348 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Heavens and angels are something that has been inspiring the purest forms of peoples’ creations, since ancient times. Our everlasting quest for achieving that sacred connection with higher realms, to reveal the mystery of our existence and find peace within our souls made us amazing earthly beings.

However, that universal true is, perhaps, something that we would never reach. It bothers us and excites us, making our lives a wonderful journey.

Humankind is not perfect; we face many challenges along the way and are not capable of resolving all of them.

Sometimes we have to retreat and wait, other times we should take charge, while it also happens we simply avoid dangers in front of us. Every choice is fine, for we are not made to always have perfect solutions or make perfect decisions.

However, there are times we achieve great things, create wonders that appear almost heavenly.

You may wonder, where does this energy that moves us come from? Is it something we already possess or it comes from realms unknown to humankind?

Perhaps both ideas are correct and the inspiration and motivation is an amazing mixture of both mentioned.

One thing is certain, from time to time, all of us feel a bit down, unmotivated and lost. We have to have purpose, but we are unable to clearly see our goals.

In times we need support, our heavenly guardians provide us with guiding messages. You have to agree that at least once in your life you have felt as you need some higher assistance, something that will wake you up and give you energy to move on.

In such times, our guardian angels act. Have you ever thought about heavens and angels?

No matter of your answer, these beautiful pure spirits care about you.

Number 348 – What Does It Mean?

Guardian angels are spirits without free will. They are connected to that higher power that rules the universe.

You can think about it as life energy, universal force or the God. It does not matter; what is important is to know that heavens care about you.

Guardian angels are messengers of that life-creating force. Their purpose is to aid people in times of need and offer them love and support.

Angelic messages can take various forms.


For example, you could keep seeing an image or an object reoccurring in your daily life. You can also have dreams about such things or even visions. Some angelic messages come in form of numbers. These are the best to interpret, because we are familiar with numbers, although we are often unaware of their mystical powers.

These numerical messages, to say so, are called angel numbers.

You see, any number could be an angelic message, but it is important that the same one keeps appearing in your life.

Angel numbers could tell you a lot about your own character and help you get in touch with your inner voices. By knowing yourself better, you will know what you should work on.

Numbers such as 348 are interesting because they are composite. Their meaning is complex and colorful.

These numbers are probably the best for self-analysis, because the combination of three aspects they are made off reveals the true personality of a human being who gets this number.

Let us discover the secret meaning behind angel number 348.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 348 is made of numbers 3, 4 and 8. The energy of this number is amazing and it makes this number’s vibrations very stable. Thus, the character behind this number is steady, patient, well organized and confident, spiced up with amazing intuition, imagination and relation with its spiritual part.

Number 348 reflects a person who is proud and determined, practical and rational, but also spiritual or religious.

Number 3 makes the spiritual part. It awakes imagination and intuition and also gives a person positive attitude towards life. Number 3 resonates with energy of youth, freedom, creativity and even helps developing psychic powers.

Number 4, on the other hand, is very traditional, organized and dutiful. It makes a person focused, loyal, honorable, honest and just. It could narrow your view, if you let it take control.

Number 8 is similar to number 4, but it is mostly associated with prosperity, material and financial aspect of a person’s life. It gives you a lot of self-confidence and strength to endure difficult times. This number resonates with vibrations of power, authority, reality, decisiveness and independence.

It is also important to mention that numbers 4 and 8 are associated with family, sociability and friendliness.

Together, these numbers make an amazing combination.

People with this number are driven to success, determined and focused, but they are also creative and imaginative.

This means they have the ability, skills and talents to bring their visions to life. They could be great leaders and inspire others to follow. However, this could also make them self-obsessed, which leads to insecurity, and arrogant.

Love and Angel Number 348

People with number 348 value love as one of the most important things in life.

They think of love as their fuel, inspiration and motivation. Interestingly, they are often alone, but not because other people avoid them or hate them, but because they need solitude. They dream of finding their lifetime partner and they are ready to wait.

They are charismatic and dominant personalities, but once they find true love, they are capable of making compromises and changing their attitude, if needed.

Their relationships are few, steady and long-lasting. They marriages are usually life-long.

Numerology Facts About Number 348

Number 348 is seen in various fields, but we cannot say there are many fascinating facts about it. However, its angelic meaning is amazing, as we have seen.

Number 348 is written as 10101010 in binary code. If you sum up these 1s, you get 4 again.

The aspect of number 4 is strong in number’s 348 angelic vibrations.

Seeing Angel Number 348

Number 348 usually occurs as a symbolic message in lives of people with traits mentioned above. Your guardian angels want to help you better understand yourself and stop questioning your qualities.

Because of your naturally strong will, need to dominate and have clear goals, you may find yourself insecure and lost when you do not see the road ahead so clearly. You have to accept life is unpredictable and not all things are in your control.

Try to let go off that pressure you have produced yourself. Your planning and organizational skills are amazing.

Nevertheless, what would you do if something goes in another direction?

You would excessively feel anxious about it; that is the thing requiring working on it. You should be more flexible in general, especially when it comes to material and financial success.

Do not neglect your more spiritual side and carefully listen to your intuition.