555 Biblical Meaning

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It is believed that when you see the same number sequence too many times in front of you, it could mean that your angels are trying to speak to you. Angels use those numbers in order to tell you that you are not alone, but you have their guidance and support.

According to that, it is possible that following numbers keep appearing in your life: 111, 222, 3333, 5555, etc. If you have seen any of these numbers a couple of times in front of you, then you should think about its spiritual meaning.

Today we will have a discussion about number 555 and its biblical meaning. This number is very important because many spiritual and biblical meanings are hidden deep inside of it.

Seeing number 555 can seem to be a coincidence for you, but it is not. This number is always a sign that something is going to change in your life.

According to the angel symbolism, number 555 is a symbol of positive changes, so you don’t have to worry. This number will bring abundance and other positive things in your life. If you want to know more about its meaning and if you want to understand the message that your guardian angels are sending to you this way, then you should keep reading this article.

Also, we will explain you the biblical symbolism of number 555, so we hope that it will help you create the complete picture about this number.

What Does Number 555 Mean?

First of all we will focus on the spiritual and symbolic meaning of angel number 555. Angel number 555 is a symbol of changes that will take place in your life, but they will be positive for you and they will help you become more powerful and stronger.

This number will help you choose the new direction in your life and your divine angels will help you choose the right one. This angel number is also a sign that you should be focused on your inner voices because they will help you make the right choices and decisions.

Number 555 will also urge you to let go of old things in your life that don’t make you happy anymore. Those things serve you no more and they cannot bring you any benefits. That’s why you should get rid of them and accept new things in your life.

Number 555 is also a sign for you to think positively, because negativity can only bring you depression and bad thoughts, which will make it difficult for you to make the right decisions in the future.

It is time to see now a couple of facts about number 555 that are mentioned in the Bible.

What Is the Biblical Meaning of Number 555?

It is known that in the Bible all numbers that are multiplied have specific meanings and of course number 555 is not an exception. We have to say first that there are both good and bad symbolism of number 555 in the Bible.

This number is a symbol of mercy and grace, which means that all things in this world represent the grace of God.

It also indicates that you will not suffer anymore as soon as you accept the fact that God is gracious.

Another biblical meaning of number 555 is the justice of God.


It is also necessary to say that number 555 is represented in the Bible as a symbol of learning. We will mention that the Book of Psalms consists of 5 sections and there are also 5 books of the God’s Law. We have to say that the apostle John was the writer of 5 books that are talking about the eternal life and God’s grace. Moses also wrote 5 books during his life. We have also to mention that there are 5 books of the Bible that have only one chapter.

According to that we can say that number 555 will give us knowledge and faith, which will help us feel the unconditional love of God. Number 555 is considered to symbolize Jesus Christ. We can see clearly that his name consists of 5 letters and it is written in the Bible that Jesus used 5 bread loaves in order to feed 5 thousands of people.

The biblical meaning of number 5 is also related to wholeness and perfection, because a human being is considered to be a perfect being and we can notice that a human has 5 senses, 5 fingers on both hands and feet and 5 main extremities of body. It is no wonder that 555 number is considered to be a perfect number and also a number of creation.

When it comes to the first use of number 555 in the Bible, this number was usually used as a symbol of a dragon. Later this number got very negative symbolism and you will see it below. Of course, you need to take into consideration that number 555 is made up of number 5 that is appearing three times, so we will mention the symbolism of number 5 in the Bible as well.

Number 5 is appearing a lot of times in the Bible. As we have already said, sometimes this number is represented in a negative light. According to the Bible, number 5 usually represents death and it is mentioned a couple of times in this context.

Also, number 5 is mentioned as a number of Christ’s wounds. Actually, it is written that Christ was wounded by the Roman soldiers 5 times. We have to say that the soldiers of Rome were against Jesus Christ and because of that number 5 is considered to be a symbol of the antichrist spirit. Number 5 is also used in the Bible as a symbol of corruption and sin.

Actually, the 5th king in Israel called Zimri was corrupted and he killed his own master.

Also, the 5th king of the Hebrews was Jeroboam and he was also their worst king. As you can notice, number 5 is always related to something bad and evil. It is the number of death and division, as well as the number of corruption and murders. Having in mind that number 5 is the number of death, we can conclude that number 555 represents the death power that is three times stronger.

In order to realize that the old symbolism of this number was reflected later during the history, we can mention that the favorite number of Adolph Hitler was 555 because this number followed him everywhere. We all know that Hitler killed a lot of people during the Second World War.

There was also the movie of a serial killer released in 1988 with the name 555. We have also to mention that the sacred number of a Witch is 555. There is no doubt that the negative symbolism of this number exists from the oldest period and it is present even now.

As you could see there are both positive and negative biblical meanings of numbers 555 and 5, so you should have both of them in your mind at the moment when you are trying to discover the God’s message that has been sent to you. The symbolism of number 555 from the Bible has its influence even today and we have told you a couple of examples for that.

Why Are You Seeing Number 555?

After seeing all those meanings, both positive and negative, we will tell you why you are seeing number 555 so often. This number can appear on your clock or maybe on the license plates in front of you. It can also be a number hidden in the name of a street, as well as a part of your phone number.

Anyway, you need to pay special attention when number 555 appears in your life.

As we have already said, number 555 will mean that it is time to accept divine guidance in your life. It is also time for your spiritual awakening and growth.

This number means that you will start to live your life in another way, but don’t be afraid, because it will be much better for you. Divine forces are sending you number 555 because they want you to be aware of their presence in your life. If you accept their guidance, you will choose the right path and you will make your life much better.

When you see number 555, you should know that you will find important answers deep inside yourself. You need to listen to your own intuiton because God will speak to you through your inner voice. If you listen to them, you will be prepared for the new chapter in your life and you will live your life without any fears.

There is no doubt that number 555 represents Jesus Christ, so when you see it the next time you will know that Jesus is with you, loving and protecting you on your life path. Your spiritual journey will be much easier if you accept the guidance that you can receive through number 555.