349 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angel numbers are an amazing thing. Whenever you feel sad, lonely and lacking your strength and will, your angels would send you a message of love and support.

Listen to them and let them help you!

You see, many people do not believe beings and forces like guardian angels, spirits, deities and similar exist at all.

However, heavens still care about us.

Humankind often needs some help from above, even if we are unaware of such a help. We may feel discouraged and hopeless and we tend to lose faith in everything this world has to offer.

At other times, we may feel like we rule the world. We are guided by both our inner voice and messages from heavens. Our guardian angels make sure we are well.

It is not so important to believe in their powers; angels would help you anyway. If you pray to them, they will hear you more easily, but rest assured, angels could feel the tiniest vibrations of human souls.

In times we need additional support to pull ourselves back together, angels send us supportive messages.

These messages come from heavens directly and their only purpose is to help us regain our courage.

Angels are spirits of divine powers and only positive ones.

They are made without Ego and free will, so they are incapable of thinking or producing evil. They will not stop evil, because that is not their task. They will only guide us and give us support to overcome bad things ourselves.

Number 349 – What Does It Mean?

The magic of angelic messages lies in the fact these messages are meant to help us deal with bad things in life by our own courage, skills and talents.

We are all different and we do not possess the same amount of courage, self-confidence and strength. Fragile, gentle souls may require angelic help more often, while tough ones need it occasionally.

If you face a situation that seems unfortunate and you find yourself without any clue how to overcome it, you surely feel depressed and weak.

Sometimes it seems like the entire world is against you, but that is not true.


You see, you have some good friends living in realms far beyond your imagination. When guardian angels feel we need help, they send us their love and support through symbols.

Symbols angels use are various, but numbers are some of the most common. Humans see numbers every day, so it is easy to notice the same number that keeps reoccurring in a person’s daily life and routine.

If you keep seeing, thinking or even dreaming about the same one, that must be an angel number.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

What does it mean if angels send you magical number 349?

At first, it appears to be just another three-digit number, but if it keeps reappearing in your life, this number means something special.

What message angels have for you, what would they like to tell you or teach you?

Three-digit numbers are complex and, besides guidance, they offer a better insight to your own soul.

Number 349 can tell you a lot about your character. Being three-digit, it consists of combination of meanings and aspects. This combination is quite amazing. Let us reveal its hidden meaning.

Number 3, as the first digit, represents your youthful, optimistic and enthusiastic side. It makes you courageous and ready to face risks of entering new chapters of life.

Number 4, on the other hand, represents your mature, responsible, adult side. It gives you sense of organization, sense of family values and tradition, courage, drive to success and practical skills. It helps a lot when facing difficulties, but it could narrow your view a bit.

Number 9 is the most magical one, perhaps. It possess a lot of 3s energy, spiced up with spirituality, wisdom and power of higher perception.

Love and Angel Number 349

Angel number 349 is fortunate in love.

People with this number are loving, caring and passionate. They are often dreamers and they sometimes tend to idealize a partner.

Fortunately, their ‘reasonable’ side takes them back to ground. They value family over all and are good and supportive friends.

Sometimes they get lost in their dreams or inside their inner, deeply spiritual world, but they do not lose touch with their loved ones.

Numerology Facts About Number 349

Number 349 is a prime number, and its digits give 7, if you sum them up like this. 3+4+9, which equals 16, 1+6, which equals 7.

This number possesses incredible spiritual powers and it contributes the magical and spiritual aspect of number 9 in this combination.

It means that on top of all characteristics for number 349, its ‘higher’ vibration is very strong.

Seeing Angel Number 349

Number 349 reflects a personality that is spiritual, creative, imaginative and artistic, with a lot of energy and motivation, but also reasonable, organized and responsible one.

This combination is fortunate, so, if you keep seeing this numbers, it comes to remind you of your qualities and to encourage you in nurturing them.

On the other side, if you feel lost and lacking your natural optimism and drive, it comes both as a reminder mentioned above and divine encouragement.

You can do so much in life, you only have to believe in yourself and keep to your goals and causes. Number 349 will give you angelic motivation and courage to move on.