444 Biblical Meaning

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It has been always believed that there is a special way of communication between people and God. In fact, people believe that they are receiving little signs from God from time to time.

One of the most usual signs that you will receive from the universe is a number. It is important to know that numbers have special symbolism, so if you discover their meanings, you will be able to understand the message that comes from the Divine.

Today in this article we will have a discussion about number 444 and we will tell you all you need to know about this number, in order to understand the message that has been sent to you.

First we will tell you something about the general meaning of this number, as well as what this number means if it has been sent to you from the spiritual realms.

After that you will see a couple of biblical facts about number 444, which will help you figure out what this number means in the biblical sense.

At the end of this article we will tell you possible reasons why this number is appearing in your life with frequency.

If you have already noticed that number 444 is appearing in front of you many times over a day or a week, then you can be sure that it is a very important sign that comes to you from divine forces.

We recommend you to read this article carefully in order to find out what message you can receive in the form of number 444.

What Does Number 444 Mean?

Before we tell you what the biblical meaning of number 444 is, we have to take into account that this number is actually made up of number 4 that is repeating three times. Because of that we have to explain the meaning of number 4 first.

This number is a symbol of practicality, patience, determination and discipline. If this number enters your life, it means that you should focus on your aspirations and goals, so you should go towards them. This number is associated with you perseverance and energy as well. You need to be persistent and patient because all things in this world need time to happen.

Number 4 may also symbolize your inner wisdom, as well as your intuition that you should follow. Sometimes this number is in a close connection with family and stability at your home.

Actually, number 4 can symbolize the relationship between you and your family members, so in most of the cases this number indicates that there is peace and harmony in your family.

As you can see, number 444 is a sequence of number 4 that is appearing three times, which means that your angels want to catch your attention and to make you think about number 4. Number 444 can be sent to you from divine forces and it is usually used as a symbol of stability, dsicipline, dedication, responsibility and hard work.

You have seen in this chapter what numbers 4 and 444 mean in general, but it is time to see something about their meaning in the Bible. It is not a secret that number 444 is mentioned a lot of times in the Bible, so if you are interested to find out more about that, you should keep reading this article.

What Is the Biblical Meaning of Number 444?

The first thing we have to say about the biblical meaning of numbers is that the Hebrew language is specific and it is known for its uniqueness. In this language each number has special symbolism and it is related to a certain word.


When it comes to the biblical meaning of number 444, we have to take into account number 4 first. It is known that there are 4 basic elements in the world – the air, the water, the fire and the earth. There are also 4 directions – West, East, South and North.

Also, we all know that all signs of the zodiac are classified in 4 different groups. According to the Bible, it is considered that number 4 is a symbol of creation and very often it was used to represent the oldest city on the planet – Damascus.

There are also interesting things about number 444 in the Bible. It is believed that the Christ’s ministry lasted exactly 44 months and 4 days, before the crucifixion.

We have to mention another interesting fact related to the biblical meaning of number 444. According to the Hebrew Lexicon, this number is used a symbol of corruption.

Actually, it is believed that if number 444 enters someone’s life, that person will become corrupt.

In the Old Testament it can also be found that the cycle of 444 days is necessary for God to end with the corruption and to eliminate this sin from the world. It is also written that God always needs a cycle of 444 days in order to end a certain period in someone’s life.

Now when you have seen what number 444 can mean in the biblical context, it is time to find out why you are seeing this number very often and what you should do the next time when this number appears in your life.

Why Are You Seeing Number 444?

If it happens that number 444 is appearing all the time in front of you and if you have a feeling that it is following you, then you should think more about its symbolism and secret meanings. In this article we have explained you what number 444 can symbolize in a general sense and also what it means in the Bible.

We hope that now you have a complete picture of this number in your head, so it is not hard to conclude what kind of a message might be hidden in this number.

The first thing you should know if you are seeing number 444 all the time is that it is a divine sign and you should not ignore it. It could be a message of support and help that your guardian angels are sending to you. This number is appearing many times in your surroundings, because this way angels are trying to attract your attention and to make you think more deeply about this number and its symbolism.

One of the most important messages that you can receive through number 444 is that you are on the right path at this moment and you should keep going on. You have the support from your angels and there is nothing that you should be afraid of.

Another situation in which number 444 will appear in front of you is if you are going through a period of problems and obstacles. In this case number 444 means that you should ask your guardian angels to help you.

The best way to do that is to pray and you can be sure that angels will hear you and they will do anything to help you. There are also some other reasons why number 444 is appearing in front of you.

One of them may be the fact that it is time to take action and to step out of the comfort zone. Also, your angels are reminding you this way that you cannot live from your dreams, but you need to realize them into reality.

Also, we have to say that the appearance of number 444 in your life may indicate that it is time to change something. It may be the right time to end a certain cycle in your life and to start the new one. You should think about that if number 444 starts appearing in front of you.

Of course, you should have on your mind that your guardian angels will be with you through a period of transition. They will help you adapt to changes that are coming and use new possibiities that will appear in front of you.

As you could see in this article, number 444 is very powerful and it can have different meanings. We have told you what this number can mean in general and what its place in the Bible is. The combination of all those meanings of number 444 will help you figure out what the symbolism of this number is and what this number is trying to tell you.

Anyway, you should always keep in mind that seeing number 444 doesn’t happen by chance, but it is usually a sign from the universe.

Because of that you should not ignore this sign and you should try to interpret the message that comes to your through number 444. We hope that we helped you in that.

We have also mentioned the reasons why this number may be appearing in your life so often, so we are sure that you will pay more attention to this number when you see it the next time.

When it happens, you should know that 444 is a very important angel number and also a biblical number, so it is necessary to think about its deeper meaning and to try to find the interpretation for the message that might be hidden in it.