555 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Living in this world is an awesome experience, you have to agree. No matter how bad it seems sometimes, there is always the light at the end of the tunnel and beautiful and good things to happen.

Perhaps it all depends on your personal approach to life. Indeed, people who think well about the world in general, usually live more content and harmonious lives than those who are always suspicious and negative. However, we are not the same and our destinies vary greatly.

Humankind is imperfect and prone to those unfortunate feelings of fear and insecurity that always bring us down.

Those tensions could grow so great that they stop us from developing and moving forward. Of course, our lives lie in our own hands, but we cannot affect every single circumstance we find ourselves in. We have to adjust to the world and the world has its own way of adjusting to people.

It is all part of the greater, universal plan.

Many people believe we are never alone, even during the darkest times. There are various religions, cults and belief systems for a reason.

We need some help from higher levels of existence or, at least, we want to believe there are forces beyond our imagination; forces that are good and positive, those that protect us and care for us.

Some people believe in spirits, some in deities, some religions are based upon the idea of the one and only god. No matter what kind of belief you have, all these concepts dwell upon idea of something that is above us.

In this article, we once again talk about angels and their influence on human lives. Numerologists and astrologers, as well as various other experts and authors claim we are connected to those higher realms through our bonds with guardian angels.

According to them, every human being has his or hers protectors in heavens. According to their beliefs, we have at least two guardians.

Those wonderful and positive spirits care about us and they have an unconditional love for human world. All angels have. Angels are immaterial, non-physical entities that send us messages from heavens. They rarely take human form and walk amongst us, but they make sure we know they are here for us.

Number 555 – What Does It Mean?

If you wonder how angels help us without directly affecting our lives or changing the course of events, let us explain this to you.

Thanks to angelic numerology and other related mystical fields, we are able to better understand secret and hidden messages behind symbols we see daily.

Guardian angels have an important mission. Their main task is to make sure humankind is doing well. That, of course, does not mean we should live in the world without any obstacle. Without obstacles, we would not be able to comprehend and appreciate good things.

Our guardians act through symbolic messaging. They use numerous symbols we are familiar with to send us important messages.


Since every human being has their own guardians, these messages are never random; all of angelic messages have their own purpose and are intended especially for you. Angel numbers are one of mediums angels use to communicate with us.

Angelic numbers are single numbers and number sequences that resonate with energies of heavens and universe.

They possess an incredible power, the one that come from universal source of cosmic energy. Numbers vibrate with different vibrations, just as we change our energy flow. Cosmic energy is distributed throughout every single things and living being in the world, only it is never distributed equally or in the same manner.

Just as magnets have different poles and their energy differs, for example.

Angel numbers are various number sequences that keep reappearing in a person’s life over an extended period of time. Any number could be an angelic message if that is so.

For example, you could start seeing that number in various of your most common daily situations.

You could see, say number 555, on your watch, computer, phone, along the road, in a book, someone could talk about the number, you could see it on labels and so on. It means your angels try to tell you something.

What is it about same digit sequences, such as number 555 we talk about in this article?

Same digit sequences possess special energy and they are considered even more spiritually powerful than other numbers. Why is that so?

Well, these numbers already have a base in their primary number. To have that number multiplied means the energy gets multiplied and amplified, as well. Therefore, number 555 vibrates with energy three times stronger than that of single 5.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

To understand what secret meanings lie behind angel number 555, we have to interpret meanings and symbolism of number 5 itself. It is interesting to associate number 5 with someone’s character, because number can tell a lot about people’s personalities.

Three-digit numbers are particularly interesting when speaking of someone’s character and traits. Same digit numbers usually reflect a personality with strong and powerful traits that are not easily changeable.

Number 5 is one of the most dynamic angelic numbers. This number symbolizes activity, uniqueness, individualism, freedom, creativity, changes, adaptability, courage and sensuality.

It also represents kindness, mercy and understanding. It is one of the less stable numbers, meaning they are flexible and changeable. People with this angel number are not afraid of challenges and they are able to adapt to different circumstances in life.

However, they are confident and self-aware, so they will never let losing their integrity.

Number 5 is associated with an everlasting wanderlust, a need to be free and unrestrained. Some numerologists would say this is particularly adventurous and unpredictable aspect of someone’s personality, if they have number 5 in their angelic combination or their birth number is 5.

Someone who has number 5 or any similar (55, 555), is a person who loves adventure and challenges and whose understanding of the world is based upon life experiences.

Number 5 resonates with magnetic energy, charisma, charm, curiosity and attractiveness. We could say that a person with an aspect of 5 is someone who wants to experience everything the life has to offer, without fears and restrains.

