550 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Welcome aboard! Let us explore magical universe of symbols we live in.

Since far past, people have been expressing their feelings, ideas and thought by using various symbols. In modern times, we seem to forget such things, but we still live in a symbolical world. You see, numbers are powerful symbols we use daily.

Our modern, digitalized world is literally drowned in numerical. It may seem perfectly common, but if you think just a bit deeper, you will discover how amazing it is.

Numbers resonate with energies of heavens, not only with practical value we use them for daily.

Numbers carry parts of universal force that flows throughout the world, both our material earthly realm and those on higher level of existence. We are connected to heavens by special bonds.

Many spiritual theorists, authors, numerologists, astrologers and others will tell you more about it. They claim we are overlooked by heavens. More closely, we all have guardian angels to guide us and protect us.

Guardian angels are messengers from heavens. Their mission is to make us feel safe and good about ourselves.

According to these experts, every human being has a personal guardian. They believe we have at least two guardian angels to watch over us.

These heavenly spirits are non-physical beings without Ego and free will. Their existence is based upon their connection to the Creator. Guardian angels send us energy that comes from that ultimate source of creation and motion. They care about us, inspire us and guide us.

Guardian angels prove we are never left alone in this world. Even during times it seems we are abandoned and lost, we have protection from heavens.

Angelic help is not always obvious and it requires a bit of our attention to realize they are with us. However, angelic messages are not so obscure. You could recognize them easily and there are ways to interpret them. Let us help you interpret your angelic messages!

Number 550 – What Does It Mean?

Angels talk to us by sending us symbolic messages. You may wonder how these messages look like and how will you recognize them. In this article, we talk about angelic messages that come to us in form of numbers.

We call them angel numbers. According to (angelic) numerology, any number could be an angel number.

Those are numbers that appear common, just as all others, but they must keep reoccurring in a person’s life over an extended period of time.

You could start seeing certain number or numbers in various situations in your life. Those numbers keep appearing during the most common daily tasks and actions.


For example, someone could keep seeing the same number in various places, such as on streets and houses, in stores, in newspapers and books, on television and so on. Someone could mention the same number in a conversation or you could even have dreams about that numbers.

If that is so, you got your angelic message. Now you wonder why angels would choose that number. What is its secret meaning? If they sent you number 550, what does it mean?

Angel number 550 is an interesting and inspiring angelic combination. It could tell a lot about your destiny and your character. This three-digit is consisted of number 5 and 0.

Both of these resonate with powerful heavenly vibrations and they make a splendid mixture of meanings. Let us find out more about it.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 550 resonates with great optimism and lightness.

This angel number reflects an optimistic, positive personality who is flexible in life and ready to make changes. This number reflects a personality that goes with the flow of universal energy and who is capable to adapt to various situations without losing his or hers integrity and character.

Number 5 dominates this angelic combination, since you have it two times. Number 5 is generally a very positive one. This number resonates with energies of personal freedom, individualism and uniqueness. It also represents creativity, intelligence, pleasure seeking, adventurous spirit and courage.

This number also stands for mercy, kindness and understanding. Overall, number 5 is usually reserved for people who keep personal integrity, but also a lot of love and understanding for others.

Number 0 makes this angel number even more light, joyful and flexible. Number 0 is always related to magic and spiritualism. It represents the beginning and the ending, infinity, eternity, the flow of life and universal energy of cosmos. It literally says that life is eternal, even if your material bodies and things around us are ‘expendable’.

Number 0 inspires spiritual journey and helps you reconnect with heavens and spiritual part of your own being.

Overall, number 550 gives you inspiration, courage, optimism and a lot of energy to realize your dreams.

What is even more important is that it gives you a lot of understanding and makes you someone who knows how to adapt to various circumstances and still save their own soul, courage and confidence. People with angel number 550 are charming, lovable and kind.

Love and Angel Number 550

Angel number 550 is considered a fortunate one, when it comes to love life, especially romantic love.

These are people with an inner magnet and others are easily attracted by their incredibly positive and calm aura. They make people feel good and relaxed while at the same time they do not lose their energy.

These people are often involved with jobs that have to do with helping or educating others. They love to enlighten others, without forcing them to accept their opinions or advices. They are romantic and passionate people.

Sometimes, they tend to be more focused on the very idea of love than the actual, earthly relations are. Angels remind you to make the balance.

Many people would like to get closer to you on an earthly level.

People with angel number 550 are in search for a soul mate, not just a life partner. They need someone who will understand them and share their dreams.

Numerology Facts About Number 550

It is interesting to note how number 550 is related to energy of number 1. If you sum up the digits, you get 5+5+0, which equals 10, and 1+0, which equals 1.

Number 1 is an amazing angel number and its vibrations are very close to both those of 5 and 0.

Number 1 represents new beginnings, ambition, drive, fortune and success, which perfectly fits optimistic and positive energies of 5 and 0.

Moreover, number 0 amplifies energies of all other numbers it stands along with. We could conclude numerological value of angel number 550 is overall extremely positive and fortunate!

Seeing Angel Number 550

Seeing angel numbers is always a good thing. If your angels have sent number 550 to you, they only want to encourage to do things exactly the way you are already doing them. Number 550 inspires inner strength, intuition and spiritual awakening.

It gives you drive to make your dreams come true.

If you are experiencing hard times and failures, your angels send you this number to remind you how amazing you are.

No need to grieve and worry, because this number is there to assure you wonderful opportunities are in front of you.

This is indeed a message of support and positive energy.