357 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Sometimes we ask ourselves: ‘Are numbers only our tool for calculating, counting money, measuring distances, heights, mass and so on?’.

There could be more than one answer to this question. Some believe numbers possess far greater purpose than simply solving problems of this earthly, material world pr even helping us understands more abstract and distant things, such as various scientific ideas and such.

Maybe there is magic hidden in numbers. According to spiritualists, numerologists, astrologers and many more, numbers are much more than a calculating tool.

Perhaps, numbers can be both; surely there is some mysticism about them. Numbers could be interpreted as symbolical messages, sent to us by our guardian angels, who are our heavenly protectors.

Guardian angels care about all human beings, regardless of their faith. According to spiritualists, every person has their own guardian angels or more of them.

These pure spirits are there to make sure we are doing well, even in times everything seems so unfortunate and sad.

You see, angels cannot change events or prevent bad fortune. However, they help us overcome difficulties by our own strength.

Some of us are gentle and vulnerable more than others, but every one of us needs some additional help occasionally.

When we face danger, misfortune or a problem that seems insoluble, we tend to lose our courage, faith, motivation and self-confidence. It is so hard to be a human, many would say! Fortunately, our lives are full of joy, as well.

Number 357 – What Does It Mean?

Angels and heavens help us feel that joy, embrace life with our arms wide open. They help us regain trust in others, optimism and belief in our own capabilities.

You may ask: ‘But, how do they do that, if not by changing things for better?’.

Well, the answer is simple. By sending us messages of love and support, they help us do things on our own and move from the point we feel stuck in.

Angelic messages are symbolic and you have to recognize and interpret them. They are not difficult to distinguish and notice; otherwise, the purpose would fail. Angelic messages often come in symbols that are easy to recognize, such as numbers.

We are familiar with numbers and use them daily. If certain number starts appearing in various daily situations, it is magically suspicious, at least.

Yes, such a number could be an angelic message, sent especially to you. By sending a number, angels want to help you better know yourself and discover your true qualities.


Moreover, they want to help you build your self-confidence and enjoy life to the fullest.

Now we will see what it means if your angel number is number 357.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Number 357 is a powerful angel number that reflects some of the most imaginative and intuitive personalities. It reflects a personality that is creative, in touch with his or hers inner voice, spiritual, romantic.

People with this number are enthusiastic, charming and charismatic. They love to explore both real, earthly life, as well as spiritual paths.

Sometimes, they get lost in their dreams, which is not necessarily bad, if well handled.

Number 3 gives them youthful energy, joy and optimism to live their life to the fullest and enjoy every single moment. They could be reckless, they love to risk and they are very adventurous.

Number 5 gives them even more creativity and ability to express it. It also resonates with energy of uniqueness, individuality, self-confidence and ambition.

Number 7 gives this combination a touch of true magic, to say so. Number 7 is considered one of the numbers with strong spiritual and mystical powers. It is seen in various belief systems and magical properties are often ascribed to this numbers. It leads to spiritual awakening and accompanies you on your spiritual journey.

Love and Angel Number 357

Number 357 brings an adventurous love life. Some people would say this is unlucky number for love, but that depends on how you think of it. Yes, it brings a lot of turbulence, seeking, broken hearts and broken relationships.

However, eventually, people with this number find their perfect one.

They need someone to live their dream together. They have a lot of love to give and that love is romantic, gentle and overwhelming.

Numerology Facts About Number 357

Number 357 is a powerful odd number and it is interesting to notice its digits are placed in an ascending order of odd numbers.

It means this number also encourages progress, development and reflects the idea of eternity and continuity.

Numbers with continuing rows of digits are always inspirational and considered spiritually powerful.

Seeing Angel Number 357

If you keep seeing number 357 your guardian angels want only to remind you you should not get lost in your dreams and fantasies. Sometimes, it even appears selfish.

People who love you and whom you love could feel neglected and, in the worst scenario, forgotten and abandon.

Your guardian angels know you are not selfish by nature, but you have to show you are not.

People you care for cannot always know what do you mean or feel for them, if you do not show them.

This does not mean you should give up your spiritual journey, on the contrary1 once you really get to know deep needs of your heart and soul, you will better understand the world around you. Just be careful and do not get lost.