However, number 5 is not foolish or thoughtless; it is an aspect that promotes common sense, but opens and widens the view. People with this number let themselves be who they are and they nurture their uniqueness.

Angel number 555 possesses an amazing energy. It reflects everything we have mentioned above, only three times stronger. It makes a person almost unstoppable.

People with angel number 555 are ready for life adventures, even to the point they could lose everything. However, they have confidence and courage to always regenerate and put themselves back together.

They are not afraid of failure, because they know life is an everlasting flow. They know cosmic tides are always changing.

The risk of having 555 as your angelic number is the risk of losing control. Perhaps that is the main reason why would your guardians send you this number in the first place.

Number 555 is a reminder of the great and powerful energy you possess within. It comes to encourage you to take those good opportunities, but not at the same time. Stop and think what could be the best for you.

Love and Angel Number 555

Angel number 555 is a bit tricky when it comes to love life, to say so. People with angel number 555 are pleasure seekers and for a long part of their life, they only want to please themselves, to experience different things and to have inspiring adventures. It all reflects in their love life.

They are naturally attractive, charismatic and possess a magnetic aura. People are usually fascinated by their unconventional approach to life and love to listen to their stories.

People with angel number 555 easily catch the spotlight and they could be surrounded by many people, because they love attention. However, they find it hard to make a commitment.

They wander in love a lot. Especially during their younger years, they change many partners and have many short lasting relationships. It is ok, but you should probably think more about other people’s feelings.

People are not the same and maybe you could hurt someone by making they attached to you and them throwing them away.

The things is, people with angel number 555 could become selfish and think only about the importance of their own experiences, neglecting others’ needs and emotions. Stop and think about it.

You have the gift of kindness and understanding in your soul, just do not let your risky and curios part make you forget about it.

Once you really start listening to others, you will develop empathy and compassion and you would be able to commit, which is wonderful.

Once numbers 555 are able to ‘tame’ their adventurous and restless spirit, they could start a relationship full of love and joy.

They are passionate and they know how to please their partners, the same way they would please themselves. They are likely to fall in love deeply and become devoted for life, only it takes a lot of steps and adventures before they are ready to calm and settle down.

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Numerology Facts About Number 555

In numerology, five is the number that brings changes. Number sequences that include this number, such as 55, 555 or 5555 and so on, are sequences of flexibility and changes.

The more often you see the sequences, the more possibilities there are that some big changes are coming your way. Numbers that include 5 are omens of changes, according to numerology and related fields.

However, changes that number 5, 55 or 555 brings are guided by heavens and there is no reason to be afraid of them.

Angel number 555 is related to number 6. If you sum up the digits, you get 5+5+5, which equals 15; then, 1+5, which equals 6. Number 6 stabilizes the energy of changeable and restless 5, making the change something ‘secure’, in a way. It offers you certainty the change that is coming will be good for you.

It means you will not be damaged by that change and that you will have support in any for needed to overcome the stress of changes.

Seeing Angel Number 555

So, if you start seeing angel number 555, you could expect big changes, life changes that would completely turn your world upside down.

However, since you are someone who is naturally adaptable and flexible, that should not bother you much. If it does, this angelic message is also a symbol of encouragement.

Even adventurous and bold 555s could feel insecure sometimes, especially if they are in a life phase of doubting their own capabilities and testing their own limits.

Rest assured number 555 brings positive changes. Big, life important ones, but benevolent. Everything in your life is happening for a reason and even you could be surprised by some events.

People with angel number 555 too often think they have control over everything in their life, because they are very self aware and focused on nurturing their individuality and feeding their curiosity. However, life is complex and energies are intertwined.

Many changes come unannounced and you could never imagine what could happen in your life, even if you have carefully planned all stuff.

Fortunately, numbers 555 are not big planners, they tend to go along with the flow of universal energy. However, you could get stuck in the moment and used to some behaviors and habits that are not working for you.

Try to let them go and embrace new ones. Even the most flexible personality could get tied to habits that actually restrain their freedom.

Angel number 555 comes as an omen of change, but also as a reminder of your own wonderful capabilities. It comes to encourage you work on them and to learn how to properly handle this incredibly strong energy you have.

You should balance your sense of self and your attitude towards others. You have a lot of love and a kind heart, but you do tend to neglect others on behalf of your own causes.

Number 555 brings encouragement, fortune and luck in life. It is a number that resonates with great positivism and would never let you feel broken, no matter how hard times are or how big obstacles are in front of you. You know you have the strength to overcome everything and if you do not, you know how to adapt.

Just balance your energy and pay attention both to your needs and those of people around you, to achieve the best of your destiny.