356 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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What do you think about the power of numbers? Do you see numbers only as a tool to measure and calculate things or you see an aspect of divine in these symbols?

For numbers that exactly, symbols. Besides their practical value, numbers are magical. We can do so much only by using numbers for calculating and counting purposes, but they also hide messages from divine realms above.

Many people believe numbers hold secret powers, while others do not.

In almost all of ancient societies and belief systems, numbers had a special place. This ‘tradition’ exists even now.

Veiled by reality of modern life, numbers still emit their incredible energy around. Astrologers, numerologists, spiritualist, religious people and many more often interpret numbers as messages that come from realms beyond humans’ imagination.

Some call these numbers angelic or angel numbers, believing particular numbers are sent to human world from heavens, as guiding and teaching messages. We all have guardian angels.

These pure and divine spirits exists only to help humankind and help us build our world into a better place.

Misfortunes and evils are many in our earthly life, but so good things and fortunes are, as well.

Angels would never change our situation for better, but they will encourage do that by ourselves. Guardian angels always take care of human world, even in times we feel lost and alone.

They will not let you alone.

Angels are not there to make decisions instead of you or improve things. They help us fight troubles by our own strength will and optimism.

Number 356 – What Does It Mean?

If angels send you certain number, it is considered to be an angelic message. It is a number that hides special note for you. Numbers are many and all of them could be interpreted as angelic, if you keep seeing them.

For example, number 356 seems to be just a common number, but if it appears repeatedly then it is an angelic message.

Numbers are one of channels angels use to communicate with human world. Guardian angels help all humans, regardless of their belief.

According to people who interpret and analyze angelic influences, every human being has their own guardian angels. They claim we could have two or more heavenly guardians.


Guardian angels can feel your need and they listen to gentle whispering of our souls.

They know if you need some help, if you feel sad, lost, lacking strength and will to move on. They send you their love and support through angel numbers.

Okay, but what does particular number mean? What if your angelic message is number 356?

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Number 356 is an interesting angelic combination and it could help you understand yourself better and, thus, improve things that require working on them.

At the same time, such messages help people embrace all of their flaws, in order to be able to work on them as well. You have both advantages and weaknesses; the key is to balance them.

Number 356 consists of digits 3, 5 and 6, each one with its special angelic vibration.

Number 3 resonates with vibrations of great imagination, creativity and optimism. It widens up your view and helps you get ready for new steps on your life path. It gives you a lot of positivity, enthusiasm and inspires freethinking.

Number 5 has somewhat similar vibration and it also inspires creativity. Number 5 also represent success, ambition, uniqueness and versatility. It resonates with incredible magnetism and charisma, but could make you restless, irresponsible and arrogant.

Number 6 represents love, harmony, balance and peace and it calms down effects of 3 and 5, making a balance. It also stands for firmness, guardianship and protection, which is extremely good for love and family life.

Love and Angel Number 356

Number 256 brings times of wandering and restlessness in love life, but often with a happy ending and settling down.

People with this number are extravagant and adventurous, but deep inside, they need some stability and support from others. They could be careless and thoughtless and have many unsteady relationships throughout their lifetime.

However, once they start a family, they find it the most precious thing in their own life.

Numerology Facts About Number 356

Number 356 is an even, composite number, written in binary code as 0101010. If you sum up these 1s, you get 3.

It means the energy of 3 is strong in this combination. In addition, if you sum up the digits, you get 14 and then (1+4), you get 5.

It means the power of 5 is also strong.

Since number 6 is at the ending, it gives balance to restless aspects of 3 and 5 and make character behind 356 stable.

Seeing Angel Number 356

If you keep seeing number 356, your guardian angels want to tell you something important.

First of all, they want you to believe in your dreams, because they know you have many. However, at some point of your life, you have to make decisions and to choose priorities.

That is the lesson behind this angel number. Do not feel discouraged if you cannot make up your mind.

Such things require patience, which is probably something you lack. Feed you adventurous spirit, do not worry in advance, and try new things, experiment.

You will know when it is enough, if you listen to your intuition and your inner voice. Guardian angels will help you hear it clearly.