in your place.

You may wonder what kind of help they offer. Angels send us symbolic messages that are intended to remind us of our own capabilities.

All of us have our flaws and qualities; it is only the matter of how we deal with them.

Angelic messages should encourage us to develop and grow in a positive way, to be able to overcome all the challenges on our life path. These messages could come in form of numbers. These are called angel numbers and each one carries a special message to you.


In most cases, angelic messages could reveal something about your own personality that you have not been aware about.

Angel numbers carry secret meanings, guidance and support. Three-digit numbers, such as number 347 are interesting because of their specific composition. Their general spiritual energy is made of specific vibrations of numbers it is consisted of.

In this case, there are number 3, 4 and 7. Let us discover what this combination means.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Number 347 represents a mixture of attributes of its constitutive parts, numbers 3, 4 and 7. It is amazing to interpret these correlations and see how they are reflected in a person’s life.

This number can tell you a lot about your own personality and thus help you improve things that need to be better and at the same time accept your flaws and work on them.

Number 3 is for optimism, joy and creativity. It is restless and a bit childish, which is good, because you will never lose your eagerness to learn and explore. On the other hand, it could make naïve and careless, especially when it comes to relations with other people.

Number 4 gives you a common sense; it stands for responsibility, tradition, pragmatism, determination and endurance.

Number 7 gives this combination kind of a ‘magical’ touch. It reconnects you with your spiritual self and makes you open for new ideas, for spiritual journey and spiritual awakening. Do not get lost in the world of visions and dreams! Your aspect of 4 controls both your inner joyful child and visionary part.

Together, if handled properly, these aspects can make you an amazing personality.

Love and Angel Number 347

Number 347 brings you joy and happiness, when it comes to love life.

The only thing you should be bothered is your occasional recklessness that could hurt your partner or others you love. You sometimes get so obsessed with your inner journey that you literally forget the world around you.

Others can find that intriguing and even charming, but people close to you will miss your presence.

People with number 347 have a lot of passion and empathy, they love helping people and caring about others, but usually only when they feel like doing so.

The same is with their relationships. For a long time, these relationships could be unsteady.

That happens because number 347 resonates with both need to be free and sense of importance of family life.

Nevertheless, number 347 brings fortune in love and these people find their soul mate. Since they are passionate, they make amazing lovers and caring partners.

They are good parents as well. Life with them is never boring. They are never tired of preparing surprises and bringing smiles on faces of their loved ones. These charismatic people are also great friends, but a bit unreliable when it comes to small things.

Numerology Facts About Number 347

Number 347 is associated with many interesting facts.

For example, in year 1347, there were 347 types of swords!

A popular American movie is titled Route 347.

Year 347 was a year of an incredible discovery; people have discovered new forms of life on Earth ion that year.

Did you know that there were 347 species of toxic spiders, capable of killing a human being, according to some statistics?

Seeing Angel Number 347

If you see number 347, your guardian angels want to tell you the time has come to take more responsibility in your life. Dreaming is amazing, but you have to accept your reality.

Maybe it is time for a big change, for example, starting a family, moving somewhere else, finding a new job or even taking a trip somewhere far away.

Listen to your heart and you will know what to do, because your heavenly guardians will help you find your direction.

Number 347 is sent to you to make you realize what your true talents and skills are and encourage you to develop them.

You need more patience and balance in life, because your character is turbulent. By carefully listening to your inner voice and noticing angelic messages, you will get even more inspiration and motivation.

Do not be afraid if you have not established your goal and do not rush with that. Every step counts!